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Visual Communication and Design, Future’s Occupation 

What is Department of Visual Communication and Design? 

The advances in digital communication technologies, the rapidly expanding use of multimedia communication media and tools make visual design increasingly important. The impact, power and importance of visual communication becomes more important as much as the verbal and written communication. The importance of visual communication design in communication education once again shows the importance of visual communication.

What are the courses taken in Department of Visual Communication and Design? 

The first two years of education are devoted to basic social science formation courses in the Visual Communication and Design Department as in the other departments of the Faculty of Communication. The emphasis is placed on practical training In the next two years. The curriculum of the department consists of complementary courses from general to special, from theoretical to practical. The department’s students take courses in the first two years outside of certain field courses within the scope of a common curriculum with the other departments’ students.

Students of the Department of Visual Communication and Design can take courses from other departments 

Starting from the third year (fifth semester), the students are directed to applied courses in the field of visual communication and design. As the graduation period approaches, the weight of the elective courses in the program is increased. According to this, students are also given the flexibility to take courses from other departments of the faculty depending on their special interests.


What are the occupational opportunities for the graduates of Visual Communication and Design Department? 

 The students who graduate from Visual Communication and Design Department can find employment opportunities in all areas of the media sector related to visual communication. In addition, the students can be

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