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Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation - About

The Profession Needed for Preventive Treatment Approach: Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

What is the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation?

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation is a branch of science, which muscle skeletal system disorders, correction of function, minimizing, multi-faceted physical therapy approaches to improve the quality of life of an individual, as well as planning the right exercise prescription patients with disabilities in healthy individuals. It includes preventive and therapeutic approaches for the protection of health conscious in parallel with the growing age of the population, scientific and technological developments. Physiotherapists are those who practice orthopaedic rehabilitation, neurology and neurosurgery rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, cerebral paralysis, hand surgery rehabilitation, muscle diseases and rehabilitation, rheumatism diseases, women's health, sports health and professional rehabilitation.

What are the Courses Taken in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department?

The physiotherapy and rehabilitation undergraduate program provides students with a systematic professional training in order to gain professional knowledge and skills. During the four-year, the first year basic and professional introduction courses are concentrated and the students try to establish a professional base. In the second and third years, students receive special physiotherapy and rehabilitation assessment and therapeutic approach training for specific diseases and age groups as well as professional courses they have taken. In the fourth year, the students are given clinical practice training where they have the opportunity to apply the information they have learned for three years. In addition, 2. and 3. summer insternships are compulsory in summer periods for students. The graduates of the department are given the title “Physical Therapist”.

Ethical and Equipped Physiotherapists are Trained

At the end of the four-year training given in the physical therapy and rehabilitation department, it is aimed to educate physiotherapists with professional ethics and autonomy, knowledgeable, capable of taking responsibility and having professional skills, and obtain a substructure to carry out their profession.

What are the Working Areas for Physiotherapists?

The Physiotherapists are employed in state, private or university hospitals, rehabilitation centers, private clinics, sports clubs, industrial facilities, public health units, home rehabilitation, home care centers, health and recreational activities for healthy and disabled people, schools, nursing homes, thermal hotels, municipalities, disabled schools and primary health care facilities.The graduates who wish to pursue academic careers can pursue by continuing their graduate studies at domestic and foreign universities.

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