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Communication Faculty – Uskudar University, Bachelor's, Degree Programs General Information

Communication, one of the critical factors of the community life, became the driving force behind social change in parallel with information technology developments. The communication education is more significant because of the leading role of communication in information age. The aim of the faculty is to train educate qualified communication experts, with the well-educated academic staff, the studios and labs equipped with the latest technology and curriculum in accordance with the mission and vision of our university.

In 2013-2014 Academic Year, Faculty of Communication was founded and had three departments: Communication Sciences, Advertising Design and Communication, and New Media. By 2019-2020 Academic Year, the faculty has seven departments: Media and Communication, Radio Television and Cinema, New Media and Journalism, Visual Communication Design, Advertising, Public Relations and Publicity, Cartoon and Animation. 

In our faculty, education is completed in five years; optional English preparatory year is included. The students who wouldn’t rather want to take preparatory class can complete the education in four years. However, it should be noted that we live in a globalized world and students have to know at least one foreign language, as in other professions, in the communication field has already become a necessity now. Especially speaking English for the ones choosing the communication as a profession has great importance in order to maintain the profession. Therefore, we seriously suggest for the students who can’t use English effectively, start their education with English Preparatory Class which is given highly qualified in our university.

Apart from English preparatory, in communication faculty providing four-year bachelor degree, the academic program is prepared in order that the students have an intense base and gain knowledge vocationally. Accordingly, in first two years of undergraduate education, general scientific formation courses are given; in the next two years the professional courses required by the department of the student are focused. Thus, in the end of four years the student will have an intense ideational formation and gain professional required knowledge and competency.

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