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New Media and Communication (English) - About

Welcome to the New Media and Communication Undergraduate Program! 

Our New Media and Communication Undergraduate Program at Üsküdar University dedicates itself to exploring the dynamic landscape of media and communication in the digital age. We carefully design our curriculum to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical experience, equipping students with the essential skills and strategic insights necessary for success in today's rapidly evolving media landscape.

It is our main motivation to educate future media professionals and academics in communication sciences. The New Media and Communication Undergraduate Program lies at the intersection of the social sciences and humanities, with an emphasis on new communication technologies and digital media. Through the lens of intersectionality, this program offers prospective students the chance to explore a diverse range of topics in the communication sciences, including mass communication, digital technologies, social media, and broadcasting.

What are the Courses in the New Media and Communication Undergraduate Program?

The New Media and Communication program is a 4-year undergraduate program at the Faculty of Communication. The instruction language is 100% English. We construct the curriculum by balancing the theoretical legacy with practical knowledge, new perspectives, and industrial connections.

Freshmen students take mandatory courses in their first year to learn the fundamentals of social sciences, as well as introduction courses to new communication technologies. Starting in the second year, the department offers introductory-level compulsory courses on communication sciences to establish a solid foundation in the field. The sophomore year also offers practical courses such as Digital Video Editing Techniques and Content Creation for New Media. In the following year, junior students enroll in advanced mandatory departmental courses, including New Media Journalism and New Media Theories. Additionally, third-year students have the choice to enroll in two departmental, one faculty, and one general elective course. The third-year departmental electives cluster includes a variety of courses, ranging from Social Media Management to Media and Artificial Intelligence. In the final year, senior students are required to complete their graduation projects and internships and take advanced-level departmental and faculty electives courses, such as Podcast Production, Digital Media Storytelling, and Multimedia Applications.

What are the Occupational Opportunities for the Graduates of the New Media and Communication Undergraduate Program?

Graduates of the New Media and Communication Undergraduate Program will possess theoretical and technical knowledge, along with fieldwork experiences, enabling them to secure employment in the media and communications industry, as well as communication departments in institutions operating in other industries. Graduates also have the option to pursue an academic career in one of the sub-disciplines of communication sciences. They are welcome to apply for the graduate programs at Üsküdar University.

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