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Occupational Health and Safety - About

Everyone Has the Right to Health and Safety

What is the Department of Occupational Health and Safety?

Occupational health is the work of maintaining the physical, mental and social well-being of the employees in all professions and raising them to higher levels. (ILO-WHO Joint Committee, 1951) Medical services to be provided to employees when they are exposed to accidents and diseases are out of the scope of the occupational health.

We Train Experts Who Identify Problems and Produce Solutions for Healthy Employees

“Work” and “health” are two universal concepts which are covered in a wide range. No matter where it is located, the health of the employee is always at risk due to various hazards and adversely affected by low or high probability. “Security”, which is one of the important elements of the occupational health, is considered in terms of health and law.

The Occupational Health and Safety Department of Üsküdar University edıucates occupational specialists to increase the health capacity of the employee, measure, evaluate and take all the health hazards that may come from the working environment and its surroundings, and facilitate suitable works for the anatomical, physiological and psychological characteristics of the employee or ensure the compliance of the working characteristics to the characteristics of the work.

The Need for Personnel on Occupational Health and Safety is Increasing

In developed countries, problems related to the working areas of the employees are controlled and solved by private insurances, while in our country these services are solved only by the insurance system of the state Social Security Institution, which is activated when illness and accident occur. In other words, in our country, services related to the protection and improvement of the health of the employees can not be carried out by a certain institution. Legally, it is not yet clear how the health services of small industrial workers, which constitute 62% of our country's employees, will be resolved and cannot be fully resolved. Therefore, there is a need for personnel to provide service in this area with good education. The health of employees is of great importance in terms of the strong economy of the country. In Üsküdar University Occupational Health and Safety Department, it is aimed to educate students who know what problems can be experienced and who can solve the problems according to the international standards.

What are the Courses Taken in Occupational Health and Safety Department?

The Occupational Health and Safety Department includes basic sciences and profession specific courses. The students are prepared as take courses such as Basic Physics, Basic Chemistry, Basic Biology, Accident Analysis, Basic Anatomy, Machinery and Equipment, Hazard Identification and Risk Management, Security Engineering, Management Systems in Occupational Health and Safety, Documentation and Controls in Occupational Health and Safety, Physical Activity for the Health of Employees.

What are the Working Areas for the Department of Occupational Health and Safety ?

Working opportunities in the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety and other public institutions and private sector business opportunities are available.

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