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24 Nov 2022

2022-2023 Spring Semester Online Applications will start from 12.12.2022.

2022-2023 Spring Semester Online Applications will start from 12.12.2022. Application Deadline: Friday, 13.01.2023 PROGRAM FEES: Online Pre-Registration Link is below:

21 Nov 2022


Dear Students,You can reach the 2022-2023 Fall Semester midterm exam schedule from the link below.You can get information from the lecturer of the course about the courses that are not in the table.We wish you luck.SINAV TAKVİMİ WEB 3.xlsx

11 Oct 2022

About the Research Methods course.

The Research Methods course of all Programs in English will be held online at the following day and time. announced to our students.

04 Oct 2022



04 Oct 2022



03 Oct 2022


Enstitü bilgi yazısı.docxlms alms obs girişleri hk..docxDear Students, Considering what we need to have regarding the graduate of the Institute:Registration files/advisor approvals from 03 Oct 2022 to 16 Oct.10 October 2022 payment on order.Educational permissions are not granted in the name of education without course registration. It is important to provide education and control in order not to experience victimization in this regard.For students, the Academic Calendar ( on the website should be followed, such as course registration, course add-drop week, and exams.You can follow the announcements on our web pages under the heading "Announcements".There is a freezing right for 2 semesters in programs with thesis and 1 semester in programs without thesis. Registration applications should be made until the program evaluation preparations start in the academic calendar. Applications submitted after visas are rejected. Registration freezing is carried out through the online system connection: attendance is at least 70%.He will continue his postgraduate education program for the future.Until the beginning of the third year, thesis/project advisor preference forms must be submitted to the Graduate School by hand or by mail.Project/thesis submission date for the Fall semester; For those who have completed the maximum period for non-thesis purposes in programs with thesis (end of 4th and 6th semesters); February 15, 2022         Theses about these returns, Bahar will be mentioned and will be deleted from the records due to intense interest.Evaluations for the evaluation of evaluations:Thesis aim;Thesis-writing-in-process-to-do-it.pdf ( Students;what-to-projects.docx

09 Sept 2022


INSTITUTE OF SCIENCES 2022-2023 FALL SEMESTER REGISTRATION PROCEDURES HAVE BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 16, 2022. The registration dates for the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences have been extended by one week, and the registration deadline for principal candidates is September 16, 2022. Substitute candidates will be registered until the beginning of the 2022-2023 Fall Semester academic year. DIRECTORATE OF INSTITUTE OF SCIENCES

16 Aug 2022


Preparatory School Enterance Exams.docx2022-2023.docx

24 June 2022



24 June 2022


Dear prospective students,The Placement Exam aims to identify the English levels of students. The Placement Exam is a multiple-choice exam consisting of grammar, vocabulary and reading. There are 100 questions in the exam. Results are announced on the Prep. School website. According to the results of the exam, students are placed in classes in accordance with their level.The Placement Test will be in September, 2022. The date of Placement exam will be shared with you on preparatory school announcements and the calendar also will be on our web site who prove their English proficiency level with the national / international (official) exam result documents can be exempted from Preparatory School.For the validity period, the time between the examination date stated in the exam result document and the start date of the Fall Semester of our university is taken into account.TOEFL (Computer Based / CBT) 221-222TOEFL (Internet Based / IBT) 84TOEFL (Paper Based / PBT) 561-562Pearson PTE (Academic) 71CPE Passing GradeFCE Passing GradeCAE BYÖKDİL-YDS-KPDS 70For detailed information about preparatory exemption, please visit if you have any further questions, please write to preparatory

14 June 2022

About Updating Thesis and Project Submission Dates.

Dear students,The Institute has been updated with a thesis/thesis/thesis for our master's graduate.Theses must be submitted to the thesis defense exam within one month at the latest after the 30 July 2022 exam.)Thesis and Project Submission was made until 31 August 2022 at the latest.It is announced to all our students.Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences.Doctor Dr.Mesut KARAHANdirector of the institution

14 June 2022



14 June 2022


Deadline for submission of thesis for the 2021-2022- Spring semester at our institute;It is 30 July 2022.Project deadline for non-thesis students;It is 30 July 2022.

31 May 2022


On Thursday, June 09, 2022, between 11:00 and 19:00, "Our University's Çarşı Campus" will be "22" as the "Career Day".Designers HR Representatives in the design of these training packages meet/meet opportunities for brand promotions, product designs, internship and job interviews.

13 May 2022

Presidential Finance Office Part-Time/Intern" announcement has been published.

Dear students,Announcement "Part-Time/Intern at the Finance Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey" has been published. Candidates who are graduates or seniors in areas such as economics, finance, Islamic economics and finance, participation finance and financial technologies, statistics, management information, are open to application. ''''You can find detailed information about the ad at Talent Gate.

13 May 2022

2022-2023 Fall Semester online applications will start on Monday, 06.06.2022.

2022-2023 Fall Semester online applications will start on Monday, 06.06.2022.Application Deadline: 14.08.2022 Sunday ALES Score Type: NUMERICALOnline Pre-Registration Link: candidate students;Due to the pandemic, there will be no science exam in our Thesis/Non-Thesis Master's Programs in the Fall Semester of the 2022-2023 Academic Year;1) In our programs with thesis, 65% of the ALES in the relevant NUMERICAL score type, 35% of the undergraduate graduation grade point average,2) In non-thesis programs, 50% of the undergraduate graduation grade and 50% of the relevant score type ALES, if any*, will be evaluated.In line with the Graduate Education Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated November 22, 2019, the definition of special student has changed. A special student is defined as a student enrolled in another graduate program and taking courses from a graduate program in our institute.The applications of the candidates who do not apply online, do not graduate during the application, and do not upload their ALES document and their identity information to the application system will be deemed invalid.DOCUMENTS REQUESTED DURING FINAL REGISTRATION- Original or certified copy of the undergraduate diploma-Original or certified copy of the undergraduate transcript (transcript)-ALES exam result document (at least 55 numerical points for the Thesis Program)-Copy of identity card-Photo (2 Pieces)

09 May 2022


Within the scope of the 8th Science and Ideas Festival, which will take place on 12-13 May 2022, there will be no lessons to be made at the Çarşı Campus.On the evening of Friday, May 13, 2022, II. Teaching classes will continue.It is announced to all our students.

29 Apr 2022

Important Announcement About 5th - 7th May Classes

Important Announcement!Dear students,As discussed in the meeting of Üsküdar University Senate dated April 28, 2022 and numbered 2022/16, it was unanimously decided to hold all classes online between 05 - 07 May 2022, following the Ramadan Feast. Applied laboratory courses have been postponed to a later date.Üsküdar University Rectorate

28 Apr 2022

About ALES Condition for Foreign Candidates.

Our university has updated the Senate decision dated 24.09.2020 and numbered 2020/33 as follows. Pursuant to Article 35/2 of the Postgraduate Education and Training Regulation of the Council of Higher Education, foreign candidates and T.R. in the admission of national candidates to the graduate programs of our university; It was unanimously decided not to look for the ALES requirement and to include the relevant ALES score as "75" in the evaluation, and if the ALES score of the Turkish citizen candidates who completed all of their undergraduate education abroad is not, the relevant ALES score should be included in the calculations as 55.

12 July 2021

About International Student Online Registration

About International Student Online Registration Dear International Student Candidates,We are happy to inform you that our international student candidates who can not come to Turkey can register online!Only students who do not need a visa to come to Turkey will be able to benefit from the online registration opportunity.We kindly ask our international student candidates who want to benefit from the online registration opportunity to visit the link: Regards,Üsküdar University International Relations Office

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