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New Media and Journalism – Today’s Communication Model

What is the Department of New Media and Journalism? 

The internet, which has developed in the age of information technologies, was the beginning of a new era for humanity. Along with the Internet, many different structural and functional transformation processes have begun in the field of communication and media. Distinctions such as printed and audiovisual media disappeared, resulting in an integrated and intricate media structure. The Department of New Media and Journalism aims to train qualified personnel in accordance with this new situation in the field of media and communication.

What are the Courses Taken in the Department of New Media and Journalism? 

The students take all the courses in the program for the first two years in the New Media and Journalism Department. The curriculum is in parallel with the other departments of the faculty. The field-applied training is gaining importance from the third year onwards. In the third and fourth years, the students are directed to take elective courses. The students of the Department of New Media and Journalism are offered the opportunity to choose courses from other departments of the faculty, in line with their interests and abilities.

 What are the Occupational Opportunities for the Department of New Media and Journalism Graduates?

The graduates of the Department of New Media and Journalism can act as social media specialists in all areas of the media sector such as newspapers, radio, television and internet journalism, and in corporate communication units in the public and private sectors. They can be employed as social media managers in advertising and public relations units and agencies.


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