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Nursing - About

Üsküdar University Makes a Difference with the Presence of Clinical and Application Areas in Nursing

What is Department of Nursing?

Nursing is a health discipline consisting of science and art that plans, implements and evaluates the protection of health, development and the provision of necessary treatment and care in case of illness. It is a professional field which has to stay up to date in academic and technological developments and has to work based on evidence-based knowledge and is dedicated to its branches. Nurses, individuals, families and society in the protection of health, development and health care need to determine and meet these needs according to professional standards as they are  the most needed health professionals. The nurses are individuals who monitor the developments and changes that can affect health with sensitivity and take these into account in the service they provide.

We Gain Qualified Nurses to the Health Sector Based on Ethical Principles

The importance of nurses is increasing day by day as they continue to provide care and rehabilitation services in the diagnosis and prevention of life-threatening complications and thus reducing mortality and morbidity. Üsküdar University, , offers training to educate professional nurses who can perform their functions as qualified, active and effective members of the health care team to which they will work together, take into consideration the principles of Professional Ethics in education, management and research, and carry out all these functions.

What are the Courses Taken in the Department of Nursing?

In the Department of Nursing, laboratory and field applications of experimental and skill-related subjects are included with basic sciences and professional courses. In our department, according to Gordon's Functional Health Patterns model, the healthy functions of all life periods and the deterioration of these functions in the following periods are taught. In addition, the courses that will give students the fundamentals are such as Applied Basic Anatomy, Human Physiology, General Nutrition, Biochemistry, Psychology, Microbiology, Biostatistics, Pharmacology, Healthy Living and Nursing, Health Assessment, Community Health, Health Distortion and Care I-II-III-IV -V-VII-VII (Principles of Nursing, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Rehabilitation and Psychiatric Nursing), Research Methods in Health and Epidemiology, First Aid and Emergency Care, Nursing Communication, Sexual Health, Nursing Education, Nursing Management and occupational courses such as Leadership, Ethics in Nursing, Oncology Nursing, Quality in Health and Patient Safety. There are internships available in the last semester (8. Semester).

What are the Working Areas for Nurses?

The graduates have the opportunity to work in any private or public environment where preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative health services are provided in order to provide nursing care, which are the basic functions. In addition, they can open their private health cabins and practice their profession freely. The students can conduct their internships in the hospitals of Üsküdar University during their education.

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