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Faculty of Health Sciences – Uskudar University, Bachelor's, Degree Programs Dean’s Message

Dear Students,

Our Faculty of Health Sciences aims to educate individuals who are compatible with current knowledge and developments, who are trained with modern methods and approaches based on science, technology, and human rights, who are competent, respect cultural and universal values, and who can work effectively and successfully in the health fields needed. In this respect, we aim to be vocation professionals who are pioneers in the field, who can lead, who have adopted knowledge generation and lifelong learning, who believe in ethical principles and teamwork, who are confident, who can use science, education, and service for the benefit of society and humanity.

With the belief that education is the greatest power that can change the world, our qualified faculty and employees work continuously for this purpose. We believe in the importance of education, justice, transparency, and loving people to positively change our society and the world we live in. For this purpose, we continue our efforts to coordinate with current information around the world, to accredited our departments, and to use the information produced for the benefit of society and humanity.

With the 13 departments available in our faculty, we work for you with our undergraduate and doctoral programs in some of our departments. The health of our students and employees is very important to us. While we paid maximum attention and compliance with preventive health services and measures during the pandemic process, we took measures in such a way as not to endanger health in our theoretical and practical training, we continued our distance education without causing disruption, we will continue to maintain the same sensitivity about education and health according to the requirements of the pandemic process.

With our success and health wishes.

Arif Aktuğ ERTEKİN, Prof., MD


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