Chemical Engineering (English) Master's Degree - Application and Fees

2022-2023 Spring Semester Online Applications will start from 12.12.2022.

Application Deadline: Friday, 13.01.2023


Online Pre-Registration Link is below:

 ALES Score Type : NUMERIC

Online Application Link


Faculty Member Prof.Dr.Selahattin GÜLTEKİN


Candidates are recommended to interview the relevant department academicians before entering the interviews for selection.


1 - Application petition

2 - Diploma (Original or certified copy)

3 - Certified copy of identity card copy

4 - 2 photos

5 - Transcript (certified copy)

6 - Reference Letter is not required.

7 - ALES (NUMPAL score of at least 55.) ÖSYM exam result document or printout.

(ALES score is not required for the non thesis program)

*Thesis fee is included in Master and PhD programs.

The fee of master's program with thesis covers 4 semesters.

The fee of master's program without thesis covers 3 semesters.

In the case of abovementioned education periods are extended, a scientific preparation course fee is charged for each semester.

For the non-thesis master's programs, a maximum of 12 installments can be made by using a contracted bank credit card or a contracted bank deposit account.

For the master's programs with thesis, it can be paid in 12 installments with contracted bank credit cards and 12-18 installments with contracted bank deposit account. In case of 25% down payment, it can be paid in 24 installments.

İş Bankası, Yapı Kredi, Türkiye Finans, Garanti and all Maximum, World and all Bonus credit cards with available limit sufficient to pay the tuition can be used for payment.

5% cash discount is applied in cash payments.

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