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Radio, Television and Cinema - Program Learning Outcomes

1 To have the essential culture and knowledge to work in the fields of radio, television and cinema.

2 To be able to conduct research in various fields of social sciences theoretically and practically in connection with the fields of radio, television and cinema.

3 To be able to analyze audio visual texts by gaining the ability to think independently, unique and critically.

4 To have the ability to use digital technologies in this field by knowing the concepts and applications of production and direction in the fields of radio, television and cinema.

5 Understanding the importance of teamwork and discipline in the fields of radio, television and cinema, participating in all stages of productions in these fields.

6 To be able to create fiction, documentary, animation, experimental films, commercials and video productions with an artistic originality.

7 To comprehend the values of ethical and social responsibility issues and to be able to apply them in the fields of radio, television and cinema, knowing how these values are created through mass communication.

8 To have information about movie genres, character creation and narration in a way to create content by combining audio visual elements.

9 To know and use the equipment used in the production of sound and image and to be able to form a team during the production phase.

10 To learn the visual and auditory narrative structure and to use it professionally in the fields of Radio, Television and Cinema.

11 To acquire the knowledge of producing content by connecting the field and other disciplines with a multidisciplinary, artistic and aesthetic point of view.

12 To be able to transfer the knowledge in the field of media to the public by combining the knowledge gained in the social and economic field.

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