Engineering Management (English) Master's Degree - Application and Fees

About 2023-2024 Spring  Semester Applications.

2023-2024 Spring Semester Online Applications will start as of 11.12.2023

Application Deadline: 14.01.2024


Online Pre-Registration Link is below:

Head of Engineering Management Department: Prof. Dr. Mehmet SAVSAR



Dear Students,

According to the enrollment status of our principal students who qualify for final enrollment and our principal students who qualify for the reserve list, our students who are entitled to enroll as a principal come to the Çarşı Campus 3rd Floor Science Graduate School Secretariat with the originals of their application documents, and after completing and signing the relevant form, from the accounting unit after student affairs. must complete their transactions.

Documents Required During Final Registration

- The original and a photocopy of the undergraduate diploma

– The original and a copy of the undergraduate transcript (transcript)

– ALES exam result document (for thesis program)

– English exam result document

– Photocopy of identity card

– Photo (4 Pieces)

Engineering Management English (Thesis/Non-Thesis) Master's Program:

Dear candidate students,

Due to the new regulation sent to all higher education institutions by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK), 15 students will be accepted to our master's programs with thesis in the 2022-2023 Academic Year Fall semester*. A science exam will be held for students who will be admitted to Master's Programs with Thesis. The candidates' science exam results will be announced after the evaluation. 100% scholarship will be given to 15% of students.

Student Admission Requirements

Candidates must have a bachelor's degree in engineering in order to apply for the master's program. The equivalence of undergraduate diplomas obtained from abroad must be approved by the Council of Higher Education.

Candidates applying to the master's program must have received at least 55 points from the Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Entrance Examination (ALES). Candidates who score at least equivalent to the ALES exam in the internationally accepted "Graduate Record Examination" (GRE) exam, which is considered equivalent to the LES exam by the Interuniversity Board, are also evaluated. In the admission of students to graduate programs; ALES score, undergraduate grade point average and interview result are evaluated.

In our thesis programs, 65% of the ALES in the relevant score type, 35% of the undergraduate graduation grade point average, 50% of the undergraduate graduation grade in the non-thesis programs, and 50% of the ALES in the relevant score type, if any, will be taken. If the candidates applying to non-thesis programs do not have ALES scores, 55 points will be accepted and ranking will be made.

Foreign language proficiency requirement is not required for applicants to graduate programs in a foreign language, whose mother tongue is the program language or who have completed undergraduate and/or graduate education in a country whose mother tongue is the program language.

According to the score obtained from the foreign language proficiency and/or placement exam, whether the student is exempt from the foreign language preparatory class and which level he/she will study in the foreign language preparatory class are determined.

Students who cannot successfully complete the preparatory class within two years are dismissed from the program.

Total Number of Credits Required to Obtain a Master's Degree and Required and Elective Courses to be Taken

The English master's program consists of at least 8 courses, with a total of not less than 24 credits, 1 zero-credit seminar course and thesis. Seminar course and thesis work are non-credit and evaluated as successful or unsuccessful. Master's programs with thesis consist of a total of at least 120 ECTS credits, with at least 8 courses excluding the seminar course and thesis work, provided that it is not less than 60 ECTS credits in one academic term. The student has to register for the thesis period of each semester, starting from the semester following the appointment of the advisor at the latest. At most two of the courses to be taken by the student can be selected from the undergraduate courses, provided that they were not taken during the undergraduate education.

Non-thesis master's programs consist of at least 10 courses and term projects, with a total of 30 credits and not less than 60 ECTS. The student has to register for the term project course in the semester in which the term project course is taken and submit a written project and/or report at the end of the semester. The term project course is non-credit and is evaluated as successful or unsuccessful. At most three of the courses to be taken by the student can be chosen from the undergraduate courses, provided that they were not taken during the undergraduate education.

Students pursuing a master's degree in Engineering Management are required to take the following four compulsory courses in addition to the graduate seminar course. Although the remaining courses are optional, the student can specialize in that area by taking at least two courses in one of the following areas.

Required Core Courses:

ENS 501 Research Methods and Scientific Ethics

EM 501 Statistical Analysis for Engineers

EM 502 Operation Management

EM 503 Engineering Project Management

EM 590 Graduate Seminar (Tezli program için)

İhtisas Alanları: 

Mühendislik Yönetimi yüksek lisans programındaki öğrenciler isterlerse aşağıdaki alanlardan birinde en az iki veya daha fazla ders alıp o konuda ihtisaslaşabilirler:

Operation Engineering and Management

EM 506 Optimization Methods

EM 508 Stochastic Models in Operations Research

EM 509 Advanced System Simulation

EM 519 Quantitative Models in Supply Chain Management Research

Quality Engineering and Management

EM 504 Advanced Statistical Quality Control

EM 514 Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma

EM 517 Quality Engineering Management

EM 523 Healthcare Quality Management

Safety Engıneering and Management

EM 505 Human Machine Systems Design

EM 524 Risk Assessment and Management

EM 526 Safety Engineering Management

EM 527 Reliability and Maintenance Management

Financial Engineering and Management

EM 525 Economic Analysis

EM 513 Cost Management

EM 510 Financial Management

EM 528 Multi Criteria Decision Making

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