Speech and Language Therapy About

Department of Speech and Language Therapy offer a four year degree course to train qualified speech and language therapists.

Speech and Language Therapist is defined as a legal member of a medical profession. The profession requires an interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary involvement of independent fields such as biomedical sciences (anatomy, physiology, neurology pediatrics, psychiatry, genetics, otolaryngology, physical therapy and rehabilitation, audiology) clinical linguistics (phonetics, acoustics, phonology, psycholinguistics, neuro-linguistics), psychology, cognitive neuro-psychology and special educational sciences. Thus, SLT students need to have a working knowledge about these foundation disciplines.

In addition to the theoretical courses, students are required to attend hands on clinical studies. Following the first foundation year, students take courses on specific topics in speech and language therapy. The final year is devoted mostly to guided clinical practice.

Qualified speech and language therapists have the opportunity to work in many different settings ranging from hospitals and schools to private practise.