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Welcome to Üsküdar University, Faculty of Health Sciences!

Üsküdar University's Faculty of Health Sciences, which was established with the aim of being an exemplary universal university providing education and training at world standards in Turkey, was established and developing in order to train scientists for the future, well-equipped professionals for health services and industry, to produce new knowledge and to use this knowledge in the economy.

In health sciences and services, professionals of developed countries work as a team and achieve things that cannot be done alone. The way to be a team passes through an integrated structure. Our faculty, which is increasingly needed and interested in Turkey, is different from each other, but supports and complements each other;

  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Child Development
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Midwifery
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  • Nursing
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Audiology
  • Health Management
  • Social Work
  • Orthotic Prosthesis
  • Perfusion
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