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Communication Faculty - SWOT Analysis and Improvement


Faculty of Communication SWOT Analysis and Improvement Measures

  • Strengths

Although the Faculty of Communication is in its eighth year in education, it has managed to stand out among other institutions providing the same type of education and is on its way to becoming a brand. The strengths of the faculty stand out in the following points:

Strong academic staff: With the strong academic staff who are experts in their fields, the education of the faculty is carried out as planned, in line with the mission and vision of the faculty.

Sector support: In the faculty, which is in close relations with the media sector, both external stakeholder consultations and the contribution of experienced professionals from the media sector to education and training increase the efficiency in education.

One of the strengths of the faculty is that the departments are preparing for the accreditation process and that a department is accredited.

Academic and scientific studies: Scientific publications produced by the strong academic staff of the faculty, scientific events organized and scientific awards received reflect their strengths.

Ensuring the necessary conditions in applied education: In practical education, continuous improvement is achieved in the faculty in terms of both physical conditions and course equipment and equipment. Another strength is the hands-on training provided by experienced and expert trainers.

The awarding of student works in various competitions is important in terms of the recognition of the faculty and brand value.

The increase in its preference in horizontal transfers from year to year; The fact that the rate of preference in university placement exams approaches one hundred percent reveals the strength of the faculty.

The fact that it has a radio and television studio, a news workshop, and computer laboratories, which are indispensable for communication education, also reflect the strength of the faculty.

The existence of application areas and tools such as Haber Üsküdar application newspaper, ÜÜTV, ÜÜ Radio also reveals the strengths of the faculty in applied education.

The fact that it is located in the center of the city and easy access to all parts of the city also shows the strength of the faculty.

Library facilities and accessibility to information can also be shown as strengths. Activity in student and instructor communication (STIX), active operation of student information system (OBS), Learning Management System (ALMS), instant text message transmission via mobile phone applications, etc. The processes reveal the strengths of the faculty.

The active functioning of the student clubs and the scientific, social and cultural activities that are held frequently reveal the strengths of the faculty.

The fact that the average of the faculty is 3.26 out of 4 in the student satisfaction surveys also shows that the student satisfaction is above the average and this reveals the strength of the faculty.

The continuous increase in the number of publications by the faculty members over the years can be considered as the strength of the faculty.

The success of the lecturers in the projects can be considered as the strength of the faculty.

  • Weaknesses

The Faculty of Communication is constantly getting stronger with its uninterruptedly developing and improving structure. With the cooperation of the faculty administration and the university administration, possible problems that arise in the faculty are immediately resolved, and the education and training practice in the faculty is built on continuous development and improvement. Education and other academic fields of activity in the faculty are constantly monitored, student and academic staff feedbacks are taken into consideration immediately, and quick solutions are produced. For example, due to the rapid increase in the number of faculty students in the 2017-18 academic year, classrooms and other physics areas were insufficient, and the negativity in this direction was eliminated by starting education in the faculty building again for the 2018-19 academic year.

  • Opportunities

Faculty of Communication has a significant potential in terms of opportunities. The Faculty offers opportunities in:

Physical spaces, which are necessary for communication education, have important opportunities in terms of course equipment and equipment. Education studio, television studio, radio studio, computer labs equipped with the latest technology, smart boards, library facilities, social spaces.

Being in the center of the city is an important opportunity for an institution providing communication education. The Faculty of Communication is also able to present important opportunities to its students and academic staff with its location in the center of the city, its proximity to transportation opportunities, and its accessibility to media outlets.

The Faculty of Communication also offers opportunities with its young and open-minded academic staff. Young academic staff can be considered as an important opportunity presentation area of the faculty with its features that follow developments, participate in academic activities and have an international vision.

The faculty also offers important opportunities in terms of academic studies. The faculty academic journal Interaction has been shared in the domestic and international academic community and has started to be recognized as an important academic platform.

National and international scientific activities carried out by the faculty should also be considered as an important opportunity for the academic development of the faculty, training academicians and finding a place in the academic community.

  • Threats

Considering the development and improvement process it has shown, it is observed that the Faculty of Communication does not face a significant threat. It has come to the fore among other educational institutions that provide similar education, both in terms of education quality and preferability. It has also taken its place in the forefront in terms of student quotas and the occupancy of the quotas. If the course in this direction continues in the same way, there is no significant threat for the Faculty of Communication.

  • Remediation Measures

The Faculty of Communication is already on its way with an understanding of improvement and development. However, in order to accelerate this process, a little more reinforcement can be made at the following points:

Quantitative strengthening of the academic staff in line with the communication faculties accreditation criteria.

Quantitatively increasing the graduate education programs of the faculty, opening the doctorate program.

Developing foreign expansions of the faculty. Bilateral agreements, academic and student exchange programs, joint research, academic studies, etc.

Strengthening the faculty in terms of R&D studies.

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