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21 Aug 2023

VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Safety Engineering visited our department!

Veronika Meca from the Faculty of Safety Engineering of the VSB- Technical University of Ostrava in the Czech Republic, with which our Occupational Health and Safety Program has an Erasmus+ Bilateral Agreement, visited our department and campus.During the meeting held at Çarşı Campus, Veronika Meca made a presentation about the department and after visiting our OHS Laboratory, she stated that they would like to strengthen the bond between the two universities by increasing student exchange in the coming years. Representing our department, Faculty of Health Sciences Deputy Dean Nuri BİNGÖL, PhD and Sertaç TEMUR accompanied them.

28 July 2023

Sıcaklıklarla birlikte artan orman yangınlar

Faculty of Health Sciences Occupational Health and Safety Department Head of Department Dr. Lecturer. Prof. Dr. Rüştü UÇAN was the live broadcast guest of the "GÜNEBAKAN" program broadcast on TRT Radyo1 at 11.30 on Friday, July 28, 2023. Dr. UÇAN made evaluations about the increasing forest fires in the summer months in the program.The audio recording of the program can be accessed below:TRT_Radyo_Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Rüştü UÇAN.mpeg

13 July 2023

Is there a desire to centralize authority in artificial intelligence?

Üsküdar University Artificial Intelligence Engineering Master's Program Head of Department Dr. Lecturer. Prof. Dr. Nuri Bingöl made statements on how rapidly developing artificial intelligence technologies should be controlled nationally and globally, what kind of limits should be imposed and what obstacles are in front of all these.It is time to use knowledge in a way that maximizes the benefits of artificial intelligenceStating that in addition to the many positive potentials of artificial intelligence, it is important not to ignore the potential for threat or danger, Dr. Lecturer. Prof. Dr. Nuri Bingöl said, "Humanity is experienced in this issue and should quickly translate this experience into practice. We have learned a lot from the positive or negative consequences of previous revolutionary technological developments. It is high time to use this knowledge to maximize the benefits of artificial intelligence."There is disagreement on how to exercise control over artificial intelligenceStating that many authorities who shape today's societies with their thoughts and even people who play an important role in the development of artificial intelligence share similar thoughts, Bingöl said, "The extraordinary development of artificial intelligence in the last few years and the results in the fields where it is used show that the development of artificial intelligence technology should be subject to some regulations and controls. The differences of opinion are not on this issue, but on 'how this supervision will be implemented'."Measures vary depending on which phase will be inspectedReferring to the reasons why the discussions and disagreements are concentrated on how the audit will be implemented, Bingöl explained these reasons as follows: "Artificial intelligence technologies are a formidable power, and there are problems with concentrating this power in the hands of only one institution. These technologies are inherently a two-stage product. The first is to develop the capacity of artificial intelligence and the second is to use it for a specific purpose. Which of these two phases should be controlled or limited? Which phase poses more potential threats or dangers? Naturally, the measures that can be taken vary according to the answer to this question. The question of 'how to implement it' takes on a different meaning."Excessive control and limitation of technology leads to diminishing benefitsDrawing attention to the level of control and limitation of artificial intelligence, Bingöl said, "It should not be forgotten that excessive control and limitation on technology leads to a decrease in the benefits arising from the development of that technology. However, there are great existential problems in front of humanity and artificial intelligence technologies have great potential in these issues." Bingöl quoted Andrew Ng, a prominent figure in the field of artificial intelligence, as saying, "When I think about the existential risks for a large part of humanity: The next pandemic, climate change and the resulting mass depopulation, another asteroid threat... Artificial intelligence will be an important part of our solutions. So if we want humanity to survive and thrive for the next thousand years, let's make AI work faster, not slower.

06 July 2023

OHS Doctorate Program gave its first graduate

Occupational Health and Safety Program graduated its first doctoral student.Institute of Health Sciences Occupational Health and Safety Doctorate Program gave its first graduate.Nagihan Ersoy, one of the doctoral students of the Occupational Health and Safety Program, has successfully completed her education. Dr. Instructor Ersoy, who successfully defended his doctoral thesis on "Occupational Health and Safety Performance Measurement in Thermal Power Plants", supervised by its member Nuri Bingöl, graduated.Details of the News:

20 June 2023

1 Topic 1 Guest 60th Term

 60th Term of the 1Topic 1Guest event held every month. Rüştü UÇAN, PhD and It was held with the participation of Ms. Tuğçe ORAL.In the event, the subject of Investigation of Respirable and Total Dust Concentration Exposure in Search and Rescue and Debris Removal Operations was discussed. Rüştü UÇAN, PhD and Ms. Tuğçe ORAL drew attention to the situations experienced in the earthquake region.

09 May 2023


Event Name: New Generation Environmentalist Flooring Systems in Green Building Applications and Their Advantages to Human Health and EnvironmentEvent Venue: ZOOM/ Date: 09.05.2023 Time: 19:00Speaker: GÖKHAN AKSOY /TAYE ENGINEERING PROJECTS COORDINATOR & CIVIL ENGINEER

27 Apr 2023

Occupational Health and Safety 3rd Grade students will attend the IV. Participated in the National Occupational Health and Safety Student Congress with a full-text paper.

Held on 27-28 April 2023, IV. Our 3rd year students Furkan Karataş and Umut Can Sel attended the National Occupational Health and Safety Student Congress with a full-text paper presentation.Congratulations to our students for their hard work.Paper Topics:Increasing Traffic Safety through Digitalization (Furkan Karataş, Lecturer Özgür Şener, Dr. Rüştü Uçan)Integrating OHS Tracking in the Aviation Sector into Mobile Application (Umut Can Sel, Research Assistant Tuğçe Oral, Dr. Rüştü Uçan)

18 Apr 2023


Event Name: "Helmact" Motorized Respiratory Protective Device Development and Production ProcessEvent Venue: ZOOM/ Date: 18.04.2023 Time:20:30Speaker: Ömer Küçükdurmaz - Medionarge Sağlık Danışmanlık şti. Manager/Engineer

28 Mar 2023


Event Name: Before the EarthquakeEvent Venue: ZOOM/ Date: 28.03.2023 Time: 19:00Speaker: Prof. Dr. Uğur Kaynak- Geophysics Engineer

28 Feb 2023


Event Name: Importance of Amateur Radio in Disaster CommunicationEvent Venue: ZOOM/ Date: 28.02.2023 Time: 19:00Speaker: İlker GÖNÜLTAŞ- - President of Tango Alfa Radio Amateurs Association

24 Jan 2023


Event Name: 5S Workplace Layout and Visual FactoryEvent Venue: ZOOM/ Date: 24.01.2022 Time: 19:00Speaker: Yahya Kemal KOSEALI

13 Dec 2022


Event Name: Emergency Plans in Workplaces, Criteria of Emergency Planning and Process StepsEvent Venue: ZOOM/ Date: 13.12.2022 Hour: 19:00Speaker: Dr. Mahmut YAMAN

22 Nov 2022


Event Name: Industrial Robot Safety and Digital TransformationEvent Venue: ZOOM/ Date: 22.11.2022 Hour: 19:00Speaker: Erhan Eskicumalı - GMGTEST - Co-Founder

20 Oct 2022


Event Subject: Studies carried out in the process of artificial intelligence and digitalization in Occupational Health and Safety in Turkey, problems and solutions in the sector.Event Time : 20 October 2022Event Venue: NP Health Campus İbni Sina Conference Hall - Ümraniye /İstanbulEvent Scope : Presentation of the digitalization studies in OHS by academician lecturers from the occupational health and safety departments of universities within the scope of the symposium.Occupational safety experts working as occupational safety specialists and senior managers in the industry present their experiences and problems related to digitalization in OHS.Bringing universities and industrial companies together on digitalization in OHS.To offer solutions to the problems experienced from artificial intelligence and digitalization processes in OHS.

26 July 2022

On 26.07.2022, at 14:00, an online event will be held on the contribution of studying the Occupational Health and Safety Undergraduate Program to professional development, and all the questions of our candidate students will be answered.

Start Date : 26 July 2022, 14:00:00 - 14:00:00Why should you read Occupational Health and Safety license?Being an Occupational Safety Specialist in Turkey?Is it Open Education? Is it formal education?About job opportunities and future concerns, our department head Dr. Instructor Questions will be answered by its member Rüştü UÇAN.

08 June 2022

Red Helmet Ceremony

Start Date : 08 June 2022, 11:00:00 - 17:00:00Our Occupational Health and Safety students wore their red helmets with a magnificent ceremony!Our Head of Occupational Health and Safety Department, Dr. Instructor Member Rüştü Uçan, Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences Prof. Dr. Arif Aktuğ Ertekin and our Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Highlights from our “Traditional Red Helmet Ceremony” held with the participation of Haydar Sur…Red Helmet Ceremony Broadcast Recording

11 Apr 2019

4th Occupational Safety and Industrial Process Safety Symposium

All relevant sector employees, academicians and associate/undergraduate/graduate students are invited to the "4th Occupational Safety and Industrial Process Safety Symposium", which will be hosted by Uskudar University Occupational Health and Safety Department. Location: Uskudar University, Nermin Tarhan Conference Hall

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