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Faculty of Health Sciences – Uskudar University, Bachelor's, Degree Programs Quality Assurance System

Our Quality Policy

The quality policies of our faculty are in line with the Strategic Plan of our University see  .Accordingly, the Quality Policy of our Faculty is built on the following principles.

• To contribute to the educational goals of our country by providing education and training in line with the goals and vision set by the DPT and YÖK in Turkey's socio-cultural development and in line with the Bologna process.

• To contribute to science in the field of ethical values, moral and spiritual guidance, which has become increasingly important in developed countries, whose deficiency is felt in global economic and social crises, and which has the potential to be of great importance in the near future.

• To support the economic and foreign reputation of our country by making it attractive for foreign students to come to our country by providing education and training in different languages in the future.

• To create a center of attraction for qualified faculty members in the international arena

• To carry out scientific researches in order to present the socio-cultural and historical richness of our country to the service of humanity.

• Developing tools and developing new organizations to present new inventions and patents produced at the university to the service of society.

• To apply the latest and advanced methods and techniques in education and training, to subject all lecturers to in-service training to learn and apply the changes in technology.

• To disseminate education, research and practices with an interdisciplinary approach.

• To implement student and faculty exchange programs within the framework of EU (Erasmus) student exchange programs.

• To encourage projects that contribute to regional and national development.

• Creating and executing joint projects with research groups and institutions in national and international universities.

• Through seminars, conferences and workshops, students, primarily professionals in the field; to ensure that they are in the same environment with successful business and scientists.

• To encourage and support students' clubs, activities and organizations.

• To prefer and implement a management style that is participatory, innovative, entrepreneurial, people-oriented, in mutual interaction with its stakeholders, and has an approach and infrastructure that is open to change in line with feedback-based requests, and does not compromise on academic and ethical values.

• To provide accreditation in terms of the quality of education and training offered by the university and to be a pioneer in total quality management.

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