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20 Jan 2024

Health Tourism Workshop

Health Tourism Workshop ProgramSağlık Turizmi Çalıştay Programı20 Ocak 2024, Cumartesi, Saat 10:00 Üsküdar University Health Tourism Application and Research Center (SATUMER) and Üsküdar University Continuing Education Application and Research Center (ÜSEM) organized a 'Health Tourism Workshop Program'. In the workshop, which was held in two sessions and three groups with the participation of experts in the field, the current situation in Türkiye in terms of health tourism, stakeholders and the strengths and weaknesses of human resources working in this field were discussed. In this context, the issues to be considered in the content and presentations of the trainings to be given were also discussed.The opening speeches of the workshop, which took place at Üsküdar University NP Health Campus İbn-i Sina Auditorium, were made by ÜSEM Deputy Director Bengisu Altınten, ÜSEM Director Mert Akçanbaş, SATUMER Director Asst. Prof. Yusuf Baktır and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine SATUMER Advisory Board Member Prof. Haydar Sur.Member of the Board of Directors of NPİSTANBUL Hospital Fırat Tarhan and Secretary General of Üsküdar University Selçuk Uysaler also participated in the workshop.Mert Akçanbaş: "This workshop will be the beginning of the work we will do..."Noting that they want the sector to continue with higher quality by making good use of the opportunities provided, ÜSEM Manager Mert Akçanbaş stated that "It is our understanding to increase professional competence and to improve the profession and quality in accordance with the aims of continuing education centers. We have been working on these issues for years. We are trying to achieve this with the trainings we provide. In this issue, which is extremely important for our country, such as health tourism, we took immediate action to realize this at the point of opportunity provided by our Ministry of Commerce. We realized that we needed the opinions of experts like you in this regard. I hope that this workshop will be the beginning of our work. We want this sector to continue with higher quality and in a way that will whiten the forehead of our country by making good use of this opportunity provided to us."Asst. Prof. Yusuf Baktır: "This is the first activity I can propose as the Director of SATUMER"Drawing attention to the importance of receiving training to make health tourism better, SATUMER Director Asst. Prof. Yusuf Baktır stated that "We applied for this protocol with all the academic support of the senior management of our university and we are proud to be the first university in İstanbul to receive this protocol. The Ministry of Commerce recommends that not only institutions and organizations in health tourism, but also clinics, agencies and tourism service providers receive training to improve the employment conditions of their personnel. It is very important to receive training, especially in the field of foreign language and health tourism. When we thought about how we could make this training more active and planned, we created a workshop under the consultancy of Prof. Haydar Sur. In this workshop, we wanted to convey our own plan, ideas, and what we think as an educator, but if they have something to contribute to us with their knowledge and experience in the sector. We wanted to learn about them. From this point of view, today is a very valuable day. As the Director of SATUMER, it is the first activity that I can propose. That is why it is very meaningful."Prof. Haydar Sur: "It provides an incredible advantage for the success of education"Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, SATUMER Advisory Board Member Prof. Haydar Sur said that they invited people from critical points with accumulative information. Prof. Sur said that "For the last year, we have tried to do something in this area. We came together with people who have devoted their lives to this very valuable field in İstanbul and established an 'İstanbul Health Tourism Association'. In the event that such a workshop is held, if this is the starting point, these three critical points provide an incredible advantage for the success of the training program for the industry to embrace it, to convey their experiences and roadmaps, and to understand the expectations of the people who will come from the sector. We organized such a workshop. According to the outcome of today's meeting, we will consult 'Has this happened?' We will say, 'This is good, let's continue like this,' after organizing our training activities and this time we will announce our training programs to the sector. We will be waiting for your support in its protection."The two sessions were held in three groupsIn Group A, Retired Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Hüseyin Çelik, Member of the Board of Directors of NPİSTANBUL Hospital Fırat Tarhan, Üsküdar University Instructor Güler Cimete, Acıbadem Representative İdris Sarıaydın, EMP Clinics Representative Yücel Muratoğlu, Üsküdar University Instructor Serkan Yılmaz, İstanbul University Faculty Member Haluk Özsarı were included.In group B, OHSAD Board Member Cengiz Gül, USHAŞ Representative Ubeydullah Şahin, Üsküdar University Instructor Prof. Selma Doğan, University of Health Sciences Instructor Ali Arslanoğlu, Üsküdar University Foreign Languages Coordinator Dilek Batur, İstanbul Education Academy Member Selma Nama, Kent University Instructor Didem Sur, Private Agency Manager Mevhibe Kılıç, Private Agency Manager Nermin Hanım, Acıbadem Group Doğukan Akgül came together to combine their ideas.Group ideas were presented to the participants by group representatives.Afterwards, the participants were presented with a certificate of participation by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and SATUMER Advisory Board Member Prof. Haydar Sur, and the workshop ended after a group photo was taken.

21 Aug 2023

VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Safety Engineering visited our department!

Veronika Meca from the Faculty of Safety Engineering of the VSB- Technical University of Ostrava in the Czech Republic, with which our Occupational Health and Safety Program has an Erasmus+ Bilateral Agreement, visited our department and campus.During the meeting held at Çarşı Campus, Veronika Meca made a presentation about the department and after visiting our OHS Laboratory, she stated that they would like to strengthen the bond between the two universities by increasing student exchange in the coming years. Representing our department, Faculty of Health Sciences Deputy Dean Nuri BİNGÖL, PhD and Sertaç TEMUR accompanied them.

28 July 2023

Sıcaklıklarla birlikte artan orman yangınlar

Faculty of Health Sciences Occupational Health and Safety Department Head of Department Dr. Lecturer. Prof. Dr. Rüştü UÇAN was the live broadcast guest of the "GÜNEBAKAN" program broadcast on TRT Radyo1 at 11.30 on Friday, July 28, 2023. Dr. UÇAN made evaluations about the increasing forest fires in the summer months in the program.The audio recording of the program can be accessed below:TRT_Radyo_Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Rüştü UÇAN.mpeg

13 July 2023

Is there a desire to centralize authority in artificial intelligence?

Üsküdar University Artificial Intelligence Engineering Master's Program Head of Department Dr. Lecturer. Prof. Dr. Nuri Bingöl made statements on how rapidly developing artificial intelligence technologies should be controlled nationally and globally, what kind of limits should be imposed and what obstacles are in front of all these.It is time to use knowledge in a way that maximizes the benefits of artificial intelligenceStating that in addition to the many positive potentials of artificial intelligence, it is important not to ignore the potential for threat or danger, Dr. Lecturer. Prof. Dr. Nuri Bingöl said, "Humanity is experienced in this issue and should quickly translate this experience into practice. We have learned a lot from the positive or negative consequences of previous revolutionary technological developments. It is high time to use this knowledge to maximize the benefits of artificial intelligence."There is disagreement on how to exercise control over artificial intelligenceStating that many authorities who shape today's societies with their thoughts and even people who play an important role in the development of artificial intelligence share similar thoughts, Bingöl said, "The extraordinary development of artificial intelligence in the last few years and the results in the fields where it is used show that the development of artificial intelligence technology should be subject to some regulations and controls. The differences of opinion are not on this issue, but on 'how this supervision will be implemented'."Measures vary depending on which phase will be inspectedReferring to the reasons why the discussions and disagreements are concentrated on how the audit will be implemented, Bingöl explained these reasons as follows: "Artificial intelligence technologies are a formidable power, and there are problems with concentrating this power in the hands of only one institution. These technologies are inherently a two-stage product. The first is to develop the capacity of artificial intelligence and the second is to use it for a specific purpose. Which of these two phases should be controlled or limited? Which phase poses more potential threats or dangers? Naturally, the measures that can be taken vary according to the answer to this question. The question of 'how to implement it' takes on a different meaning."Excessive control and limitation of technology leads to diminishing benefitsDrawing attention to the level of control and limitation of artificial intelligence, Bingöl said, "It should not be forgotten that excessive control and limitation on technology leads to a decrease in the benefits arising from the development of that technology. However, there are great existential problems in front of humanity and artificial intelligence technologies have great potential in these issues." Bingöl quoted Andrew Ng, a prominent figure in the field of artificial intelligence, as saying, "When I think about the existential risks for a large part of humanity: The next pandemic, climate change and the resulting mass depopulation, another asteroid threat... Artificial intelligence will be an important part of our solutions. So if we want humanity to survive and thrive for the next thousand years, let's make AI work faster, not slower.

23 Aug 2022

Photo Contest

Event informationStart date : 23 August 2022, 09:00:00 - 17:00:00TERMS OF PARTICIPATION•Theme of the Contest: Global Climate Change• Participation in the competition is free of charge.•Students participating in the competition are required to attend the “Climate Change Reflections on Health and Nursing” symposium to be held on 30.05.2022.•The legal responsibility of the photos sent by the students participating in the competition belongs to them.• It should be stated where and when the photos were taken, and the photos should be taken from at least two different angles.• It is essential that the shared photos do not contradict the general moral rules and in no way offend people or institutions. Such photos are excluded from evaluation without notice.• Each student who will participate in the competition can participate in the competition with a maximum of 5 photographs in accordance with the conditions of the competition. A person can win a prize with only one of the photos they send.•Photographs should not be manipulated with professional visual editing tools.• Photographs with products, services and images of a brand are not considered.• Deadline for participation in the competition: 26.05.2022•Photos must be in JPG or PNG format.• Entries outside of these conditions will not be considered.•Photos will be sent to e-mail address.

16 June 2022

7. International Health Sciences and Management Conference

Event informationStart date : 16 June 2022, 09:00:00End date : 19 June 2022, 17:00:00Important DatesConference Date: June 16-19, 2022Abstract Submission Deadline: May 10, 2022Early Registration: May 18, 2022Üsküdar Üniversitesi, İSTANBUL 7th International Health Sciences and Management Conference Participants, In the last two years, there has been a radical shift in health-related paradigms. The fact that infectious diseases, which were thought to be left behind for developed countries, are again on the agenda of the world for a long time, shows that humanity will continue to pass such tests from time to time.First of all, the COVID-19 pandemic has tested health systems, reminding us of the need to be prepared when unusual health problems arise and the importance of crisis management skills. In addition, we have observed closely in this process that the fight against epidemics, in particular, and all kinds of diseases, in general, is not only considered in the axis of the patient and the health care system but also has economic, political, and social aspects.It has always been technology that steers the periods of change and transformation. With COVID-19, the importance of health technologies has increased, digitalization has come to the fore in health services, as in all areas, and everything has begun to be redesigned according to information and communication technologies. On the other hand, it is seen that the developments in medical technology and diseases have different effects on each person, and the solution is moving to the point of producing personalized solutions rather than categorical evaluations.For these reasons, we have determined the main theme of this year's congress as "Digital Health & Personalized Medicine". To create scientific knowledge on the subject, the theme of "Digital Health & Personalized Medicine" will be discussed in detail in the panels and sessions of our congress by experts from Turkey and abroad. We expect your scientific studies that are directly or indirectly related to the "Digital Health & Personalized Medicine" theme.The congress aims to lay the groundwork for the international sharing of scientific knowledge, skills, and experiences ranging from local to global in the fields of health management and health institution management. At the same time, the congress aims to bring together scientists, especially young researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and managers from different countries, to provide global information sharing, emphasize the importance of health management, and contribute to the professional professionalization of health management globally.Our congress will be held in Istanbul, hosted by Üsküdar University, between June 16-19, 2022. Participants will be provided with the opportunity to participate in the congress both physically and digitally. In addition to the main theme of the congress, "Digital Health & Personalized Medicine" we look forward to your studies in health sciences and management.Your participation in our congress will honor us. With our best wishes.Best wishes…

24 Dec 2021

Sexual Development and Education of the Child

Event informationStart date : 24 December 2022, 12:30 - 14:00Subject: Sexual Development and Education of the ChildSpeaker: Assoc. Dr. Sebahat AltundagModerator: Dr. Instructor Member Bahise AydinLink: Friday, December 24, 2021 12:30-14:00

15 Nov 2021

Is the Language of Science Universal?

On November 15, 2021, at 16:00, Dr. Instructor "Is the Language of Science Universal?" by Zehra Akgün to the students of the FHS Perfusion department. In-departmental seminar was given.content_copyshare

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