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Health Management - Mission and Vision


Having technical and social skills regarding the planning, organization, direction and supervision of health services, able to evaluate health service outputs to ensure continuous development, analyze health policies and carry out studies that can give direction, contribute to the field with scientific studies, manage crisis, think analytically and be an entrepreneur in the health sector. To train health managers who can work as


As a department that uses modern education methods, respects ethical values, produces competent graduates, cooperates with its stakeholders and conducts scientific studies; To be effective in the continuous development of health systems and in shaping health policies, to be a pioneer in the field of health management and to have international recognition.

Basic values

• Universal and national law

• Ethical values

• Scientific and Academic Freedom

• Criticality

• Innovation

• Entrepreneurship

• Participation

• Justice and Merit

• Transparency

• Sustainability

• Continuous improvement

• Inclusivity

• Student and employee focus

• Open communication

• Respect for differences

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