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Faculty of Health Sciences – Uskudar University, Bachelor's, Degree Programs Institutional

As a result of the technological, social, political and economic transformation brought by our age, the Faculty of Health Sciences started its education and training activities in the 2012-2013 academic year by being designed to reach the analytical knowledge of the global and social plane, which is getting more and more complex day by day.

In health sciences and services, the professionals of developed countries work as a team and achieve things that cannot be done alone. The way to be a team passes through an integrated structure. In our faculty, there are all departments that can be included in the health sciences. The number of programs in our faculty has reached thirteen.

Nearly 3,000 students are studying under the roof of the Faculty of Health Sciences of our university. Currently, we have thirteen departments where active education is carried out:

1. Nutrition and Dietetics

2. Child Development

3. Speech and Language Therapy

4. Midwifery

5. Occupational therapy

6. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

7. Nursing

8. Occupational Health and Safety

9. Audiology

10. Health Management

11. Social Work

12. Orthotic Prosthesis

13. Perfusion

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