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Radio, Television and Cinema - Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision of Radio, Television and Cinema Department

Mission: The Department of Radio, Television and Cinema with its comprehensive curriculum, has adopted the mission of educating students who are aware of the importance of mass media, sensitive to social problems, able to follow current developments in relation with historical dimensions; have knowledge of basic application practices of the field and the ability of critical thinking and being creative.

Vision: Department’s vision is to ensure that by educating students who have the ability to use rapidly developing technologies both universally and uniquely; are productive, innovative and creative for their society and humanity in general, works of the same quality are originated. Currently, education and training activities in laboratories, studios and workshops equipped with the latest technological infrastructure continues. Thus, the department aims to adapt the students to the developing technology and to use the new technology at the highest capacity. It is expected that students who graduate from the department should put their signature to significant works in the media sector and academic field in a short time. On the other hand with the academic work carried out by strong academic staff and the projects being conducted, in the near future Üsküdar University of Radio, TV and Cinema aims to become recognized not only in Turkey but in the world.

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