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Occupational Therapy - About

Üsküdar University Makes a Difference with the Department of Occupational Therapy

What is the Department of Occupational Therapy?

The occupational therapy is a person-centered health profession that develops health and well-being through meaningful and purposeful activities. The main purpose of occupational therapy is to enable people to participate in daily life activities. The Occupational Therapy Department of Üsküdar University Faculty of Health Sciences aims to become an interdisciplinary research and development department that ensures efficient learning of the occupational therapy field in Turkey in accordance with the world standards.

Improving Quality of Life for People Who Need Care 

The Department of Occupational Therapy at Üsküdar University aims to adapt the individuals with mental, physical, sensory, visual, social, environmental, emotional, speech and language development difficulties or behavior problems who need special treatment by developing their self-care and independent life skills.

Department of Occupational Therapy Aims to Eliminate Barriers

The occupational therapy, which is a person-centered health profession, works to ensure the participation of individuals in daily living activities. In occupational therapy, the physical, social and environmental factors that affect the social participation of people are evaluated and necessary interventions are made to eliminate or reduce them. (WFOT-World Federation of Occupational Therapy)

The occupational therapist works to organize the activity or the environment in order to provide better participation of individuals by improving the skills of individuals and communities to do the activities they need and expected from them. These studies;

  • Be able to do the independence of individuals, their roles in home, social and business life,
  • Increase the potential of disabled people to work by eliminating technical, legal and behavioral barriers,
  • Initiative to implement European employment strategies to help disadvantaged individuals find jobs,
  • Improve the capacity and social participation of the disadvantaged groups, disabled children, street children, alcohol and substance addicts, elderly and exposed to violent women, by increasing their performance and roles,
  • Develop protective strategies that include meaningful and purposeful physical and mental occupational therapy related activities and change the lifestyles of the individuals.

The occupational therapists work with all individuals who are either isolated from the social community or whose participation is restricted due to a health problem.

Interest Areas of Occupational Therapy Department

  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • Hand Rehabilitation
  • Occupational Rehabilitation
  • Community Based Rehabilitation
  • Oncological Rehabilitation
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation
  • Disabled Individuals
  • Assistive Technology
  • Geriatric Rehabilitation
  • Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Pediatric Rehabilitation
  • LGBT Individuals
  • Refugees

What are the Courses Taken in the Occupational Therapy Department?

The Department of Occupational Therapy includes basic sciences and departmental courses as well as clinical skills. The students get ready to take courses such as special anatomy for growth and development, health policies for occupational therapy, introduction to occupational therapy, basic anatomy, theories of occupational therapy, motion analysis and biomechanics, protective occupational therapy and environmental arrangements, community-based rehabilitation, sense integration in occupational therapy, music therapy in occupational therapy.

Theoretical and Practical Implementation Performs Together in Occupational Therapy Education

 The Department of Occupational Therapy at Üsküdar University provides students with an education based on the basic principles of occupational therapy and provides mastery of concepts and theories of occupational therapy. The undergraduate program aims to educate occupational therapists who have basic knowledge of medicine, rehabilitation and occupational therapy, who have acquired the skills of clinical practice and the skills of researchers and managers that will enable them to be healthy and functionally independent in every field of life. The students receive extensive training in the fields of medical, social, behavioral, psychological, psychosocial and occupational therapy science, equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors to collaborate with individuals, groups, or communities. The graduates of the occupational therapy department receive the title “Occupational Therapist”. The syllabus of the occupational therapy department provides education in the fields of health, education and business that students can apply the theoretical and practical knowledge they have acquired for four years.

What are the Working Areas of Occupational Therapy Department? 

 For those who graduated from occupational therapy department, there is a wide range of working areas such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, schools, factories, public health and work health centers, home or workplaces of patients, special education institutions, universities and forensic institutions

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