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Institute of Science

Üsküdar University was founded in 2011 as Turkey’s first university in Behavioral Sciences and Health and the Institute of Natural Sciences was founded in 2013, from that date, student acceptance began. The Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences holds master's degree programs in science and engineering sciences.

Future scientists are being trained at the Institute of Sciences

Following the developments in the field of science, health and technology, the Institute of Science has an important place in the postgraduate education and research activities of Üsküdar University and continues to work for raising future scientists.

Contribution to AR-GE studies

The Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, which aims to educate the qualified human power that contributes to the activities of Üsküdar University's AR-GE and will continue to work in this area in the future, continues its academic activities at national and international level.

Training in the literature to dominate the innovations

Üsküdar University's Institute of Natural Sciences, with its professional academic staff and extensive application possibilities, offers a wide range of vision and full-fledged education that dominates the area and innovations in the literature. It is aimed to deepen the expertise of the participants in the programs and to provide a solid basis for those who wish to pursue an academic career in the future.

The Institute has a master's degree program in bioengineering and a master’s in molecular biology science.

Highly qualified bio-engineers are being trained at the Institute of Science

Higher bioengineering is needed in research and development departments of organizations that are concerned with human and environmental health. The aim of the Bioengineering Graduate Program is to contribute to the need of qualified researchers who will carry out high quality research in our country and abroad and to present scientific outcomes to our country and human service that will increase knowledge in bioengineering field.

Healthcare institutions need well-qualified molecular biologists

Graduate Program in Molecular Biology; It is a science that needs to be determined in advance and genetic counseling or necessary living order should be formed for individuals. In addition to diagnosing diseases, preparing treatment grounds and trying to understand the causes of diseases, molecular mechanisms that can cause diseases or any physical problem. Therefore, high molecular biologists are needed in the health departments of organizations that are concerned with live health.

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