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Speech and Language Therapy - About

We Train Qualified Professionals with National and International Accreditation

What is Speech and Language Therapy?

The Speech and Language therapists work in the field of prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation of language, speech, voice and swallowing disorders. The Speech and Language disorders can affect individuals from early childhood to old age. In this context, the field of language and speech disorder is a science that requires interdisciplinary interaction but has its own professional autonomy. The graduates of this department receive the title named language and speech therapist.

New Professionals in the Health Sector

In the Department of Speech and Language Therapy at Üsküdar University, it is aimed to train language and speech therapists who have professional ethics and autonomy, knowledgeable, take responsibility and have professional practice skills, and have infrastructure to carry out their profession.

What are the Courses Taken in Speech and Language Therapy?

A systematic professional education is given to students in the Department of Speech and Language Therapy. There are first year basic and entry-level profession courses during the four-year program.  It is aimed to create a professional foundation for students. Education on features and diagnosis methods of languages, speech, voice and deglutition disorders and education on specialist speech therapy methods for different disorders and illness, are given during the second and third years. In the fourth year, students receive a clinical application education which they find an opportunity to apply information that they acquired through three years.  Students must do a compulsory internship during summer.

What are the Working Areas of the Department of Speech and Language Therapy?

The speech and language therapists have a career opportunity in the relevant clinics of government, private or university hospitals. In addition, they work in special education and rehabilitation centers for individuals with language and speech disorders. They can establish their own private businesses or they can provide services in the centers they have established with the relevant experts. The graduates who wish to pursue an academic career can continue their academic career by continuing their graduate studies at universities in Turkey and abroad.

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