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About 2023-2024 Springl Semester Applications.

2023-2024 Springl Semester Online Applications will start as of 11.12.2023

Application Deadline: 14.01.2024


Online Pre-Registration Link is below:

 ALES Score Type : NUMERIC

A Short Guide for Üsküdar University Master of Science Students

  • General Requirements: You may enroll in a program with thesis or without thesis. In "with thesis" program, commonly, you will be required to take 7 or more courses in a minimum of two semesters and work for thesis which typically lasts about 2 semesters or more. The  "without thesis" program means you are rqeuired to take 10 or more courses in about 3 semesters and a project needs to be done in a minimum of one semester. Please check details of each program as it may vary.
  • Web-based Systems: There are 4 basic Web interfaces you should learn to use:
  • To attend on-line courses
  • To access course materials, to receive assignmenets, to send assignments, send/receive messages to/from the instructor of the course.
  • To learn your grades
  • Science Graduate School main page for announcements, general information,
  • Course Requirements:  Courses are 14-week long and commonly, there is a midterm exam and a final exam, possibly homeworks and projects. Your average from a course should be 65% or higher to pass. If you fail  the course as you find out from, there is a Re-sit Exam you can take which is one or two weeks after the finals. This exam substitutes the Final Exam.
  • Contact Information: For any general administration issues and information, your basic contact is at Science Graduate School “Çarşı Yerleşkesi”. For any academic related information, you should contact  your assigned supervisor. 


- Original or certified copy of the undergraduate diploma
-Original or certified copy of the undergraduate transcript (transcript)
- 55 points or more in any type of score, ALES Result Document taken within the last 3 years (for Thesis Programs)

-Photocopy of Identity Card
-Photo (2 Pieces)


* Scientific Preparation is applied with one course each to be given to students with undergraduate graduation other than Computer Engineering.

Student Admission Requirements to the Program

a) Candidates must have a bachelor's degree in order to apply for the master's program. The equivalence of undergraduate diplomas obtained from abroad must be approved by the Council of Higher Education.

b) Graduates of undergraduate programs that accept numerically weighted students in the university exam will be able to apply to the program. Candidates who have received their undergraduate degree in a field other than Computer Engineering and Software Engineering will attend the Scientific Preparation Program to be determined by the Computer Engineering Department and the Graduate School Administrative Board.

c) Candidates applying to the graduate program must have received at least 55 points from the Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Entrance Exam (ALES). Candidates who score at least equivalent to the ALES exam in the internationally accepted "Graduate Record Examination" (GRE) exam, which is considered equivalent to the LES exam by the Interuniversity Board, are also evaluated. In the admission of students to graduate programs; ALES score, undergraduate grade point average and interview result are evaluated.

 In the 2023-2024 Spring Semester, there will be no science exam in Thesis/Non-Thesis programs;

In our thesis programs, 65% of ALES in numerical score type, 35% of undergraduate graduation grade point average,
In non-thesis programs, 50% of the undergraduate graduation grade and 50% of the relevant score type ALES, if any, will be taken.
If the candidates applying to non-thesis programs do not have ALES scores, 55 points will be accepted and ranking will be made.

 e) English proficiency certificate is required for master's programs in English. For programs conducted in English or another foreign language, foreign language proficiency level and other criteria recommended by the relevant graduate-school board of directors and approved by the Senate and announced to candidates are sought. Prospective students can take the TOEFL IBT, YDS, e-YDS or the English Proficiency Exam organized by Üsküdar University in certain periods of the year.

 f) The candidate must get at least 65 points out of 100 from YDS, e-YDS, YÖKDİL, at least 65 points from ÜÜİYS, at least 78 points from TOEFL IBT.

 g) In applications to graduate programs in a foreign language, foreign language proficiency is not required for applicants whose mother tongue is the program language or who have completed undergraduate and/or graduate education in a country whose mother tongue is the program language.

h) According to the score obtained from the foreign language proficiency and/or placement test, it is determined whether the student is exempt from the foreign language preparatory class and at what level he will study in the foreign language preparatory class.



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