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23 Mar 2023

Rectorate Handover Ceremony was Held at Üsküdar University...

"In life, we need to be one of those who either learn, teach or support these acts"At the handover ceremony of the Rectorate, Prof. Mehmet Zelka, who has been serving as the Deputy Rector since 2019, took the floor first. Expressing his feelings and thoughts about his academic years, Zelka talked about the process of starting the academy. Prof. Zelka said that "When we decided to start this academic life 45 years ago, a committee gathered and asked us questions to evaluate our decision. There were very appealing alternatives. They asked why you prefer academic life when those alternatives are there. Since we believe that we can provide better service in the institution you are here, and if we are in this institution, we will contribute to the training of people who will perform their duties there. Of course, there is advice that sheds light on us in a way during this life process. This advice was: 'In life, you should either learn, teach or support these acts.' Don't be the fourth one. We tried to follow this advice. We tried to learn. There is no end to this. We will continue as long as our life lasts long enough. They first offered me to wear the robe about sixteen years ago. It was fortunate to perform the duty of rector there in Skopje between 2007-2010. The Balkans are places where each of us can find a part from ourselves. In this respect, we felt like we were in our hometown there again. I returned from there at the end of 2010. In late 2010, some group of friends visited us on one occasion. When they offered to work together, we considered it a natural duty for us. We started to work at this Üsküdar University at the beginning of 2011 before the university was officially established. We are now in March, and 12 years have passed. Time passes very quickly. It was such a fortune."."The alms of knowledge are given by teaching knowledge to those who do not know"Prof. Mehmet Zelka said to the students that the aim of education and training was not to get a diploma and stated that the spiritual dimension of the work done was very strong. Prof. Zelka said "Your goal should not be to get a diploma and place it on a wall. As emphasized in our culture, the important thing is to be useful to people. To strive to be useful is to work. When this is the case, this is one of the greatest responsibilities of scientists when contributing to the teaching process. That is, to teach knowledge because the alms of knowledge are given by teaching knowledge to those who do not know. Otherwise it is a burden. With an original analogy, that is, people who have knowledge but do not transfer their knowledge to their surroundings and do not benefit from their surroundings… I ask for your forgiveness and I’ll share the example as the original version. They liken it to a book-laden donkey. Of course, we need to get rid of it, we need to make efforts to be useful. I used to recommend this to my students. I would make this advice to myself. Definitely do not measure and evaluate the cost of your work with the three or five cents you receive. The cost of the work done here is too great to be measured in terms of matter because the person you are addressing and contributing to raise is equivalent to the universe. If it can be measured, it is an asset of value. The service rendered to it should never, ever be measured by the three or five cents received. When this happens, the heart is also involved"."If the heart is involved in the work done, it is possible to achieve more profound and beautiful results"Emphasizing the participation of the power of heart in every work, Prof. Mehmet Zelka expressed his gratitude to Üsküdar University for the contributions it made to him. Prof. Zelka said that "People are often talked about muscle strength and brain power. There is a third power of man that I have not seen in almost any of the economics books but that I have seen in other works. This power is the 'power of the heart'. If the heart is involved in a job, it is in everything. If the heart is involved in every work, it is possible to achieve more profound and beautiful results. The presence of dear professor Tarhan during the performance of this duty is an extraordinary convenience for us. It has been a remarkable opportunity. I would like to express my gratitude to them for their contributions. Furkan Tarhan, the chairman of the Board of Trustees, and his members are again admirable in every sense of their approach to this issue and that they constantly follow their own approach. Thank you, as well. I would like to express my gratitude to all of our fellows we work with, our deans, directors, academic friends and administrative staff. During this time, they have made significant contributions to the performance of our duty. I thank you all individually for your contributions and express my gratitude. Thank you.".Prof. Nazife Güngör: "Our primary task is to make the world a much more humane world"Prof. Nazife Güngör, who started her speech at the Rectorate handover ceremony by referring to the challenging period our country has been going through, stressed the importance of producing and putting forward values suitable for people. Prof. Güngör said "We are in a beautiful university, a university whose system has been established, whose university structure has been completed to an important extent and which is coming to a certain place in Türkiye and even in the world. It is an honor for me to be able to serve in the next period with such a valuable duty. Of course, humanity is going through challenging days, in fact, humanity is giving its own difficult test. Humanity is actually facing a tough test of not producing properly. Working and producing are the most important condition of being human, and it is my most sacred value. The reason is that it is production that makes man human. We are born into a world, if we cannot influence the life we are born into in this world as human beings, if we do not try to change it, if we try to move forward in it by adapting and struggling in it, it means not being able to be the subject of our own life as an individual, as a human being. Therefore, it is due to the fact that man does not attach human value to themselves and cannot carry out the production processes effectively. If we are human, if we have come into this world, if we are born into this world, our primary task is to take that world towards a much more human world. The primary way to do this is to work, to produce, to produce value. There it is the production of both material and intangible value that produces value. When all of them are synthesized, human value is produced.".“The most fundamental value of a university is science”Defining the most fundamental value of a university as science, Rector Prof. Nazife Güngör highlighted the production of human equity in ensuring institutional continuity. Güngör said, “As a University, we are a university that is encouraged constantly to product under the leadership of Prof. Nevzat Tarhan. Remember that, Professor Tarhan mentions project in all the meetings. The reason behind this is actually to produce. If we are within a university, a structure, that structure must produce its resource to reinforce that structure and to sustain it. The most fundamental value of a university is science. It will produce its scientific equity, it will produce its material equity resources through scientific value, it will have presence in the world and in Türkiye in terms of academia by producing scientific value and it will continue its path by getting stronger. One of the most important activities of a university is education. Education is an important service, the most valuable thing is to contribute to human capital, to increase and strengthen human capital. Thus, this is achieved through educational institutions. We, as a university, must ideally provide education in the highest quality. One of the most important tasks of a university is to produce its own human equity. If we cannot prepare our assistants and young academicians for the future under the roof of this university, then we will not have a strong structure with continuity going forward. Therefore, institutional continuity and the academic strengthening of the institution for the continuation requires that those who grew up, should give effort to those who are growing, and those who are growing up should do their best to carry them to their own level and even beyond their own levels."."The university should serve the society and humanity in which it exists"Stating that one of the important functions of the university is to 'serve the society and humanity in which it exists’, Güngör said that a campus that are isolated within itself are degenerating and moving away from social problems. Güngör said, "Every value we create and produce at the university has social reflections. It must be transferred to society. Therefore, a university is a scientific institution, an educational institution, but at the same time an institution that produces a social value. Therefore, as it has always been important here and will always be emphasized in the future, it is necessary to give great importance to university-society collaborations, to produce value for the society, and to reflect the knowledge to be produced here to the society. If you keep a campus isolated within itself, it makes no sense. It has meaning in itself, but if it has no reflection, it degenerates within itself. Those isolated structures are doomed to contract, shrink and explode inward over time. Therefore, we have to open up to the outside, spread to the society, touch the people and listen to the problems, and produce some solution proposals and make contributions outside the campus.".Prof. Nevzat Tarhan: "We make the work valuable because we attach meaning to the work we do."Speaking in the context of the establishment stages, goals and principles of Üsküdar University in his speech at the Rectorate handover ceremony, President of Üsküdar University, Chairman of the Supreme Council of Directors, Psychiatrist Prof. Nevzat Tarhan pointed out that one of his biggest goals is to progress by adding meaning to high goals. Tarhan said, "Since the actual establishment of the University in 2011, we have handed over the flag of the Rectorate to Prof. Mehmet Zelka in 2019. In 2023, Prof. Nazife Güngör is now taking over the flag. Since the foundation of the university, we have done a lot in a really short time, we have achieved better and faster results than I expected, both in terms of the quality of the students and the competence of the lecturers and our brand value in the society. It is necessary to continue to develop and continue to do so. What is important here is that it is in accordance with the vision, mission and quality standards, that these are not only on a piece of paper, but are actually put into practice and that it is teamwork. We have four principles; criticizability, libertarianism, pluralism and participation. We have used these principles as our core values and we continue to do so. To those who ask, we say that as a university, we are like the United Nations because universities have certain goals. The values we attach importance to, competence, merit, diligence and justice can only be achieved with people who care about these four concepts and those who care about this and this as a management philosophy. Since we attach meaning to the work we do up to our capillaries, we make this work valuable, we succeed in overcoming ourselves. There are 24 most important golden values of human, one of those golden values is that transcendence, that is, one can move forward by adding meaning to goals higher than themselves. We have determined this as a vision.".“The most important production of a university is to train human”Pointing out that the most important production of a university is to train people, Prof. Tarhan emphasized that they have achieved good results in this regard. Prof. Tarhan said "There is a global competition that we can compete with in the world, there are global trends that need to foresee some things in advance. By foreseeing global trends, we can do some things if we are proactive. Thus, we tried to establish behavioral sciences, engineering sciences and neurosciences, biological sciences and social sciences within a certain philosophy as the founding theme when the university was first established. There is a rule in innovation. According to that rule, if a person has 100 hours, if they spare 85 hours to that work, they should devote 15 hours to thinking about that job, to separate the thought about the thought, and if one does this, they will make their job better. We emphasized this as a vision, and we gave importance to teamwork as a mission. The important production of a university is to train people, to train good professionals. We have achieved good results in this regard, and then being restorative is very important. We cannot solve people like this by dividing them into groups. We need to build horizontal coalitions, not vertical ones, which is why Türkiye needs this. As the university administration, we think that we can only move forward by communicating, and we can solve the problems between them through communication. Most of the problems stem from a lack of communication, therefore, it is very important to be able to keep communication alive, and it is quite important to be able to reflect that on even our capillaries like this. For this reason, I think that Nazife Güngör will continue the good services she has done in the Faculty of Communication within these vision, mission and quality standards, so I wish that her period will be well, fortunate and fruitful.".Prof. Mehmet Zelka was presented with a plaque of appreciationFollowing the speeches, President of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan presented a plaque of appreciation to Prof. Mehmet Zelka, who has been serving as the Deputy Rector since 2019.Prof. Nazife Güngör was dressed in the Rector robe by Prof. Nevzat Tarhan...In the last stage of the ceremony, President of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan attire the rector's robe to the new Rector Prof. Nazife Güngör. At the ceremony, Prof. Nazife Güngör's autobiography was shared with the participants.Those who attended the ceremony are as follows; Üsküdar University Chairman of the Board of Trustees Furkan Tarhan, NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital and Üsküdar University Board Member Fırat Tarhan, Vice Rectors Prof. Sevil Atasoy, Prof. Hikmet Koçak, Prof. Muhsin Konuk, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Prof. Osman Çerezci, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences Prof. Arif Aktuğ Ertekin, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Haydar Sur,  Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry Prof. Yumuşhan Günay, Director of the Vocational School of Health Services, Director of the  Graduate School of Sciences Assoc. Prof. Mesut Karahan, Director of the Institute for Sufi Studies Prof. Elif Erhan, Advisors to the Rector Prof. Deniz Ülke Arıboğan, Prof. Tayfun Uzbay, Prof. Sırrı Akbaba, Prof. İsmail Barış, Prof. Şefik Dursun, Asst. Prof. Serdar Karagöz and Emine Dönmez, Secretary General Selçuk Uysaler, Deputy Secretary General Ayşe Öztürk and Asil Barış Bağ.In addition, all department heads and administrative staff of Üsküdar University as well as many academicians attended the ceremony.The ceremony ended after a group photo shoot.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

21 Feb 2023

Be careful about the disinformation mafia during the crisis!

Tweeting instead of using bullets…Üsküdar University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Journalism Assoc. Prof. Aylin Tutgun Ünal underlined the importance of digital media literacy against information pollution by drawing attention to the fact that social media platforms are used for disinformation and attack during times of crisis.Disinformation violence make woundsExpressing that disinformation and fake news occurring during the crisis are seen on social networks which are a part of our everyday lives from a 7-year old to a 70-year old around the world and it surrounds us just like a mafia, Assoc. Prof. Aylin Tutgun Ünal said, “Mafias, gangs and bullets that exist in the real world now surround us in digital media. We see the violence of disinformation and the wounds they cause moment by moment in digital media. There are lynching campaigns that attempt to discredit or even cancel individuals or institutions. There are now disinformation mafias on social media. People use tweets instead of bullets.”.Lynch culture is no different from the mafiaPointing out that a person can cancel their social status from society and social status when they become TT (Trend Topic) with mass hashtags for display of violence by other people, Assoc. Prof. Aylin Tutgun Ünal said, “The lynching culture, known as the cancell culture, is no different from the mafia. Now everyone has set up their own mafia, knowingly or unknowingly. There are brutal protests against an idea, and mass attacks so as to erase the person from society. We have seen what the abuse of social media can lead to with the increase in disinformation and fake news circulation in the crisis environment caused by the earthquake in our country.".Social media mafia "troll accounts"Dr. Aylin Tutgun Ünal said that social media has a mechanism that directly affects people and continued her remarks as follows:“A person can attack whomever they want, swear, cast a shadow on the reputation of the other person, lie without facing any sanctions, and they think that they gain prestige with this. Troll accounts have turned into a social media mafia. Disinformation and fake news sharing increase during periods of intense national agenda, especially in times of crisis. People or even institutions that want to come to the fore, harbor bad intentions, try to opportunistically aim to make a profit or harm the people or institutions they target by spreading disinformation on social media, and they do this to a great extent. They show courage, whether from troll accounts or real accounts because it is thought that there is no sanction or criminal application.”.Disinformation spreads to cause harmStating that disinformation can be defined as deliberately spreading false information with the aim of causing harm, Assoc. Prof. Aylin Tutgun Ünal said, “Disinformation has the purpose of deliberately misleading, it manipulates, it becomes disconnected and out of the context. There may also be claims made by people with a certain disposition through pure fabrication. It is possible to list the reasons for the spread of disinformation, as people cannot distinguish between true and false information, do not know how to filter the information they see on social media, or not be motivated to confirm the information. In other words, people tend to believe information coming from the source they believe in. Again, if it contradicts previously believed information, there may be a tendency to reject it without investigating its accuracy. In addition, the emotional state of the people also has an effect on disinformation. Due to the need to reinforce their own feelings and thoughts, they can spread disinformation without confirming its accuracy. We can also list factors such as partisanship or phenomenon.”.The most dangerous is to spread a sense of purposePointing out that, we are facing inferences from the content of a shared tweet, perception management, and intention readings no matter whether it is true or false, Assoc. Prof. Aylin Tutgun Ünal said, “Sharing has a purpose and this purpose is gradually being realized. By spreading the sense of purpose, the fuse is ignited. Making inferences by including a community, an opinion, a religious belief, a culture is like shooting a collective fire. While the perception of purpose is spreading, it is attacked with social media components such as Trend Topic (TT), Hashtag (#), DM (Direct Message).”.Assoc. Prof. Aylin Tutgun Ünal made evaluations about the social media components used as an element of attack:Making a trend topic: We can say that it is a very common attack technique in our country and around the world. The trolls targeting the concentration of politicians are waging gang wars in every space they find. Gangs attacking both their targets and each other are in a hurry to find a place, they get paid for these works, they attack as they get it. They spread through the hashtag mechanism.‘DM me!’: The trolls are organizing themselves, they are attacking masses. Thus, the potency increases. They have their own passwords like ‘DM me!'. They can get support from advertising agencies and social media experts in their attack strategies. They are researching who is affected by which images and expressions. This is where taking advantage of the emotional burst on social media comes into play. It is even possible to perform perception management with a visual. Subsequently, an attack on the subject of the event takes place with unrealistic meanings.Individual digital media literacy should be implementedStating that Twitter is used more in the violence mafia in social media, Assoc. Prof. Aylin Tutgun Ünal said, “If social awareness and reconciliation cannot be achieved, the media will continue to exist by turning into a spiral of violence and a mafia environment. We can say that achieving digital media literacy as an individual measure is one of the necessary solution processes. The most effective solution is to ensure that the person is a conscious user, and the person should do this by themselves with self-control. The second solution will be legal applications. The implementation of the social media law, which has been exemplary in European countries for years, can also be considered as another precaution in our country under appropriate conditions, especially in times of crisis.”.Attacks in the cyber world do serious damageEmphasizing the need to raise awareness about security in all circumstances, Assoc. Prof. Aylin Tutgun Ünal said, “The images that have been made as memes and posted on social media are not deleted again. Millions of social media users who do not question and research may think fake information is real. Assassinations in the virtual world cause serious harm to people and institutions. Therefore, individuals, institutions and organizations should be encouraged to use technology beneficially and awareness studies should be expanded. The damages and disruptions caused by unconscious sharing reveal how important the right use of social media is in times of crisis.”.Uncertain sources should be treated with suspicion.Assoc. Prof. Aylin Tutgun Ünal said that the "Confirmation Kit in the Time of Crisis", prepared by the Directorate of Communications, Disinformation Fighting Center in order to prevent disinformation, may be useful in terms of practicality and shared her recommendations as follows:Be suspicious of any unspecified information on social media.Question the source of any shared information.Follow official sources.Be skeptical of shared WhatsApp screenshots.Question a claim from many reliable sources.Get referenced safe sources.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

15 Feb 2023

About 7 thousand earthquake victims were housed with the “My Home is your Home Project”

They provide a warm harm for the victims of the earthquake through the Internet web siteAfter the great earthquake disaster, a bridge was established between the earthquake victims who cannot enter their homes and volunteer who want to open doors of theirs home under the leadership of Kuzey Yıldızı Trabzonsporlular Derneği. On the web site prepared by over 100 volunteered young people from different universities and profession, volunteers that open their homes and earthquake victims are matched.In the cooperation between the technology team and volunteered university students gathering together within the scope of the Project, a mobilization has been launched to create solution for the need of shelter of the earthquake victims via “” within the scope of “My Home is your Home”.“We are mediators for victims of earthquake in finding a new home”Üsküdar University “Advertisement Design and Communication” department 2020 graduate Seda Cebeci, who showed great effort for the platform, takes place with volunteered university students in the “My Home is your Home” Project organized by Kuzey Yıldızı Trabzonsporlular Derneği. Expressing that she is a part of the communication team as a volunteer for 7 days with this organization, Cebeci said “I was president of the University Student Supporters of Trabzonspor Club before. After the earthquake disaster, I have met with volunteered university students in Kuzey Yıldızı Trabzonsporlular Derneği and I became a part of the team.”.Cebeci, who was president of Üsküdar University ÜniTS Club, noted that she is volunteer in the communication and social media activities and they have launched the “My Home is Your Home” Project and in that way, they are meeting the need of shelter for the earthquake victims whose houses were destructed or damaged due to the earthquake. With the Project, Cebeci expressed that they aim to be hope for the earthquake victims and emphasized that they are mediators for the earthquake victims in find a new home.More than 1500 family, about 7000 people were housedThanks to the announcements on the web site through the platform gathering earthquake victims and volunteering opening the doors of their homes together, more than 1500 families, that is, over 7000 people were housed. In a very short period of time, the web site reached more than 1 million people. The project provided a warm house for many people who are earthquake victims thanks to the solidarity and support of the people all around the country. Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

13 Feb 2023

Earthquake Journalism Guide for Social Media Users and Journalists

1.    Let’s be aware of the power of social media. Let’s not forget that many lives were saved with calls for help via social media.2.    We should not share posts that is not based on scientific value such as ‘The Americans caused the earthquake’ or ‘the oracle who knew about the earthquake’, and we should not spread these posts.3.    Images of another earthquake that has already occurred must not be shared on social media as if they are new.4.    Photos and videos shared on social media should not be tampered with in a way that distorts reality, such as additions, subtractions, collages or montages.5.    It must pay attention not to use hate speech, provocative, marginalizing and discriminatory expressions in social media posts and news.6.    Hashtags used to facilitate help in earthquakes should not be used in irrelevant posts in order to gain followers. These posts hinder the aid.7.    It must be paid attention to ensure that the content shared in social media is accurate and up-to-date in order to direct the help teams. The eventuated posts must be deleted and prevented from re-circulating.8.    It must be exercised with caution against those who make calls for help on social media by phishing and by imitating real charities, and social media platforms must be contacted to block these accounts as soon as they are detected.9.    On social media, it is necessary not to share sensational posts for purposes such as collecting followers and getting likes in a way that can be considered reasonable in normal periods.10.   On social media, bashing attempts against journalists who report on the ground are frequent. Such attempts must not be supported.11.    Let's not forget that sharing photos and videos of injured or children rescued from the debris on social media platforms and turning these children into symbols can lead that they might not be able to overcome the trauma they have experienced for a lifetime.12.    Let's be aware that fake news spreads faster and avoid sharing unconfirmed news.13.    A mindful language should be used when talking to people who are waiting for their relatives to be rescued from the debris, and it should be avoided to ask even more demoralizing questions such as what are you feeling, whether there is pain.14.   When interviewing earthquake victims and reporting the news, one should be sensitive; moreover, human feelings and values should not be ignored.15.    Let's first share our identity information With the people you want to interview, to whom you extend a microphone and inform them about the purpose of being there and meeting with them.16.    Let’s give our condolences and express sorrows to the people whose relatives have passed away, however, let's not use expressions such as ‘I understand your pain, these things will pass, everything will be all right’.17.    Let's be very careful when handing microphones to people whose relatives are still under the debris, and if possible, let's not do these interviews during the live broadcast. People who are suffering may unintentionally use expressions that cause them trouble.18.    It is necessary to avoid showing images of those who lost their lives in the earthquake, and especially images showing their faces because these images can lead to permanent trauma in the relatives of the deceased in the first place.19.    It is necessary to consider that publications on traumatic events such as earthquakes will have an impact on viewers and readers. We must not forget that traumatic images lead to compassion fatigue in people.20.    Reducing earthquake news to numbers, giving the number of dead and injured almost every hour leads to insensitivity in people after a while. It is necessary to consider that those who die are human beings and not mere statistics.  21.    When reporting on the earthquake, it is not right to dramatize the photographs by adding music to the images and to make a story out of the photographs. News should be information-based, not emotion-based.22.    Let’s not try to make unnecessary contact with people who are under the debris, risking their health for the sake of reporting. Also, let's not force people waiting to be rescued to speak so as not to cause oxygen loss.23.   Statements other than official statements and reliable sources should not be respected.24.   Images shared on social media must not be used in the news without confirming.25.   We must strive to objectively convey what is happening. The worst journalism is journalism that distorts reality. This type of journalism damages both the public's right to information and the reputation of the profession.26.   We must pay attention to the fact that the news sources to be consulted are experts in the subject.27.   Journalists and social media users need to avoid behaviors that endanger themselves and others when broadcasting.28.    It has been seen many times again that when the media reports correctly, setbacks are quickly corrected. We should not abstain from reporting needs and malpractices in an appropriate manner. 29.    It is necessary to concentrate not only on problems, but also on solutions. It is possible to help teams further in the field by communicating possible solution proposals.30.    In the process of reporting, debris removal and life-saving efforts under the debris should not be interfered with. It must be paid attention not to disrupt the work in order to broadcast life-saving images on live broadcast.ÜSKÜDAR UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF COMMUNICATION Earthquake Journalism Guide (In Turkish) Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

07 Feb 2023

A Guide for Social media Usage in Earthquake should be prepared

Be careful when using new communication technologies during disasters!Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication Journalism Department Lecturer Assoc. Prof. Bahar Muratoğlu Pehlivan evaluated the importance of new communication technologies and especially social media in terms of communication in disaster situations such as earthquakes.Assoc. Prof. Bahar Muratoğlu Pehlivan noted that the use of new communication technologies can be of vital importance as a communication tool, especially in disaster situations such as earthquakes.It is useful for informing the publicStating that new communication technologies play an important role especially in terms of informing and communicating with the public, Assoc. Prof. Bahar Muratoğlu Pehlivan said that “For example, social media has become an important tool in terms of informing the public quickly and publishing their statements by relevant institutions, official organizations, experts and reliable sources.”.Calling for help can be done via social mediaStating that individuals can also communicate through mobile tools and online platforms in emergencies, Assoc. Prof. Bahar Muratoğlu Pehlivan said that “In addition, images and information can be sent from places where the authorities, rescue teams and journalists have not yet reached, and social media can be used when assistance is needed. We see examples of this in the last Kahramanmaraş earthquake we experienced.”.These points should be paid attention!Emphasizing that it is extremely important to use these technologies correctly and efficiently to get the maximum benefit from communication technologies, Assoc. Prof. Bahar Muratoğlu Pehlivan listed the points that should be considered in the use of communication technologies in disaster situations such as earthquakes:Emergency notifications should be turned on.SMS and online platforms should be preferred for communication.Phone calls made in mandatory situations should be kept short and wasting the charge of mobile vehicles should be avoided.Security status check tools enabled by social media platforms should be used.Accounts of trusted institutions, official sources, confirmation and verification platforms must be followed.It should always be kept in mind that unconfirmed, unidentified sources and statements that are not based on concrete data may not be correct, and such content should be approached skeptically.Avoid being a meditator in the spread of manipulative, misleading and incorrect information, fake news, and content that will cause panic among the public.Images containing sensitive content should not be shared, especially uncensored.It must be paid attention to whether the accounts that make statements on social media are in a position to access relevant expertise and information.Social media can be used as a transmitter (radiotelephone) to reach authorities or people in a particular area in an emergency.You can search for tweets sent from a specific region by finding geographic coordinates on Google Maps.You can find posts from the region with the location notification features of various social media platforms.It is important to inform the society quickly and healthily!Üsküdar University Communication Faculty Journalism Department Head Prof. Süleyman İrvan, on the other hand, expressed the importance of accurate information flow in the earthquake and said the following statements:“When there is an earthquake, citizens try to find out what is going on as soon as possible. This is also very normal. We may have relatives and friends in the earthquake area. Naturally, we would like to know their state as soon as possible. In such extraordinary situations, it is important to inform the society quickly and accurately. If there is no healthy information flow and communication channels do not work, conspiracy theories and unbelievable rumors can come into play, which can lead to the spread of panic in the society.”.A social media coordination center should be established…Stating that the importance of social media was understood more in the last earthquake, Prof. Süleyman İrvan said that “People can make social media posts from under the rubble and call for help. However, unfortunately it is not possible for us to know how much of these calls for help are real and how many are fake. My suggestion is to quickly establish a social media coordination center and establish a mechanism to verify the accuracy of the calls made. Instead of restricting social media, we can make it more useful. Official statements should also be made uninterruptedly through social media channels and citizens should be provided with reliable information.”.A Guide for Social media Usage in Earthquake should be prepared…Lastly, Prof. Süleyman İrvan made the following suggestion:“Türkiye is an earthquake-prone country and we need to learn to live with earthquakes. Moreover, a guide should be prepared on how we should use social media when an earthquake occurs. A guide on how to use social media can be very useful just like in a format of what we should do in an earthquake. For example, we should not retweet posts that we are not sure of their accuracy and whose source we do not know.”.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

27 Jan 2023

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Tutgun Ünal attended ‘Methods of Fighting against Disinformation in the Age of Artificial Intelligence’

After the opening speeches, Idris Kardaş, Coordinator of the Center for Fighting Disinformation, gave his speech on the panel and Kardaş said “How can we use technology in the fight against disinformation? Could artificial intelligence be effective for this purpose? How social media algorithms spread disinformation? As the Directorate of Communications, we discuss these questions in this panel.”.In the second session moderated by İdris Kardaş, journalists and academics discussed professional ethics, perception operations, fake news and disinformation.Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication Instructor Assoc. Prof. Aylin Tutgun Ünal, academician Assoc. Prof. Başak Gezmen and journalists Abdülkadir Selvi and Ömer Faruk Gökçin were also among the panelists.While discussing the role of social media and algorithms in the spread of disinformation, Assoc. Prof. Aylin Tutgun Ünal made important evaluations on the topic of "Fake News".Legal regulations involving social media have been put into operation in many countriesAssoc. Prof Aylin Tutgun Ünal said in her speech at the panel; “Legal regulations covering social media channels were made in countries such as Germany, England, Australia, Russia and China in previous years, and criminal sanctions are currently being imposed. Individuals or institutions may be penalized in case of non-compliance with legal regulations, such as considering the complaint notifications made by people on social media, removing illegal content from social media within 24 hours, considering personality violations in content that damages reputation or is published without permission.”.Ünal said, “Thanks to the law that came into force in Germany in 2018, Facebook was the first to be penalized in 2019. The government fined Facebook 2 million euros for failing to adequately report illegal activity on its platforms in Germany. Within the framework of this law, the maximum fine for individuals is 5 million euros and 50 million euros for companies.”.Stalking is a crime!Stating that "Stalking" was considered a crime before the social media law in Germany in 2017, Assoc. Prof. Aylin Tutgun Ünal, “According to Article 238 of the German Penal Code, stalking is a crime. A harassing person who stalks, spies on, persistently seeks to contact a person by phone or other means, and seriously restricts and harms the life of the person molested, is punished with a fine or imprisonment of up to three years, according to Article 238 of the Penal Code. In cases that would constitute a crime, one is sentenced to imprisonment of up to five years.”.Disinformation law came to the fore after the violent content in EnglandReminding that the law of disinformation came to the fore after the incident of a 14-year-old girl who took her own life after watching violent videos in England, Assoc. Prof. Aylin Tutgun Ünal said, “Even though the government announced that the media control agency Ofcom's supervisory authority over social media platforms could be increased, studies on regulations continue. Legislators are demanding that content that may fall into categories such as violent, terrorism-related, cyberbullying and child abuse be removed quickly. Penalties are also included in the plans for companies that do not comply.”.Social media law in Australia came into effect earlierAssoc. Prof. Aylin Tutgun Ünal said, “In Australia, two separate legal regulations were made that define the responsibilities of social media companies regarding the content produced and include criminal sanctions in 2015 and 2019. After a suicide case in 2014, these arrangements came to the fore. A year after the TV presenter took her own life after being exposed to cyberbullying on Twitter, the first legal regulation was made. The eSafety Commissioner, created under the law, was authorized to request that they remove content that insults or humiliates others from social media platforms. It is foreseen that those who publish the content will be fined up to 60,000 euros and the companies that do not remove these contents within 48 hours, will be fined up to 300 thousand euros.”.News with disinformation content is a complete enemy of truthAssoc. Prof. Aylin Tutgun Ünal said, “Why is disinformation applied to? When we look for an answer to the question, we come across the motivations of 'attracting attention', 'impressing others', and 'having fun'. In many news presented in digital media, disinformation is used today for purposes such as attracting attention, more clicks and perception management. News with disinformation content, which aims to discredit people or institutions or to generate advertising revenue, is a complete enemy of truth. Since the social effects of these anti-truth news shared on social media are strong, it harms individuals, institutions, the country in the big picture, and even casts a shadow on the country's reputation around the world.”.Stating that search engines such as Google managed to be a part of perception management thanks to the algorithms they contain, Ünal continued her remarks as follows: “As a result of the searched keywords, it brings up what it was taught. Today, both search engines and social media channels play a role in the country's position around the world. In this sense, the function of artificial intelligence algorithms can be used for good or bad. Not only social media, but also search engines and algorithms are among the reasons that bring the need to take precautions. As with the legal measures in other countries, disinformation will be overcome with the continuation of social media law regulations and the spread of digital media literacy educations in our country.”. Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

11 Jan 2023

Journalists gathered at the 'Traditional to Digital Journalism’ panel

In the panel held under the moderatorship of Üsküdar University Communication Faculty Journalism Department Head Prof. Süleyman İrvan, Dean of the Faculty of Communication Prof. Dr. Nazife Güngör made opening remarks.Kemal Öztürk, Former Chairman of Anadolu Agency and Habertürk Newspaper writer, Fırat İpek, Milat Newspaper Economy Manager and Media Academy Association Vice President, Former National Media correspondent and online newspaper's editor-in-chief, İsmail Polat participated in the panel as guests.Prof. Nazife Güngör: “Our journalism students should be able to set forth their dreams in a more idealistic way”Starting her speech by celebrating the Journalists' Day on January 10, Dean of the Faculty of Communication Prof. Nazife Güngör said, “I hope we, as Türkiye, as the world, move towards better days, towards a brighter future, and journalists can really do their job. We will reach the point where our journalists can do their jobs. Therefore, our Journalism students will be able to set forth their dreams in a more idealistic way and grow up as educated, intellectuals and professionals who can express their thoughts freely, can produce, and have a strong pen.”.Prof. Süleyman İrvan: “Democracy is the oxygen of free press and journalism while free journalism is the oxygen of democracy.”Stating that the students who graduated from the Faculty of Communication have difficulty in finding a job, and offering a solution to this issue, Head of Journalism Department Prof. Dr. Süleyman İrvan said, “In my opinion, anyone who has a press job, regardless of the medium in which they work and whose main source of livelihood is journalism should be considered a journalist. There is a serious unemployment of journalists in Türkiye, especially those who graduated from communication faculties have difficulty in finding a job in the field of journalism. In the evaluation we made with the Press and Broadcasting Institution at the solution point of this problem, I suggested perceiving it as an 'additional indicator' if communication faculty graduates are employed in the official news sites. I hope they will take my suggestion into consideration. I think that faculties and professional organizations that provide journalism education should come together and actually meet on a common point. It should not be forgotten that democracy is the oxygen of free journalism and the free press as the oxygen of democracy is free journalism. One cannot live without the other.”.Kemal Öztürk: “There is a resistance to digitalization in the world”Kemal Öztürk, former Chairman of the Board of Anadolu Agency and writer of Habertürk Newspaper, emphasized the importance of keeping up with the digitalization process and said, “Just as there is resistance to the spread of the printing press, there is also a resistance to digitalization in our generation around the world. Press Advertisement Institution (Basın İlan Kurumu) printed newspapers on paper for a long time. Digital does not develop as it prints it on paper and gives it to the newspaper. They passed a new law. They will also support digital news sites. If you publish a newspaper with the help of the state, you cannot act freely. I do not believe that we fully grasp the impact and power of the digital revolution. Something big is happening, something tremendous is happening. If we do not grasp this and adjust ourselves to it, we will all become slaves.”.Fırat İpek; “Journalism is a profession that tames and disseminates information”Stating that there are some problems in developing a new language and integrating journalism into the digital revolution, Milat Newspaper Economy Director and Media Academy Association Vice President Fırat İpek said, “At the point of developing a new language and transforming it into digital, it is not possible to act only with student cooperation. Here, it should be provided with the cooperation of the state, NGOs, universities and students. Journalism is a profession like this. It is a profession that tames and disseminates information. What I mean by taming information is that official journalism in Türkiye started in 1837 and has continued with magazines, televisions, internet journalism and social media since then. Now, everything false and inaccurate is spreading very quickly since citizens are also journalists on social media. Here, it is very important to confirm.”.İsmail Polat: “If democracy is to be established in Türkiye, local media should be supported as well”İsmail Polat, editor-in-chief of newspaper, stated that local media should be given importance in journalism and said that “If you want democracy to be established in Türkiye, you should also support the local media. When we say media in the world today, we will see that all of them are local media. The Washington Post, The New York Times are all local newspapers. It is seen that this is not the case that in Türkiye, why? Because newspapers work with very limited staff. The problem here is that there are so many communication faculties yet so many people cannot find a job. For example, in the incident of the Haydarpaşa Train Station fire, the man takes the photo while passing by and puts it on Twitter, all the newspapers take that photo. With that, you take the easy way out. I mean in terms of managers, this is a problem. You do not employ many people who have completed schools. In journalism, the news does not end because we do not know what will happen tomorrow and we have to fight and work so that journalism does not end.”.The panel ended after the participants' questions were answered and a group photo was taken. Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

10 Jan 2023

Story increases virality and impact in communication

Brands should not be deceived by the advantage of visibility in digital media…In the past weeks, footage of a courier playing the piano found in the place where he was delivering an order had been on the agenda in Türkiye. Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication Head of Public Relations and Promotion Department Assoc. Prof. Özge Uğurlu made evaluations about the reach of this image to large masses and the impact of organic communication studies.Elements with a story reach large audiencesAssoc. Prof. Özge Uğurlu stated that the images of young courier Can İncir in Türkiye have been watched with interest by many people in recent weeks, and she made the following remarks on the impact of the subjects with a story on brand awareness:“While Can İncir, who played the piano at the hotel he went to for order delivery, drew attention with his interesting story, the company where the young person worked was often mentioned with this news. It is possible to say that the visibility of the brand in question is positively affected by viral content, especially on social media. When we look at the factors that motivate today's social media users to stay on digital platforms, content to be shared with a story comes to the fore. Elements with a story accelerate interactive communication and enable sharing to reach wider audiences. At this point, creating an emotional bond is extremely important for the brand and the user. The combination of this power with social sensitivity, goodwill, and social responsibility awareness, such as providing benefit to someone anywhere in the world, adds added value to the brand in every sense. It is possible to attribute the images of Can İncir playing the piano to the social media agenda quickly to these reasons.”It can be evaluated as organic communicationStating that it can be evaluated as organic communication when there is no strategy in the background in other words it develops spontaneously within the course of live, Assoc. Prof. Özge Uğurlu said, “Although this situation contains risks within its own dynamics, it indicated a positive process within the scope of this example. Moreover, we can say that we can say that it contributes to the features such as sincerity and transparency that users expect from brands in social media. In addition to creating an opportunity for the brand to be repeated and recognized more, the fact that many famous names supported Can İncir paved the way for the event to be placed in an even more popular area. While a positive view seems to prevail in this popular area, on the other hand, the fact that criticisms on the subject are on the agenda indicates the need to act with a proactive approach.".Brands should not allow an uncontrolled spreadAssoc. Prof. Özge Uğurlu emphasized that brands should not allow these impressions, which are formed or created through digital platforms, to get viral spontaneously and uncontrollably and Uğurlu said, “Although all these developments seem to have provided an advantage in terms of brand visibility, it is important to ensure the correct management, control and continuity of the process in the following time period.”.Digitization is transforming processesExpressing that public relations a of the institutions are planned strategically and they focus on dialogue and are based on communication skills benefiting the public, Assoc. Prof. Özge Uğurlu said, “Digitalization transforms every field, as well as the process of designing public relations activities. This process points to a situation that institutions and brands should care about, especially since social media occupies a very important area in the lives of individuals.”.Many factors affect public relations activitiesStating that this managerial activity, which is considered specifically for digital platforms, contains many dynamics in itself, Assoc. Prof. Özge Uğurlu said, “It is possible to say that many factors, from content management, to the choice of images to be used, to the tone, sincerity and language of the messages to be conveyed to the target audience, affect the public relations work to be carried out on digital platforms. Of course, it is important that these contents are consistent with traditional channels and reinforce the identity, vision and mission of the institution or brand. The fact that each digital platform has its own characteristic structure, user and culture brings with it to act with the foresight that content management in this medium may also differ.” Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

04 Jan 2023

Bad news addiction or news avoidance behavior?

Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication Department of Journalism Instructor Assoc. Prof. Gül Esra Atalay made her remarks on bad news addiction.“Bad news addiction” came to the fore during the pandemic processNoting that the concept of bad news addiction is used to "continue reading bad news on social media", Assoc. Prof. Gül Esra Atalay said that this concept came to the fore especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Stating that bad news addiction is not actually a new phenomenon, Assoc. Prof. Gül Esra Atalay said, "There is a well-known saying in journalism: 'If there is blood, it makes the headlines.' This phrase is used to explain that news that includes scary, bad and dangerous topics always attract attention. The concept of 'doom scrolling', which started to be used as 'bad news addiction', is actually related to the same phenomenon.”.Continuous bad news can increase worry and anxiety…Emphasizing that our need to be aware of dangers in advance, as a necessity of our survival mechanism, especially in periods of anxiety, fear and panic, Assoc. Prof. Gül Esra Atalay said, “Therefore, we use social media to get as much information as we can about the issues that cause anxiety, fear or panic and to prepare ourselves. This behavior has two possible consequences: By reading the bad news, we can rejoice that we and our loved ones are well and safe, so we can take pleasure in seeing our advantageous position by making a comparison. On the other hand, we can increase our worries and anxiety by constantly reading bad news.”.Negative news gets a lot of attention because it attracts attention.Stating that negative news is used in order to attract attention from the point of view of news organizations, Assoc. Prof. Gül Esra Atalay said, “The reason for this is that news organizations are essentially profit-making structures and they prefer to use the news that can attract more attention of the readers, therefore, get more clicks as much as possible. Presenting any news in a sensational, alarming, and frightening way as possible is also used in order to attract the attention of the readers. The reader who is addicted to bad news may specifically seek out such news or may not stop reading when encountering such news.”.Social media algorithms are also effectiveStating that the most important reason for this phenomenon to become so widespread today, Assoc. Prof. Gül Esra Atalay said, “Algorithms in social media channels to improve the user experience and keep users on the platforms for a longer period of time, imprison us in filter bubbles by constantly revealing similar content that we are interested in and read. Therefore, it is not difficult to predict that algorithms will prefer negative news that no one can ignore, to more positive news. Bad news addiction is fed by this choice of algorithms and affects individuals.”.Avoidance behavior may also occurAssoc. Prof. Gül Esra Atalay said that avoidance behavior can be seen in some people unlike bad news addiction. Assoc. Dr. Gül Esra Atalay continued: “Due to bad news addiction, individuals may perceive the world they live in as a worse place than it is, and their anxiety and worries may increase. However, of course, getting addicted to bad news is not the only reaction individuals have in the face of alarming events such as pandemics, terrorism, war, or similar cases. The opposite can also be the case. There is another reaction that is conceptualized as 'news avoidance behavior'. As seen in the Reuters Institute of Journalism Studies' Digital News Report for 2022, readers in many different countries specifically avoid seeing news about negative topics such as war or pandemics. This avoidance behavior is increasing as trust in news organizations decreases. This is another way of dealing with fear and anxiety: When there are negative developments in the world or around us, we close our eyes and go into our shells…”.Both situations need to be dealt withEmphasizing that both bad news addiction and news avoidance are not ways of learning about what is happening in the world we live in, gaining information and establishing a healthy relationship with the news that serve to organize our lives in the light of this information, Assoc. Prof. Gül Esra Atalay said, “Thus, they constitute an obstacle to our right to receive accurate information. In that way, it is necessary to deal with these situations.”It's important to be aware of bad news addictionReferring to what needs to be done while fighting this struggle, Assoc. Prof. Gül Esra Atalay said, “If we think that we have become addicted to bad news and that we cannot stop ourselves from reading negative news on social media, it is very important to even realize this. Acting with this awareness every time we turn to this behavior is an important first step to get rid of this addiction by knowing that this situation will increase our anxiety and that it will not benefit us.”.Developments can be followed on the websites of news organizationsAssoc. Prof. Gül Esra Atalay concluded her suggestions as follows:“While consuming news on social media, it must be tried to focus on news on more than one topic related to the agenda instead of clicking on posts about similar topics, if necessary, to access news in digital media from the websites of news organizations instead of social media channels, so that we can reach news on a wider variety of topic. These are other measures we can take. If we cannot stop swiping our screen to read bad news while we are on social media, limiting the time we spend there by determining screen times for social media platforms on our mobile devices, thus breaking away from the chain of disaster news fed by algorithms may allow us to see the world in a more realistic way.”. Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

30 Dec 2022

The scales developed by Üsküdar University and its results contribute significantly to the literature…

The article titled “Development of Uskudar Nomophobia Scale and Investigation of Psychometric Properties” was published in the journal titled Current Research and Reviews in Psychology and Psychiatry, which it was written by President of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan, Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication faculty member Assoc. Prof. Aylin Tutgun Ünal and 20 students continuing to Üsküdar University Psychology doctorate program.The summary of the article is as follows:The “Development of Uskudar Nomophobia Scale and Investigation of Psychometric Properties” article was published. The article aims to develop a scale and investigates psychometric properties within the scope of validity and reliability analysis of Nomophobia Scale.The sample in the study consists of 925 participants across Türkiye.  Analysis revealed that the scale consists of three factors the first of which is; "Dysfunction in Functionality", the second factor is "Overuse" and the third factor is "Inability to Communicate" with 69.55% scale variance. Moreover, the three-factor scale structure obtained by the validating factor analysis was modelled and verified. The obtained goodness of fit values were found acceptable and a 25-point 3-factor scale was obtained (Ki-square/freedom value=2.53; RMSEA=.07; NFI=.89; NNFI=.92; CFI=.96; GFI=.94; AGFI=.84). The internal consistency coefficient of the scale was found as 0.96. Test-Retest reliability was also found that it is related to results when the scale was applied 3 weeks apart.Therefore, it was concluded that the Uskudar Nomophobia Scale, which is rated as “Never”, “Rarely”, “Sometimes”, “Frequently”, “Always” in the 5-point Likert type, is a valid and reliable scale that measures the level of Nomophobia expressed as a person’s fear of being without a phone psychometrically.Please click here for further details:Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

28 Dec 2022

Expectations from the leaders, perception and awareness of the electors will be analyzed!

In the study in which it is aimed to develop the validity and reliability of two scales titled “Üsküdar Political Leadership Scale (ÜSPOLİD)” and “Üsküdar Elector Self-Evaluation Scale (ÜSSEÇMEN)” the sample consisted of 414 people to collect the data after the creation of an item pool of the scales to be developed in order to determine the political leadership expectation-perception of the voters and their level of awareness in the election decisions.The summary of the article that Asst. Prof. Ayça Ferda Kansu is also among the authors, is as follows:“The contribution of psychology to today's politics is beyond doubt. To understand better the current political situation in this direction, the need to measure the elector’s own awareness level and leadership expectations as a voter, and the necessity of developing a scale in the field of political psychology were brought up to the agenda.As a result of the analysis, it was found that ÜSPOLID, consisting of one dimension and 18 items, explained 73.84% of the variance, and ÜSSEÇMEN, consisting of two dimensions and 16 items, explained 60.57% of the variance.Moreover, it has been revealed that ÜSSEÇMEN consists of two dimensions called "Decision Making with Rational Measurement" and "Decision Making with Emotional/Ethical Measurement". Internal consistency coefficients of the scales were found to be quite high. As a result of the studies, it was understood that the scales were valid and reliable.”Please click here for the full article. Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

21 Nov 2022

TÜBİTAK will support another 18 students of Üsküdar University

17 projects among 25 projects that is applied for the TÜBİTAK 2209-A 2022/ First Period Support Program for Student Projects, were deemed worthy to be supported according to 2022/ First Period Scientific Evaluation Results by the Support Program for University Students Research Projects.Moreover, one projects will be supported within the TÜBİTAK 2209-B program according to 2022/ First Period results of Support Program for University Students Projects on Industry.Undergraduate students had opportunity to acquire research culture, develop a project, develop a project in cooperation with the industry and to meet academic world by improving their competence in application and management thanks to the support of TÜBİTAK.The consultancy of students whose projects are supported was carried out by Üsküdar University Faculty Members Prof. Tunç Çatal, Prof. Korkut Ulucan, Assoc. Prof. Mesut Karahan, Assoc. Prof. Aylin Yalçın Sarıbey, Assoc. Prof. Vildan Enisoğlu Atalay, Asst. Prof. Cihan Taştan, Asst. Prof.  Üyesi Salih Tuncay, Asst. Prof. Özlem Oğuz, RA. Göksu Yılmaz.Names of students and Project names that are supported within the Scope of TÜBİTAK 2209-A, 2209-B Support Program for University Students Research Projects are as follows (in Turkish):Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

17 Nov 2022

They wrote the book titled ‘Gender and the Perception of Media’

The book which is prepared by contributions of many authors who are from different disciplines and expert in their field, was published by DER Publishing.Prof. Nevzat Tarhan: “We do not know what we understand from gender”Mentioning that “Gender and the Perception of Media” is an important reference book which discusses the topic with a holistic approach regarding both gender and how media must approach it, Prof. Nevzat Tarhan said: “The book titled ‘Gender and the Perception of Media’ prepared under the coordinatorship of Assoc. Prof. Aylin Tutgun is an important book which is needed considerably. It is a great need and it fills a gap. There are many discourses regarding these; however, for example, we do not know what we understand from gender and we across many perception and fact differences regarding this subject on media. Perception is one thing and fact is another. As clinicians within these facts, we discussed this subject together with media academicians.  There are physicians, psychiatrists, communication specialists and sociologists among them. I think that it is an important reference book which discusses the topic with a holistic approach regarding both gender and how media must approach it.”.Assoc. Prof. Aylin Tutgun Ünal: “There was a need to create a theoretical framework regarding terms on the subject” Mentioning that the book is consisted of original titles Assoc. Prof. Aylin Tutgun Ünal informed on the content of the book. Ünal said: “We can say that it is created by the contribution of 15 authors from different disciplines.  The book ‘Gender and the Perception of the Media’ was very important regarding this work especially in Üsküdar University. There was a need to create a theoretical framework regarding terms on the subject. The interaction of gender and media is discussed with sociological and communicative perspective and also with a perspective of psychiatry in the book ‘Gender and the Perception of the Media’. There are many topics discussed in the book.  There was a great support, motivation and contribution by Prof. Nevzat Tarhan in preparation of this book. We could gather together thanks to that.  Within the book, there are many titles regarding gender roles, the influence of family on these roles and how this reflects on the children, what are the alternative medias on gender, women’s platform on alternative media, anti-discrimination media policies on these platforms and even the concept of Cinderella or it can be called originally as Women’s Jealousy. Our book is consisted of its own original titles. It contains the ways of how news on suicide are given, appearance of gender in the health and we also discussed differences of women and men seen in new generation digital disorders such as Cyberchondria. Beauty and body perceptions for women on new media, and even gender roles in animations and cartoons which we discussed it with a perspective of communication sciences. Therefore, we can say that it contains original titles and contents discussed with many aspects.”.Some sections in the book “Gender and the Perception on Media are supported wit QR code. Prof. Nevzat Tarhan made his remarks in the foreword of the book containing conceptual definitions:  “It has been seen that correct and based on proof information are needed on these subjects. We discussed this with 15 specialist and with interrelating topics. We attempted to eliminate terminological confusion.  As it is seen, it makes the subject more understandable when the sex assigned at birth is called ‘Biological Sex’, the sex assigned sociologically is called as ‘Gender’ and sexual preference is called ‘Sexual Orientation’. Sciences search for truth with the methodology of ‘questionability’ and ‘falsibiality’. We attempted to collect our scientific evaluations on subjects that have become complex, doctrine and politicized.  I would like to express that we are open to criticizes and feedback.”.Those who contributed to book published under editorship of Prof. Nevzat Tarhan Assoc. Prof. Aylin Tutgun Ünal are as follows: Specialist Clinical Psychologist Ayşe Şahin, Sociologist Zeynep Merve Türkoğlu, Specialist Psychologist İlayda Tüter, Psychiatrist Assoc. Prof. Barış Önen Ünsalver, Assoc. Prof. Hacer Aker, Asst. Prof. Yıldıray Kesgin, New Media Specialist Yücel Ekinci, Master Student Halide Nur Karadeniz, Master Student Miray Şengül, Master Student Imane Abahri, Master Student Fatih Emrah Erdoğan, Master Student Burak Altınok and Master Student Furkan Tarık Aydın.The book brings multidisciplinary perspectives together, hits the shelves!Names who contributed to the book which Prof. Nevzat Tarhan wrote foreword and introduction are as follows:Nevzat Tarhan: “Introduction”Ayşe Şahin: “Toplumsal Cinsiyet Rollerinde Aile Etkisi ve Çocuk” (Effect of Family in Gender Roles and Children)Zeynep Merve Türkoğlu: “Toplumsal Cinsiyet Eşitsizliği Bağlamında Toplumsal Roller” (Social Roles within the context of Gender Inequality)Halide Nur Karadeniz: “Alternatif Medyada Kadın Platformları” (Women’s Platforms on Alternative Media)Yıldıray Kesgin: “Türkiye’de Kadına Yönelik Ayrımcılık Karşıtı Medya Politikaları: T24 Örneği” (Media Policies on Anti-Discrimination against Women in Türkiye: Example of T24)Hacer Aker: “Kadın Kıskançlığı ya da Sindirella” (Jealousy of Women or Cinderella)Barış Önen Ünsalver: “Medyada İntihar Haberlerinin Veriliş Biçimi ve Kopya İntiharlar” (The presentation of News on Suicide on Media and Copy Suicides)Aylin Tutgun Ünal: “Cinsiyet Eşitliği Çalışmalarında Toplumsal Cinsiyet Eşitliği Eylem Planları: Üsküdar Üniversitesi Örneği” (Gender Inequality Action Plan in Studies on Sex Inequality: A Case of Üsküdar University)Yücel Ekinci: “Sağlık Alanında Toplumsal Cinsiyet Görünümleri: Sağlık Okuryazarlığı ve Siberkondri İlişkisinde Kadın ve Erkek Farklılıkları” (Gender Perspective in Health Areas: Health Literacy and Differences between Women and Men in the Cyberchondria Relation)Miray Şengül: “Yeni Medya Platformlarında Kadınların Güzellik Algısı” (Perception of Women’s Beauty in New Media Platform)İlayda Tüter: “Sosyal Medyada Beden Algısı ve Kilo Utandırması: Bedenin Dijital İnşası” (Body Perception on Social media and Fat Shaming: Digital Construction of Body)Imane Abahri: “Animasyon ve Çizgi Filmlerde Toplumsal Cinsiyet Rolü Tasviri” (Description of Gender Roles in Animations and Cartoons)Fatih Emrah Erdoğan: “Medyada Kadın: Haber Gündemi mi, Gündem Haber mi?” (Women on Media: Agenda of the News or the Agenda News?)Burak Altınok: “Spor ve Spor Medyasında Kadın” (Sports and Women on Sports Media)Furkan Tarık Aydın: “Kadın ve Siyaset” (Women and Politics)Please click here to access the book.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

11 Nov 2022

Awarded Communications met with Prof. Nevzat Tarhan!

In the meeting held in Üsküdar University Senate hall, those who participated are as follows: Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication Dean Prof. Nazife Güngör, Head of the Radio, Television and Cinema Department Assoc. Prof. Esennur Sirer, Asst. Prof. Hale Yaylalı, Asst. Prof. Nihal Toros, Head of the Audiology Department within Faculty of Health Sciences Asst. Prof. Didem Şahin Ceylan, Üsküdar University Secretary General Selçuk Uysaler and Head of Department of Corporate Communication Tahsin Aksu and Event Manager Rasim Dağhan Işık.Prof. Nevzat Tarhan: “Positive feelings helps immune system”President of Üsküdar University Nevzat Tarhan expressed that the biggest obstacle is the psychological obstacle. Prof. Tarhan said: “These works created a great empathy in students. Taking stories from their families, making them heard and carrying out that within a project give them feeling of success. It also has a positive impact of children. This feeling of ‘I won, I succeed.’ is a positive feeling. Positive feelings help and boost immune system. Succeeding a positive goal also reduce their stress. When we approach with exaggerated reactions to those having a certain obstacle, we lose them. You cannot communicate with them. That’s why we say do not interfere with disablement, privacy and their sacred values. It is their privacy. If everybody asks about their disablement every time, it means they heard it thousand times before. The biggest obstacle is a psychological obstacle. What restrains them is the psychological obstacle. Every individual has a different life story to involve in social life. All of them is a story of success.”.“All sciences are part of a whole.”Emphasizing that a holistic approach in science is important, Prof. Nevzat Tarhan said: “Engineering, neuroscience, behavioral sciences, communication… All are common stands to reach a common goal. Sciences used to be accepted individually; however, sciences are accepted as holistic, that is, sciences are not different republics within themselves but there is a general integrity. They are part of a whole. This holistic approach in science has been for about 20 years.”Prof.  Nazife Güngör: “We rank first among foundation universities”Dean of the Communication Faculty within Üsküdar University Prof. Nazife Güngör made remarks on the importance of supports by lecturers and students’ motivation. Prof. Güngör said: “Nowadays, we always rank first in awards among foundation universities. This year, there are world-wide well-known names among participants of our 10th Communication Days event.  Four very esteemed scientists two of whom are from the USA and two of whom are from Europe. Therefore, it is also excellent with this regard. Support of our professors and motivation of our students are greatly important. Now, we are really number one among foundation universities with this kind of risings. This year’s Radio, Television and Cinema students are also excellent. There is a great motivation there.”.Asst. Prof. Nihal Toros Ntapiapis: “We really like life stories”Üsküdar University, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Advertising Asst. Prof. Nihal Toros Ntapiapis expressed that they cooperated with another department for the first time. Ntapiapis said: “We really like life stories. This year we narrated life stories of hearing-impaired individuals. We consultant with doctors who perform cochlear implant operations, we met with lawyers to learn what are their legal rights and then we carried out a project like this. Our project is now awarded with second place from TRT; however, we are waiting the results from Türkiye Journalists’ Association Aydın Doğan Foundation. It will be announced in March, next year.”.Asst. Prof. Didem Şahin Ceylan: “By working with their full effort, they made us proud”Üsküdar University Faculty of Health Sciences Head of the Audiology Department Asst. Prof. Didem Şahin Ceylan thanked students. Ceylan said: “I have been carrying out works to create a joint Project with the Faculty of Communication since I have started to work in Üsküdar University.  We had already a friendship with our esteemed instructor Nihal. It was a pleasure to carry out this Project together. Our students worked with their full effort and they made us proud.”.Asst. Prof. Üyesi Hale Yaylalı: “Bölüm olarak çok verimli bir dönem geçirdik”Üsküdar Üniversitesi İletişim Fakültesi Radyo Televizyon ve Sinema Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Hale Yaylalı, yarışma sonuçlarının öğrenciler için çok büyük bir motivasyon kaynağı olduğuna dikkat çekti. Yaylalı; “Korona sonrasında bölüm olarak çok verimli bir dönem geçirdiğimizi düşünüyorum. Geçen sene gayet enerjik bir yıl ve hem dijital hem sesli hem görüntülü içerik üretiminde öğrencilerimiz gerçekten çok güzel işler başardı. Yüzlerce projenin katıldığı bir yarışmada ilk önce ilk ona kaldıklarında çok çok heyecanlandık. Çok mutluyuz. Bunun bir kartopu gibi büyüyeceğini düşünüyoruz. Hem bizim için büyük bir motivasyon hem de öğrencilerimiz için gerçekten güzel bir motivasyon oldu. Başarıları kat ve kat arttıracağımızı düşünüyoruz.” şeklinde konuştu.Assoc. Prof. Esennur Sirer:” It became a great motivation to meet you”Üsküdar University, Faculty of Communication, Head of the Radio, Television and Cinema Assoc. Prof. Esennur Sirer made remarks on works and graduation projects. Sirer said: “It became a great motivation to meet you.  We evaluate our graduation projects for a week in both February and June this year as we did in previous years. As each of professors within our department, we start preseason training for a week with all of our students.”.Üsküdar won first place in the Podcast Category and second place in the Web Site categoryÜsküdar University Faculty of Communication, Department of Radio, Television and Cinema students Salih Doğan and Eylül Oruç represented Üsküdar university in the Podcast subcategory of the Digital Broadcasting under the consultancy of Asst. Prof. Hale Yaylalı. Faculty of Communication, Department of Public Relation student Zeynep Şahin and Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Audiology students Gizem Altın and Hayrunnia Arıcı represented Üsküdar University in the Website subcategory of the Digital Broadcasting under the consultancy of Asst. Prof. Nihal Toros Ntapiapis and Asst. Prof. Didem Şahin Ceylan.Visit ended with a photo shoot with Faculty of Communication academicians and Communication students who were awarded.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

08 Sept 2022

Joy of 9th Graduation in Üsküdar!

“Learning only technical skills leads to do wrong things”Enthusiasm and excitement were experienced at the same time during the 9th Graduation Ceremony held in the Ataşehir Ülker Sports and Event Hall.  Vice Rector and Graduation Organization Coordinator Prof. Sevil Atasoy and Vice Rector Prof. Hikmet Koçak were among academicians who participated in the ceremony where Üsküdar University Head of Board of Trustee and Member of TARHAN – IDER Foundation Management Council Fırat Tarhan also attended.Üsküdar University President and President of Supreme Council of Management Prof. Nevzat Tarhan gave some advices to our new graduates in his opening speech.Stating that we are gathering in this first graduation ceremony of Üsküdar family after the pandemic, Prof. Nevzat Tarhan said “I would like to call those who were students during the pandemic as veterans. They went to university under difficult conditions. Sometimes they have been to the university and sometimes they have taken online course and they have followed lessons online. During the pandemic, we gave a very rapid reaction to it as university. Without doing any video lessons, our professors showed great example of sacrifice. We continue lessons online as live and we tried to continue education without decreasing the quality of education. Thankfully, process about the pandemic is going in a controlled way. We are almost in the stage of being able to hold a grand meeting on this matter.  That’s why I would like to say to all of us and humanity that we have recovered from this process.”.Prof. Nevzat Tarhan indicated that university education is just like a marathon and said “This graduation ceremony is one of the most important milestones for our young fellows. Now being student is over. Being student have an aspect of leisure time and the aspect of responsibility is seen less. After graduation, this leisure time will be limited little bit and responsibilities will be more occurred. That’s why, I would like to welcome our new graduates to the reality of life because the dynamics after graduation is not the same as the dynamics before the graduation.  Those who can adapt to this, those who are successful at school, can be successful at life; they can be successful at their professions, and they can be successful at their family life. “.Prof. Nevzat Tarhan stated that our aims as a university are not to teach only technical and academic skills but also to tech life skills at the same time and he continued “By teaching you social skill and emotional skills, we developed a strategy that you can be graduates who will be happy and successful in life and who will do good things. We put an effort to apply this strategy and there are skills of the 21st Century within this strategy. There are skills of innovation and entrepreneurship. Just I have said it shortly before, there are life skills. We established these life skills by creating a course named Positive Psychology in 2013 during the first years of university. Later, Harvard University started this course in 2015. Later, Yale University began to teach it in 2018. Now, this course is given in secondary schools and high schools in developed countries. Mindfulness is thought as a course not only in universities but also in those schools.”.Emphasizing the importance of life skills Prof. Nevzat Tarhan said “If we do not teach life skills, young people who learned only technical skills do wrong things. When we examine the content of these courses on life skills, what does it teach? It teaches to know yourself, empathy, forgiveness, helping and sharing.”.Prof. Nevzat Tarhan continued with his words and said “These are already the reality of our Anatolian wisdom. We tried to present this within a scientific methodology and we presented a positive psychology course. We contributed greatly to the literature on this matter and we achieved first results of this in the academy. We experienced an interesting event. Within that program, there are 17 labels. Üsküdar University was deemed worthy 2 labels of those 17 labels. That’s why 2021-2022 brought good luck to us.”.Stating that one of the labels is Quality Education, Prof. Nevzat Tarhan said that “We proved that we provide a world-class education.  In last years, Time Higher Education (THE) that is an organization using standards of United Nations, officially gave us this label within the international standards in last April.  The other label is Good Health and Well Being.  The main reason that we earn this label is that we teach life skills to the youth since the first grade. We obtained this label when we documented this. This is not an easy label to get.”.Prof. Nevzat Tarhan said that being able to foresee the state of the world on certain topics contributed a lot to this by being proactive and also stated that Üsküdar University ranked on top 500 foundation universities among world universities. Tarhan continued his words by saying:“This year we experienced another surprise. There is an organization for institution and university ranking called SCIMAGO. It is other than THE organization. SCIMAGO also ranks world universities within the research index of Scopus database. In ranking of world universities, there are four foundation universities in Türkiye within top 500 universities. We are one of that four universities. We are a university that has a high research index score and is among top 500 universities in the world.  We ranked among top 500 universities by an international ranking organization among 5 research indexes in the world. Even our ranking is 398, you can find it on our website.”Moreover, Prof. Nevzat Tarhan also informed about another good news from UNESCO and said “There is a UNESCO TWAS program.  UNESCO determined excellence centers. The UNESCO Representative visited our university. They announced us as an excellence center for neuroscience field and they published it.  We are the only university with an excellence center in Türkiye.  It is defined by UNESCO TWAS and they decided to send us students for postdoc education, that is, post doctorate education in the field of neuroscience.”Prof. Nevzat Tarhan said that we received another good news from Ministry of Industry and Technology and he continued “Our esteemed Minister Mustafa Varank announced it. They published a list of universities with patent applications in Türkiye.  We ranked second with 12 patents among foundation universities this year.  We ranked second in patent applications among 200 universities, foundation universities in Türkiye. Here, I would like to thank to our academicians and those who applied to patents and here there is a technology transfer office and incubator center that we founded. As you know it is before the Technopark. There one coordinator who is responsible for patents in our incubator center. There is one coordinator who is responsible for projects. We have responsible departments for subject on R&D. This is one of the first results that is yielded from establish a technology transfer office in according to standards by TUBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye). This incubator center is carried out by our technology transfer office and labors of our academicians.  That is, it is not possible to achieve these results if our academicians do not look after it. Here, I thank to all our academicians who raised our students on behalf of them. Their labor is very important. Moreover, I would like to express my gratitude to all esteemed and honorable mothers, fathers and seniors who trust their children to us and support them constantly.  Thank you and may you live long!”.Stating that as university, they gave about 30 thousand students and now they have 23 thousand students within the university, Prof. Nevzat Tarhan said that “There are 6 faculties, 1 vocational school and 5 institutes. We have over 600 academic staff, 39 undergraduate program, 59 associate degree programs, 46 postgraduation programs, 14 doctorate programs and 86 laboratories. We have officially recognized application partner NPISTANBUL Hospital which is the second neuroscience hospital in the Europe and the first one in Türkiye. This hospital continues its services intensely in the international area. Now, it is in service of our students as a hospital that carried out with international patients occupying one-third of capacity.  Both interns and fourth grade students of Faculty of Medicine will have internship here and then they will be interns.”.Emphasizing that as a university, they aim to be not in the world standards but to be above the world standards Prof. Nevzat Tarhan said that “World standards is a small goal for us. The big goal is to be above the world standards. Therefore, I would like to tell an example to our students since our goals are big. In 1960s, American President Kennedy, visits NASA. He see a cleaning personnel there. He has the broom in his hands and he jokingly asked him ‘What are you doing?’. Can you believe the vision of the cleaning personnel? He says ‘I help in preparation of spaceships to be sent to the space.’  Vision. When Architecture Sinan was building Süleymaniye Mosque, he visits 1 or 2 workers there. He asks about that they are doing. One of them says ‘I work for a daily wage.’ And the other worker says ‘I am building the biggest sanctuary of the world.’ Both of them are doing the same job but the vision is really important here.”.Stressing the importance of having a vision, Prof. Nevzat Tarhan said “My young fellows, let your vision to be bigger than yours. Let your vision to be bigger than Türkiye. Let your Vision to be bigger than universe.  In that way, only you can make the right decisions and go forward in the right way.  This is one of the most matters that we give importance the most and it is the matter that we aim to reach with positive psychology course…  Yale University made this course open to public with the title of goodness science and 3.5 million people registered to this course in a short time and New York Times published a news about this.  Why? Because people need goodness science. That’s what the world leads to right now.  These knowledges are produced by our Anatolian culture. It is the culture of east. This is our social capital. We need to enrich our social capital. The capitalist system that focused on mainly financial capital now crashed against the wall and now it is working on social capital, working more on the psychological capital.”.Indicating that it is understood that a human being is a psychological creature, Prof. Nevzat Tarhan said that “All economists were desiring a Homo Economicus in the 2000s. Daniel Kahneman who is economist psychologist, received the 2002 Nobel prize. His thesis was on psychological factors in buying behavior. After that, it is understood that a person is not Homo Economicus but is a Homo Psychologicus. A human being is a psychological creature. When investing, they do not invest for money, they invest in things they love, they do it for appreciation, for trust. That’s why, we need to improve ourselves in this field.  To summarize, I would like to say that to our young fellows, you should have ego ideals and goals when you realizing your ideals.”.Prof. Nevzat Tarhan also warned young graduates and said “I would like to warn them on one matter. Believe me that social media is a very dangerous and troubled place. If you make one mistake, your relatives will forget it but social media does not. When you do a mistake, your loved ones will forgive it but social media does not. That’s why, I resemble the social media with a backslider. It is not possible to know their intentions truly. It has proven by experience. I wish success to you all.” Prof. Nevzat Tarhan chatted with a graduateGamze Önder who graduated from Üsküdar University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Social Work chatted with Prof. Nevzat Tarhan Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan chatted for a while. Tarhan congratulated and wished success to Gamze Önder who received her diploma by joining the ceremony with a wheelchair.Students ranking the highest were presented with plaques and they received their giftsIn the ceremony, students ranking the highest were presented with plaques and they received their gifts.  Graduates who ranked in top 3 in under graduation programs are as follows: Huriye Sude Ceşen, Rabia Duman, Sıla Kulaç, Seba Alturkmanı and Mohammad Al-Hammad. Their plaques and gifts were presented by Üsküdar University President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan, Deputy Rector of Üsküdar University Prof. Mehmet Zelka, Üskükdar University Chairman of Board of Trustees Furkan tarhan and Tarhan Foundation Board of Management Member Fırat Tarhan.Graduates who ranked in top 3 in associate degree programs are as follows: Ebru Güneş, Ülkü Dilli and Sinemiz Kaçar. Their plaques and gifts were presented by Vice Rector and Graduation Organization Coordinator Prof. Sevil Atasoy, Vice Rector Prof. Hikmet Koçak and Rector Advisor, 22nd, 23rd, 24th Deputy Halide İncekara.He presented diploma to his daughterHappy memories were experienced during the ceremony. Üsküdar University Department of Industry Engineering Asst. Prof. Hasan Çiçek presented diploma to his daughter Cansu Çiçek who graduated from Clinical Psychology Post Graduation Program.Dr. Osman Coşkun became a part of joy of her daughter’s graduationThe Presidency of Republic of Türkiye, Council of Science, Technology and Innovation member Dr. Osman Coşkun also became a part of the joy of his daughter’s graduation. Neva Coşkun who graduated from Üsküdar University, Department of Psychology, received her diploma by her father Dr. Osman Coşkun.Our successful sport teams were presented their plaquesIn the ceremony, the sports teams of Üsküdar University, which achieved significant success in their branches, were also presented with plaques. University President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan, Deputy Rector Prof. Mehmet Zelka, Üsküdar University Chairman of the Board of Trustees Furkan Tarhan and Tarhan Foundation Board of Trustees Member Fırat Tarhan presented plaques to teams of football, futsal, female and male basketball, female volleyball and korfball.At the ceremony where the graduates were invited to the stage in order to receive their diplomas, some graduates received their diplomas with their babies and children.Graduation oath was recited and caps were thrownÜsküdar University, Faculty of Medicine Dean Prof. Haydar Sur made graduates recite the graduation oath. Later, graduates threw their caps. The ceremony where exciting and joyful moments were experienced ended with a DJ performance.  Graduation ceremony was broadcasted live on ÜU TB and Üsküdar University YouTube channel.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

24 May 2022

Turkey's Most Equipped Animation Laboratory Opened

Prof Dr Muhsin Konuk: “Ranked 4th among foundation universities” Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Muhsin Konuk who mentioned that Uskudar Universityis now a brand said: “Mrs. Nazife from the Faculty of Communication constantly sends e-mails about this success of our students. The Faculty of Communication has led us to so much success that we have become curious if such a success e-mail does not come anymore. Indeed, our university is now a brand and according to an index published the day before; In the research index in Turkey, it was ranked 4th among foundation universities.We have been here since the first day we were set up in a 10-year process. Thanks to the professor, it is difficult to catch up with our teacher's vision and to follow him. Indeed, I would like to thank Mr. Muhsin as the Vice Rector responsible for the research and development of the university for the contributions of our university to research, development, laboratories, innovations, and modern equipment.

12 Jan 2022

A Success story from a pastry shop to a lead role…

- First of all, thank you very much for accepting our interview. First of all, can we get to know you very briefly?Hello, I'm Zehra Güneş. I am a 24-year-old, Cancer woman, cinema lover, workaholic, dreamer, pursuing her goal with various strategies. By the end of our conversation you will understand what I mean.- You describe yourself as a cinema lover and a workaholic. How long have you been feeling this way?Since the day I worked for 5 TL for a half day and 10 TL for full time at a phyllo baker when I was 12-14 years old; I have been a cinema lover since I worked as an extra for 12-16 hours in 2014, after my friend Zeyna contacted me on my mother's phone and said "Zehra, do you want to be an actress?". Of course, at that time, I was trying to convince everyone (at home) and stuff...- What exactly does working mean to you?Since love my job, cinema and work are always my main themes, whether I go on vacation or just to distract myself with my friends. It may look boring from the outside, but it doesn't seem that way to me, maybe it's because I'm used to it as well, I don't know. Every part of my job is full of effort. I always say and I say it again, those working in the cinema and film industry really deserve every penny of what they earn. Like pieces of a puzzle. Teamwork and a lot of effort. As a result of this, producing a successful “thing” means that 12 hours of fatigue disappears at that moment. I experienced this deeply while shooting "Mevlana's life". We shot a series in the most difficult conditions of my life in the cold of -27 degrees. As a team, we watched as much as a teaser as we shot during the lunch break. Neither cold, nor fatigue, nor nervousness, nor stress… I could work for 10 more hours. It's psychopathic, right? Maybe, yes a little bit. You're right, psychopath! I can't help but say this. When you get out of a project that you are tired of, people want to take a vacation. So, normal people. But my vacation record is 2 days. Then immediately depression comes. Just I get a job, and I come to my senses again.- Life is not always about winning, but mostly about losing… What is your motivation in such situations?Oh… This is a very, very touching question because I lost more than I won. In terms of business I mean, not to cause a misunderstanding… Anyway. Since I'm a Cancer, I often, even always, approach things emotionally. I have a lot of emotional ups and downs because I approach it like this. The only problem here is not that you didn't get approved for an audition. The main problem is that you constantly feel obliged to explain to your family and people. You convinced yourself of a hope. It is not enough. Let one your circle, you need to convince your family too. I shoot at least 5 trial films at least 4 times a week with my illuminated tripod. Constantly memorize, arrange the light, set the environment… The house is already crowded. Now, you are starting to be made fun of at home. This is very disturbing. You know you will find the right character at the right time, but you always get discouraged for one reason or another. I'm sorry, I was distracted from the question… My motivation is literally like this; I let myself go on the first day when I'm falling. I'm sad, if I'm full of emotions, I cry. Then I take a look around me, who entered the industry at the same time as me, but whose acting was a disgrace. Then I ask myself how can I not show myself if they are doing this. I take more test shots and try to control my facial expressions on the camera. I send the plays, I produce channels for myself to receive news all the time. I increase my chances of being approved. I produce even when I lose.- There are milestones in people's lives, have you had such a milestone or milestones?Yes, it's been a lot. Generally, my milestones are a result of a fight. It stems from my authoritarian attitude due to the fact that I cannot stand unfairness. Let me tell you an incident that was most influential and carried me forward in my acting career. I was working as a team leader, who shall remain nameless, in a TV series when I was 16-17 years old. The assistant director on the set said “You are a sheep” to the supporting actors I directed to the set. “Stay like a sheep on stage” that person repeated this 3-5 times. And now I had to do something, but as a child, I was afraid. At the end, I couldn't stand it and the word "Pardon" came out of my mouth. I had to say more. They were walking towards me in the middle of the set. They also called me a sheep. I reacted a little harshly to them too, but they deserved it. Then I left the set crying. They had seen a casting director, and that day I filmed my first professional audition. I also saw that people gave up their honor for 40 TL that day. The friends I defended didn't come with me. Anyway, I would do it again.- You state that you want to be both a good actor and a good screenwriter. Can both be possible at once?There are many successful examples of this. The director is also a screenwriter and actor. Nothing is impossible, nothing. Just let the universe be convinced that you strive and believe!- “Even though I am a great actress, writer, director, you say that I have a long way to go.” You believe in the importance of education. What training did you receive and what are your goals in this context?In the kitchen of work, I would become a slave to the training given in practice. They are all so valuable. Unfortunately, I have always been very sad and critical about education in our country. I tried to take all the training I could in terms of communication. In terms of career;I studied theater and script at the Medya Art Center.I received Diction training from our teacher Ayşe Olcay at Üsküdar University. (Incredible education.)I received advanced acting training from my director Ayhan Özen.Aside from the horse sword fighting trainings on my player card, the fact that I have the things I mentioned is enough to show me as a professional actress candidate.- We would like to hear about your Üsküdar University adventure. How did you choose this place, how did you spend the school term?I was unaware of Üsküdar University. My father found it, frankly, because it is close to the subway and close to our house. The part I wanted had both. Advertising and cinema department. That's why, I registered. I only know my situation at university and our teacher Can Diker. When I think about it now, I say wow. I did advertisement design as a major. Then I wanted a difference. I also did a Double Major in Cinema, I'm glad I did! I stopped working at a desk and started shooting short scripts that I wrote at every opportunity or that we wrote as a team. Meanwhile, I found myself in the room of our teacher Can Diker at every opportunity. Our teacher didn't like anything so easily either. I kept waiting for him to bring new current scenarios and so he can say bravo. I don't remember, maybe he said sometime. It is not possible for me not to do justice to my university. I loved my lecturers/professors very much, now we became like colleagues after a while. And I was borrowing as much equipment as I wanted, whenever I wanted, and shooting movies whenever I could. I brought an award to my school in the field of research, but I could not bring it to the film. This is an unfulfilled desire for me. I couldn't shoot a movie, but I take part in projects as an actress, which gives me some relief. Hopefully, to many more projects…- In an interview, you say "cinema is my destiny". How is it possible for people to internalize their fields in this way?While preparing for the university exam, I thought of taking a break from the industry or even quitting. Not long after, I found myself again on the edge of the sector. Then in the industry; I found myself on the set, next to the screenwriters, writers and producers, on the filming of the video clip, on the promotional film of my department at the university. I realized that cinema is my destiny. This time I didn't think of quitting unless the cinema left me. Does a person ever leave the one they love?- Projects you took part in, and lastly, you took part in the Presidential Teacher's Day video. Would you like to share about these projects?In summary;I made a 10-episode commercial deal with E-bebek.Çetmilli KaraAli (August 30 film shot at the Governor's Office) – Directed by Mesut Gengeçİzmir’in İşagali (The Occupation of Izmir) – Directed by Mesut GengeçAşkın Ömrü (Love Life) movieFedakar İmaj film - Directed by Bünyamin YaşarEspecially the place of Fedakar İmaj film, the last project I took part in, is very different for me. We had worked behind the camera with the technical team before and it was a surprise to everyone to go there as the lead role that day. It surprised me too. It was a very nice experience for me. And, celebrating the day of my teachers, who I value and contributed, with the project I took part in, gave me a different happiness. I thank first to Hakan Yıldız and then to Bünyamin Yaşar and Seyit Giden, who directed our wonderful film.- What can you recommend to your friends who have a career plan in your field, which you follow?Conditions have changed, I have changed, a lot has changed, but my thoughts behind these sentences have never changed. Look and please pay attention to that.I realize that most of the ideas that you think and believe are different have already been done. I don't know how many times you have participated in competitions; but more mediocre projects than yours were ranked. Don't let it go! Do not stop producing, drawing, writing, scribbling; because I didn't and I never will. Don't let go; because you can be better at the things you are uncomfortable with. If you don't write your own script, you'll have to live with movies you don't like. For the cinema or any sector, do not say “These things cannot be done without network.”.  Spend your time by producing something tangible in practice instead of thinking about them. It really has more of an effect. Don't underestimate any job. I became a walking shadow, an art assistant (porter); But I met people in the sector. I got to know the producer, the director, and I wrote the story of the horror movie "Hannas 2" for a producer I met. I met Mesut Gengeç (Producer/Director) and supported his projects together behind the camera, and I chose my own character in his projects at almost every opportunity. I got to know Hakan Yıldız, the producer of the project I worked on as a costume, and took part as the leading role in the Teachers' Day project, which was taken for the Presidency. Think about the rest. And please take a stand. The industry is already messy and weird. Just be yourself. Nothing is as impossible and far away as you think. You are as close as you want and take action according to your will. It is worth taking that step even only not to give the opportunity to people who don't deserve it.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

12 Mar 2021

ZOOM license to 23 Thousand Üsküdar Students from Üsküdar University!

Üsküdar University, which has created a solid technological infrastructure with significant investments, has implemented the concept of "Phy-gital University" in order to offer its students distance and uninterrupted education opportunities during the pandemic process. With this step, students benefit from both physical and digital education of the university in the most effective way. While Üsküdar University students were able to get online education synchronously (live) by entering the virtual classroom application Perculus via the ALMS program with the distance education courses and applications carried out on many digital platforms, a cooperation now has been made with Zoom. Integration studies for synchronous (live) education by entering Zoom via ALMS and recording and re-watching the lessons are also continuing.Interactive Participation has Become EasierTaking another important step in order for its students to get more efficiency from online courses, the university, together with its academic staff, purchased a total of 23 thousand Zoom licenses for each of its students. After the tests of giving Master's courses via Zoom software on the STIX program, which offers students easier interactive participation, there is no limit of interaction and time. Therefore, classes will now be held using Zoom software via ALMS with the Zoom licenses obtained. In Zoom classes, all students will be able to keep their cameras open without the limit of people. You will be able to participate instantly with the microphone. Thus, it is aimed to increase the learning efficiency and to increase the interaction in the lessons that will be made more interactive.Students will be able to receive a much more qualified education...Academicians and students, who can also benefit from online meetings and conferences via ZOOM, can also share information, documents and homework 24/7 by communicating with each other through the STIX program ( developed by Üsküdar University Information Technologies Directorate. Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

06 Mar 2020

Üsküdar University communication students marked the 30th Young Communicators Competition!

Üsküdar University received various awards at the "30th Young Communicators Competition” organized in collaboration with Aydın Doğan Foundation and Turkey Journalists' Association. Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication students are awarded a total of four awards with one third place, two second places and one first place.486 students participated in the 30th Young Communicators Competition with 537 projects this year. Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication students had a pleasant time at the ceremony held at Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus.First Prize from Women Touching the Sun!Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication students received awards for their projects. Faculty of Communication Advertising Design and Communication students Ece Özipek, Nuriye Serenay Özkan and Büşra Kaplan have been awarded first prize in the project, which was done under the consultancy of Asst. Prof. Nihal Toros Ntapiapıs.Two second prizes to Üsküdar University communicators…Sema Kahriman, one of the students of the Faculty of Communication, won the second prize with her website "" at Internet media site category. Faculty of Communication Head of New Media and Journalism Department Prof. Süleyman İrvan undertook the consultancy of the project. Nilay Tuğçe Bostancı won the second prize in the category of Blog Publishing under the consultancy of Prof. Süleyman İrvan.Third prize to Üsküdar University for social responsibilityFaculty of Communications students Meliha Balaman, Muhammet Şahan Şengül, Elif Sena Demiroğlu and Lütfiye Öztunç won the third prize in Social Responsibility cathegory. The consultancy of the project was conducted by Faculty of Communication, New Media and Journalism. Asst. Prof. Gül Esra Atalay.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

14 Feb 2020

ÜURadio is awarded as the best college radio!

Üsküdar University Radio won the “Best University Award” at the fourth "Stars of Music" award ceremony, which is organized in collaboration with MüzikOnAir and Bahçeşehir University Radio. Üsküdar University Founding Rector Prof. Nevzat Tarhan and ÜU Radio Specialist Emrah Korkunç received the award together.The award ceremony took place at Bahçeşehir University (BAU) Fazıl Say Hall. Ceyhun Yılmaz, the famous radio programmer, hosted the ceremony.Üsküdar University wins best university radio awardÜsküdar University Radio ranked first in the category of the Best University Radio.Emrah Korkunç: “It is necessary to listen to university radios”Üsküdar University Founding Rector Prof. Nevzat Tarhan and ÜU Radio Specialist Emrah Korkunç received the award together. Emrah Korkunç stated that young radio broadcasters become professionals at university radios and that they should listen to university radios more often.Prof. Nevzat Tarhan: “Art is healing for souls”Prof. Nevzat Tarhan emphasized the importance of protecting local values by stating that art is a unifying, integrative universal language. Tarhan said, “Although children do not know how to speak, they can communicate with music and art, but art has another feature; it heals souls. Art is also very important in terms of treatment. Since 2006, we have been using the live music technique in NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital. We cannot be universal without being local. We must mobilize our own values. We can better represent ourselves in the universal flow by reviving our own values.”Üsküdar University Corporate Communication Director Tahsin Aksu, Media PR Unit Manager Şaban Özdemir, Media PR Unit Assistant Meryem Özkan, as well as many artists and art lovers attended the award ceremony, in which the best ones of 2019 were selected in 24 categories.The event ended after the photos were taken.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

05 Feb 2020

Ercan Kesal: “Domestic TV shows are unnecessarily long”

The actor - writer Ercan Kesal, who was once engraved in memory with the role of the headman in his movie “Once upon a time in Anatolia”, and once again impressed millions with his character İdris Koçovalı, met with students of Üsküdar University.Kesal complained about the low reading rates in our country. He said, “The two most important points of writing inspiration and craft can only be achieved by reading a lot. Our youth writes, but it remains at the level of inspiration, it is necessary to read to master it.”Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

05 Feb 2020

Aid from Üsküdar University to Siirt Village Schools

Üsküdar University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Public Relations Fourth grade students implemented an important social responsibility project within the scope of graduation projects. The students helped 2 village schools in Siirt in a campaign called "Give me a Hand, Enlighten a Heart".Aid to 2 village schools…Üsküdar University students provided clothing and stationery supplies within the framework of the needs of the students of Engin Primary School and Şirvan District Soğanlı Primary School from Engin Village of Siirt Baykan District.Counselor Asst. Prof. Nejla Polat and students Ece İnci and Dilber Dural spent time with primary school students by visiting the schools they helped in Siirt.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

05 Feb 2020

Public relations in the digital age were discussed at the 3rd Public Relations Symposium

Üsküdar University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Public Relations held it’s “3rd Public Relations Symposium”. This year's main theme of the symposium, which became a tradition at Üsküdar University, was the subject of “Public Relations in the Digital Age”. Different topics were discussed at the symposium, which brought together experts in their fields.Guests of the 3rd Public Relations Symposium were Youtuber Uras Benlioğlu, Istanbul Kent University Public Relations and Advertising Department Asst. Prof. Duygu Aydın Aslaner, Istanbul University Public Relations and Publicity Department Assoc. Prof. Betül Onay Doğan became Öykü / Dialogue International Agency President Necati Özkan and International Social Media Association Founding Chairman Said Ercan.The event organized in the South Campus Communication Faculty Fuat Sezgin Conference Hall attracted great attention by the participants. Dean of the Faculty of Communication made the opening speech of the symposium, which took place in two separate sessions. Nazife Güngör made it.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

10 Dec 2019

Traditional “Meetings with the President” has started

The “Meetings with the President” event, which has been held since 2013 traditionally and that is organized by Üsküdar University, has started. Students have the opportunity to deliver their wishes, suggestions, needs and expectations to the authorized individuals concerned at Üsküdar University’s traditional event “Meeting with the President”, which is organized as a first in Turkey.Faculty of Communication’s “Meeting with the President” event was heldThe first event, which was held in the Main Campus Nermin Tarhan Conference Hall, was held with the students of the Faculty of Communication. Founding President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan, Deputy President Prof. Mehmet Zelka and Faculty of Communication Dean Prof. Nazife Güngör attended the event.Students showed great interest to the event and expressed their wishes, expectations and suggestions.“Meetings with the President” event at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences was heldAfter the Faculty of Communication event, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences had its own “Meetings with the President” program was held.Üsküdar University Founding President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan, Deputy President Prof. Mehmet Zelka, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Dean Prof. Osman Çerezci answered students’ questions and shred their opinions.“Meeting with the President” events will be held at;Nermin Tarhan Conference Hall with international students on December 13,Medical Faculty students in Ibn-i Sina Conference Hall on December 17,Emirnebi - 1 Conference Hall with students of Faculty of Health Sciences on 18 DecemberEmirnebi - 1 Conference Hall with the students of Vocational School of Health Services on December 18Nermin Tarhan Conference Hall with preparatory students on 25 DecemberNermin Tarhan Conference Hall with the students of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences on 25 December.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

22 Oct 2019

“Women who touch the sun” has aimed to encourage women

“Women who touch the sun” project implemented by the students of Üsküdar University Department of Public Relations, allowed female victims of violence to make their voices heard. The project, which draws attention to the courageous stories of women who resist violence, provides information about the project. Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

10 Oct 2019

2019-2020 academic year orientation programs are concluded

Üsküdar University orientation programs for the students who are enrolled in 2019-2020 academic year are concluded with the participation of academic and administrative staff. The students were informed about all the functioning and activities of the university in the 5-day programs.Orientation days were held at Main Campus Nermin Tarhan Conference Hall and Çarşı Campus Emirnebi Conference Hall. The instructors of Faculties of Medicine, Communication, Humanities and Social Sciences, Engineering and Natural Sciences, Health Sciences, Vocational School of Health Services, Preparatory School and International Office informed the students about every aspect.In the orientation programs; Directors of Corporate Communication, Student Affairs, Information Technologies; Health, Culture and Sports; Library Documentation, Career Center and International Relations introduced their units to students.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

24 July 2019

Department of Cartoon and Animation will accept its first students

Üsküdar University has added a new department. The Department of Cartoon and Animation is opened at Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication. Department of Cartoon and Animation, which will accept students due to their central placement scores, is waiting for its students. The Department of Cartoon and Animation will provide education with its infrastructure equipped with the latest technology.Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication has opened the Department of Cartoon and Animation and therefore added a new one to its existing departments.Animation falls within a very wide rangeÜsküdar University Dean of Communication Faculty Prof. Nazife Güngör made the following comments about the Department of Cartoon and Animation:“In today’s World, animation is used in various fields of media and communication such as fine arts, architecture, medicine, defense, high-tech sectors, entertainment and so on. The Department of Cartoon and Animation, which has the feature of opening important doors in the transportation of communication sciences to the future, aims to transfer the theoretical knowledge in the field of communication by supporting it with practical training and to train qualified professionals and artists in the universities.Equipped designers are aimed to be trainedComputer labs, television studios, production and editing workshops are equipped with the latest technology, provide a suitable environment for advanced education in the field of cartoon and animation. With its qualified academic staff, our department aims to be the best among the its field and aims to train well-equipped designers with superior technical skills.Which courses are included?The syllabus is structured on traditional cartoons, 3D computer animation and cinema courses. From full-length films to short films, commercials and films are used in interactive designs, will be in the field of application of the cartoon. We aim to train graduates who will work in various branches of advertising, cinema, television, multimedia and education sectors at the end of four-year education that consist of cinema language, film, video, animation techniques, are taught. Drawing ability required for animation is a drawing ability where creativity is at the forefront, unlike art disciplines such as painting and sculpture. Observing the environment and visual perception, transferring what you observe to the animation project is much more important than drawing in animation. Students will be able to gain experience in the subjects such as basic drawing and design rules, perspective, concept character drawing which are the basis of animation oriented drawing in the curriculum.What are the job opportunities?Graduates can be employed in the animation industry as Character Designer, Storyboard Artist, Concept Designer, 3D Modeling Artist, Rigging Artist, 3D-2D Animator, Animation Director, Texture and Light Artist, Screenwriter, Visual Effects Artist, Sound Designer and Editing.”Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

22 July 2019

Üsküdar University received great interest at the fair!

University Fair is organized at İstanbul Congress Center in which 105 universities attended. Üsküdar University once again received great interest from prospective students and their families. Üsküdar University academicians, students and consultants provide information on all issues to candidates and parents who will make a choice.Üsküdar University President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan and Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Prof. Deniz Ülke Arıboğan also attended the fair at İstanbul Congress Center. Tarhan and Arıboğan answered the questions from prospective students and their families.“The choice you make, will not be the last choice of your life”Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Prof. Deniz Ülke Arıboğan gave a conference to prospective students within the scope of preference days. Prof. Arıboğan shared stimulating ideas in her conference that is entitled “Making the Right Choice and New Occupations in a Changing World”.Prof. Arıboğan reminded the candidates that they are at a very important point of their lives and also that the choice they make, will not be the last choice of their lives. Therefore, they should stay away from being stressed out.“Professions have to keep up with the new civilization” Arıboğan stated that a new plane of civilization has been formed in the changing world and she added, “The new level of civilization is destroying traditional occupations. Professions have to keep up with the new civilization. There shouldn’t be a doctor or lawyer who does not know about artificial intelligence. The future occupations should be directed in this plane.”“Everyone can be a doctor but not everyone can be a good doctor”Arıboğan emphasized the importance of leading young people to the professions in line with their abilities and she continued as, “All young people should be led to professions that are in line with their abilities. Everyone can be a doctor but not everyone can be a good doctor. Doing a job fondly brings advancement in that profession.”“You can shorten your way with the right choices” Prof. Arıboğan remarked and advised the following in her speech, “Let the students make professions compatible with their abilities. Let them be educated according to their fields. Let the guitarist play guitar, not to be an engineer. Whoever loves sewing should specialize in that. If you don't have any certain ability, you can go further to a point in an area. But you can shorten your way with the right choices”.The program ended after Prof. Arıboğan answered the students' questions.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

08 July 2019

Graduation enthusiasm of Üsküdar University

5,943 students who graduated from associate degree, undergraduate and graduate programs received their diplomas with a magnificent ceremony at the Graduation Ceremony of Üsküdar University's 2018-2019 Academic Year. Üsküdar University President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan, who advised young graduates, said that “We want our students to have dreams for the society and humanity in addition to being successful and happy individuals.” Graduates of Child Development pointed out the problem of “child brides” and Hasan Wasfi Salman Dader, who graduated from computer engineering, had emotional moments when he watched the video of his family and relatives at Gaza, who could not attend the ceremony.5 thousand 943 students who graduated from Üsküdar University's associate degree, undergraduate and graduate programs, received their diplomas at the ceremony held at Ülker Sports and Event Hall in Ataşehir, Istanbul.Üsküdar University President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan stated in his graduation speech that how proud they are that the first graduates were 230 students in 2014 and the number increased exponentially every year as this year it rose up to 5 thousand 943 students.Prof. Nevzat Tarhan: “We are a student-focused university”Prof. Tarhan stated that they work not only for students success but also for them to be good individuals and that they try to keep the quality high and to be a student oriented university. Prof. Tarhan continued as “We have a quality standard of being a student oriented university. We care about this because there is no efficient production where quality is not available. We aim to raise the quality bar even further as a university.”Prof. Nevzat Tarhan: “You cannot change the world unless you change yourselves”Prof. Nevzat Tarhan continued as, “You were a spark when you came to college, now you're a flame.” What does the flame do? It starts to illuminate and heat its surroundings, but it must burn itself before it does so. You cannot change the world unless you change yourselves. If you are going to do something, it is important that you win your first success, your victory against yourself. It is important that you begin to correct the world starting from yourself.”Prof. Nevzat Tarhan: “Solidarity is essential, the struggle is an exception.”Prof. Tarhan said that “life is a struggle” motto is misunderstood. He continued, “There is competition in the sentence that ‘life is struggle’. However, cooperation is essential in life, struggle is an exception. Confidence is essential in human relations; doubt is an exception. Don't lose your relationship capital due to suspicion of insecurity.” Prof. Tarhan shared that unhappiness, loneliness and aimlessness are the main reasons of future anxiety.Advices from Prof. Nevzat Tarhan Prof. Nevzat Tarhan said that the skills of the 21st century are innovation, entrepreneurship and most importantly, teamwork. He advised his students to have ego ideals, to plan for the future, to learn a foreign language, not to be addicted to technology, but to dominate technology. Prof. Tarhan remarked, “Having good intentions, being patriotic and religious does not protect the individual from mistakes. What protects people is accountability. You must not lose your sense of accountability.” Prof. Tarhan said, “In addition to being successful and happy individuals, we want our students to be individuals with dreams for the society they live in and for humanity.”Awards were given to the highest ranking studentsSign language instructor Ahmet Kerem Erkan also accompanied Prof. Nevzat Tarhan as he translated Tarhan’s speech to sign language. The awards were presented to the top three students. Firomsa David Osman, the International Student Representative and Tayfun Gözler, the President of the Alumni Association, each gave a speech at the ceremony. Üsküdar University President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan, Üsküdar University Chairman of the Board of Trustees Furkan Tarhan and İDER Foundation Member of the Board of Trustees Fırat Tarhan gave diplomas to the highest ranking graduates. Vice Presidents, Deans of the Faculties, Director of Vocational School and other academic staff presented diplomas to the graduates.The athletes of football, futsal and basketball teams, who led Üsküdar University to success in the inter-university sports competitions, were also awarded at the ceremony.Presented diplomas to their daughters Üsküdar University Advisor to the President and the AK Party 22, 23 and 24 Term Istanbul Deputy Halide İncekara presented the diploma. To her daughter Ülkü İncekara who graduated from the psychology department. Üsküdar University Asst. Prof. Hasan Çiçek presented the diploma to her daughter who graduated from English Psychology Department. Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Muhammet Güzel Kurtoğlu also presented the diploma to his daughter Fatma Hacer Kurtoğlu who graduated from Molecular Biology and Genetics Department.Mother-daughter graduated together The mother-daughter graduated from the Department of Psychology and they experienced the joy of receiving a diploma together. Filiz Yılmaz and her daughter Zeynep Yılmaz, received great attention at the ceremony.Student got emotional with the video message of his parents from Gaza  Hasan Wasfi Salman Dader, who graduated from the computer engineering department at the ceremony, experienced emotional moments with the video message of his family and relatives from Gaza, who could not attend the ceremony. Dader got emotional by the words of his family, who said how proud they were of him.“Child Brides” attracted attention  The most interesting and remarkable message of the ceremony in which colorful banners were opened was the graduates of Faculty of Health Sciences, Child Development program. It stated “In every 7 minutes a child becomes a ‘bride‘ / In every seven minutes in the world, a child is devastated / In every seven minutes in the world, one more light fades away.”Caps were finally tossedThe graduation ceremony ended with the delivery of the pennant and the reading of the graduation oath. The ceremony, which was quite enthusiastic, ended with the graduation of new graduates. The graduation ceremony was broadcasted live from ÜU TV and Üsküdar University Facebook account. Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

24 June 2019

Üsküdar University will be in jury at TGC Sedat Simavi Awards

Üsküdar University Dean of Faculty of Communication Prof. Nazife Güngör will be among the jury at Turkey Journalists Association Sedat Simavi Awards.Applications period has started to Turkey Journalists' Society (TGC) that was founded 43 years ago by Sedat Simavi.TGC Sedat Simavi Awards are given in 9 categories which are: Journalism, Radio, Television, Cartoon, Literature, Social Sciences, Science, Health Sciences and Sports. Awards Selection Committee members and the number of branches, are determined each year by the Turkey Journalists Association Board of Directors.Prof. Nazife Güngör is a jury member in the radio and television category at the TGC Sedat Simavi Awards.The applications for the TGC Sedat Simavi Awards will end at 17.00 on Monday evening, September 30, 2019.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

21 June 2019

Faculty of Communication Year End Academic Committee Meeting is held

Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication Academic Board Meeting was held at Üsküdar University South Campus with the attendance by Üsküdar University President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan, Vice President Prof. Muhsin Konuk, Secretary General Selçuk Uysaler, Deputy Secretary General Asil Barış Bağ and faculty academic staff. Faculty of Communication discussed what needs to be done to maintain the rising success during the meeting.Üsküdar University President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan attended the meeting of Faculty of Communication Academic Committee Meeting in order to discuss Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication 2018-2019 Academic Year. Dean of the Faculty of Communication Prof. Nazife Güngör gave a speech and thanked everyone who attended the meeting. The activities carried out throughout the year, as well as the objectives for the new educational period were discussed. President Tarhan stated that the successful performance of the Faculty of Communication helped them reach through award-winning student projects and feedback from the sector. He stated that the team spirit and family awareness in the Faculty of Communication are very important.Increasing success rate in theory and practice …The educational activities, scientific meetings and publication activities of the faculty were discussed in detail during the academic committee meeting. It was evaluated that the faculty had a successful year in education with theoretical and practical courses. Faculty publications such as Interaction Magazine and Haber Üsküdar were also discussed during the meeting. Accordingly, it was emphasized that the rate of the scientific studies of the faculty should continue at an accelerated rate.Compliments from media professionals…The evaluations of the media sector regarding the faculty were also discussed during the meeting. President Tarhan emphasized that the media professionals he met during the media programs stated positive comments about Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication, and that they desired to visit the faculty, give lectures and conferences. It has been evaluated that the high student quota and occupancy rates of the faculty have demonstrated this success concretely.The new faculty building increases the success rate…Vice Dean of the Faculty of Communication Faculty Member Can Diker gave information about student satisfaction surveys. Diker said that the satisfaction rate is on a continuous rise and that the role of the strengthening of the academic staff and relocation of the faculty to the new building played a role. Vice Dean of the Faculty of Communication Faculty Member Şaha Özpınar also gave information about the vision meeting held by the University. Department heads gave information about their departments at the meeting. The Department of Cartoon Animation, which will take students for the first time, was introduced to the faculty. Prof. Hasip Pektaş informed that they are making a strong planning on this issue.Awarded Faculty of Communication students and their achievements were also evaluated…The awards and achievements of faculty students in various competitions were also discussed at the academic board meeting. Süleyman İrvan, the Head of the Department of New Media and Journalism, stated that the students put forward important studies in internet journalism and its applications.Head of Radio, Television and Cinema Department Assoc. Prof. İsmail Arda Odabaşı informed the students’ awards on short film awards they received.Head of Media and Communication Department Assoc. Prof. Feride Zeynep Güder gave attention to the rising rate of the department's satisfaction surveys.Head of Advertising Design Department Assoc. Prof. Özgül Dağlı also expressed the satisfaction of the rise of the department satisfaction graph.The external vision of the faculty was also discussed…The external vision of the faculty was also discussed at the meeting. Vice President Prof. Muhsin Konuk thanked the faculty for their contribution to the external perception of the university. In particular, he thanked Assoc. Prof. Feride thanked Zeynep Güder for accepting the international student coordinator position and the faculty coordinator. Prof. Konuk added that they expect much more support from the faculty in the scientific process in the future.English departments are aimed…President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan pointed out that the faculty should open an English department in the future in the meeting of the Academic Committee. He said that the necessary planning should be started.The evaluations were made regarding the university promotion period and strategies were followed during the presentations during the meeting. Prof. Hasip Pektaş and Asst. Prof. Aylin Tutgun Ünal emphasized the need to contribute to the use of social media during the promotion period..The meeting, which was held in the garden of the faculty, was completed with the wishes and suggestions.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

10 May 2019

“3rd New Media Meets the Industry” event was held

Üsküdar University Health, Culture and Sports Directorate and Üsküdar University New Media Club jointly organized the “3rd New Media Meets the Industry” event.The event was held in Fuat Sezgin Conference Hall at South Campus and was moderated by the New Media Club President Sara Güller and TRT Presenter Aynur Ayaz was also a guest.Aynur Ayaz said that she had drawn a road map from her childhood and that she started her studies since elementary school by following that career road map. Ayaz said that she found herself dealing with newspapers, magazines, radio and corporate relations and later on television. She noted that she had been in the television world for about fifteen years.“Journalists should have eyes and ears ahead of digital”Ayaz said; “Social media is threatened because we are at the point where information pollution and copy-paste style have come to the highest level. No research, no more getting ready. It’s like you're looking for fast-food, and not home-made food. Instead of always seeing the same things, listening to the same statements from the same people, reading the writings of different items from different sectors always feeds you and enriches you”.At a time when everything became digital and the signal of danger was ringing, she emphasized that journalists should have eyes and ears ahead of digital.“We need to share the truth with people.”Ayaz stated that the students should keep their dreams wide and should have shooting points in the new media that will guide the world not only the world but also in our country, and that the opportunities of students currently are much more than in the past.Ayaz said: There is a shortage of asking questions in the new media or in the digital field, they are unable to ask questions, bringing two words together, expressing themselves and they lack vocabulary. We are trying to explain ourselves with three words while we have so many Turkish vocabulary. We're in constant consumption. Our digital space is more open to consumption, but we need to produce more on this slippery surface, catch the truth and share them with people.”The event was followed by the question and answer session and ended after Dr. Gül Esra Atalay presented a plaque to Aynur Ayaz.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)          

20 Mar 2019

2019 Golden Axon Leadership Award presented to Prof. Nevzat Tarhan

Üsküdar University Founding President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan received 2019 Golden Axon Leadership Award by Brain Mapping Foundation. Prof. Nevzat Tarhan is the only Turkish individual to receive among the Leadership awards in Los Angeles. Same award was presented to 2018 Nobel Prize Winner American Neuropsychiatrist Eric Kandel.More than 800 scientists from all over the world gathered at the annual World Brain Mapping Congress organized by the US-based Brain Mapping Foundation.Within the scope of the 2019 World Brain Mapping Congress held at the Los Angeles Convention Center; Humanitarian Aid Award, Pioneer in Medicine Award, Pioneer in Technology Development and Golden Axon Leadership Award were presented.Prof. Nevzat Tarhan received Leadership Award 2019 Golden Axon Leadership Awards are presented to Üsküdar University President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan, Dr. Jeff Wang, Harry Kloor, Actor, Director and Producer Sean Stone due to strategic programs, creating awareness about the foundation and its mission through global collaborations and partnerships. Dr. Deepak Chopra is the recipient of the 2019 Humanitarian award for his global humanitarian and philanthropic work. Dr. Katrin Amunts is the recipient of the Pioneer in Medicine award for her role as scientific director of the European Human Brain Project and for developing a 3D atlas of the human brain. California Senator Kamala Harris is the recipient of the Pioneer in Healthcare Policy award for her legislation in support for healthcare and medical research and the Pioneer in Technology Development Award is presented to The French Muscular Dystrophy (AFM) Telethon for their tireless effort in introducing lifesaving drugs, which have saved thousands of lives of patients with muscular dystrophy.                                                                        The awards are presented to individuals who are leaders and pioneersProf. Nevzat Tarhan Is the only Turkish individual to receive the leadership award. Same award was presented to 2018 Nobel Prize Winner American Neuropsychiatrist Eric Kandel.The Brain Mapping Foundation brings together scientists, physicians and engineers from many different disciplines. In addition, the care and treatment of civilians and wounded soldiers with neurological disorders are always at the forefront of the activities. In this context, life-saving multidisciplinary clinical trials are also carried out. This organization gives awards to individuals who are leaders and pioneers in their fields as well as philanthropists each year.Üsküdar University President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan met with Los Angeles Vice-Consul of the Consulate General of Turkey Aylin Şenyüz Eleveld at the 2019 Golden Axon Leadership Awards ceremony.Click below to watch Prof. Nevzat Tarhan's acceptance speech;Click to watch Prof. Nevzat Tarhan's biography prepared for the 2019 Golden Axon Leadership Award ceremony;For more details on 2019 Golden Axon Leadership Awards;Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

18 Feb 2019

TEDx Uskudar University discussed the changing world

Üsküdar University continues to host TEDx, one of the platforms that the most important ideas and discussion are held. This year’s theme of Üsküdar University TEDx was “Changing Human, Changing World”, in which the experts from politics to psychiatry shared their opinions. Political scientist Prof. Deniz Ülke Arıboğan stated that today a brand new wall system is introduced and she continued, “Our topics is no longer the fall of the Berlin Wall but building of Mexican Wall. This is a very important change. It shows that there are serious changes in the political structure and architecture in the world.”Üsküdar University TEDx was held at Main Campus, Nermin Tarhan Conference Hall and well acknowledged academicians were present in attendance.Our topic now is the Mexican wall Üsküdar University, Faculty Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences Prof. Deniz Ülke Arıboğan gave a speech titled “The walls surrounding our world” and pointed out that the canvases among the countries that have greatly influenced international politics, not only world politics but also the lives of people and societies. Prof. Arıboğan mentioned the fact that many things have changed in the world with the fall of the Berlin Wall and she said, “Today we talk about a brand new wall system. We define the new world paradigm, which we once associated with the fall of the Berlin Wall, in a whole new world through the construction of another wall in another world today. Our topic is no longer the fall of the Berlin Wall, but the building of the Mexican Wall. This is a sign of a very important change. It shows that there are serious changes in the political structure and architecture in the world. That optimist approach that started in the late 1980s is not so common in the world. Globalizators, global managers, liberalizers, libertarians have significantly reduced their voices as in today's world we are not talking about our planet that has no borders from human rights to prosperity and has transformed from the world into a global village. On the contrary, we are talking about the national boundaries whose borders are visible from space, fortified with walls higher than 3 meters and surrounded by electric barbed wires.”Immigrants became refugees after the wallsProf. Arıboğan who stated that all walls seen in history have been exceeded, also emphasized that the phenomenon of immigration since ancient times is continuing. Prof. Arıboğan added that all the walls are closed to the people living inside them, and for the people who live outside the wall is the biggest motivation source. She also shared the following:“The main motivation of people staying outside that wall is to overcome that wall. This is a matter of life or death situation, the main dynamic of their lives. Today, there are about 244 million immigrants in the world. We're talking about 65 million refugees and 10 million stateless people. This figure is higher than the outcome of World War II. People are trying to go somewhere. During the world whose borders were weakened, people tried to go from place to place. In the meantime, they did not migrate, but people began to form walls when they started to become refugee. Refugees are people who are concerned about their securities, who have to have shelters in order to save their lives, leave their home and leave their lives behind. There are new motivations for people living behind the walls, while some find shelters somewhere around the world to save their lives. They are in a position to protect their old lives, jobs and status. In fact, this conflict has turned into a very important motivation for the completion of the walls. No matter how liberal, libertarian and humane society is, it slowly begins to believe in the legitimacy of all these and the walled world begins to settle in.”Creative minds turn obstacles into opportunitiesÜsküdar University Institute of Social Sciences Director, NP Feneryolu Medical Center Psychiatrist Assoc. Prof. Gökben Hızlı Sayar gave a presentation titled “Developing creative minds” and gave examples from her husband who is cartoonist and pointed out that people with creative brains actually has an unusual way of thinking. Sayar who described the characteristics of people with unusual thinking style continued as “They get over the obstacles. Usually, when we encounter obstacles, our motivation diminishes but these people turn obstacles to opportunities. They know to look at the problems from different point of views. Their other trait is to have multiple interests. We find examples accordingly in the history. Einstein played violin. Churchill painted. In other words, people with extraordinary thinking style do not work in a single area.”The sources of psychological well-being are meaningful life, hope and gratitudeFaculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Vice Dean Assoc. Prof. Tayfun Doğan gave a speech titled “Sources of psychological well-being”. In his speech, he stated that it is important to make life meaningful as he continued “Meaningful life is something that we put as a result of our efforts. When we think in depth, we see that almost everything we do is done to make our lives meaningful. We want to have children and we want to make careers. We want to establish meaningful relationships. The purpose of all this is to make our lives more meaningful. If we fail to do so, we feel guilty of not living well.” Assoc. Prof. Doğan added that social support, hope and gratitude are also sources of psychological well-being.The relationship with parents in infancy affects the future of the individualÜsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Psychiatrist Prof. Sermin Kesebir held a presentation titled “Psychiatric disorders are also physical diseases: Brain, Mind and Body”. In her speech, she talked about the relationship of diseases such as depression and Bipolar Disorder with metabolic diseases such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes.Üsküdar University Faculty of Health Sciences, Department Head of Child Development Prof. Nurper Ülküer did a presentation titled “A cup of love has lifelong deeds on people. Who drink it in their childhood years”. She drew attention to the effects of healthy relationship and communication of the individuals with their parents in early childhood between 0-3 years of age.Üsküdar University Department of Advertisement Design and Communication Dr. Faculty Member Dinçer Atlı gave a presentation titled “Talent Management”. Üsküdar University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Department of Engineering Dr. Faculty Member Rüştü Murat Demirer held a presentation titled “Will there be revolutions in artificial intelligence and big data paradigms in the future?”. Üsküdar University Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Occupational Health and Safety Dr. Faculty Member Esin Tümer’s presentation called “Istanbul! Every building is called residence & each room is separately smart in them! The mind transformation before the urban one!”. Üsküdar University Department of Psychology Dr. Faculty Member Hüseyin Ünübol did presentation titled “Unhappiness is the capital of happiness”.Science is changing and so we are Üsküdar University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Department of Bioengineering Dr. Faculty Member Kaan Yılancıoğlu gave a presentation titled “Is mankind ready for the new-age without antibiotics? Can we survive?”. Üsküdar University GETIPMER Director Dr. Murat Ulusoy and GETIPMER Scientific Advisory Board Member Psychologist Nalan Eyin conducted their presentation that was entitled “Sexual mind, expanded sexual response and hypnosis”. They said stated that sexual brain should be included in the traditional treatment perspective in sexual therapy and they said “Traditional therapies are mechanical and repetitive. In fact, the repetitive homework returns to automatic behaviors after a while and the automatic behaviors do not allow us to think more, nor encourage us to secrete happiness and pleasure hormones. Science is changing and so we are. Today, the biggest obstacle in science is to ignore the imagination.”The participants took a souvenir photo together at the end of the program, which was coordinated by Üsküdar University Project Development Director, NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Neurologist Assoc. Prof. Barış Metin.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

18 Jan 2019

Üsküdar University’s 2. TEDx Conference!

Üsküdar University continues to host TEDx, which is one of the most important ideas and discussion platforms in the world. In the program that will be conducted on February; Prof. Deniz Ülke Arıboğan, Prof. Sermin Kesebir, Prof. Nurper Ülküer, Assoc. Prof. Gökben Hızla Sayar and many other academicians will present their speeches about the most interesting issues of their fields under the main concept of “Changing Human, Changing Science”. TEDx will be held at Üsküdar University Main Campus Termin Tarhan Conference Hall on 15 February, Friday in order to gather together the academics who are very familiar with the public.Üsküdar University Faculty Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences Prof. Deniz Ülke Arıboğan’s speech is titled “The Walls Surrounding Our World”. NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Psychiatrist Prof. Sermin Kesebir’s speech is titled “Psychiatric Disorders Are Also Physical Diseases: Mind and Body”. Üsküdar University Faculty of Health Sciences, Department Head of Pediatric Development Prof. Nurper Ülküer’s speech will be about “A Cup of Love Has Lifelong Deeds on People, Who Drink it in Their Childhood Years”.Journey to psychological well-formed, creative minds…Üsküdar University Institute Director of Social Sciences Assoc. Prof. Gökben Hızlı Sayar’s speech will be “Developing Creative Minds”. Deputy Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Assoc. Prof. Tayfun Doğan will give speech about “Sources of Psychological Well-Being” and Advertisement Design and Communication Dr. Faculty Member Dinçer Atlı will give a speech on “Talent Management’’.Üsküdar University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Industrial Engineering Dr. Faculty Member Rüştü Murat Demirer will give a speech on “Will There Be Revolutions in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Paradigms in The Future?”. Faculty of Health Sciences, Occupational Health and Safety Dr. Faculty Member Esin Tümer will present his speech on “Istanbul! Every Building is Called Residence & Each Room is Separately Smart in Them! The Mind Transformation Before the Urban One!”. Üsküdar University Department of Psychology Dr. Faculty Member Hüseyin Ünübol’s speech will be on “Unhappiness is the Capital of Happiness”.Üsküdar University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Department of Bioengineering Dr. Faculty Member Kaan Yılancıoğlu’s speech will be on “Is Mankind Ready For The New-Age Without Antibiotics? Can We Survive?”.  TEDx – Üsküdar meeting will be concluded with Üsküdar University GETIPMER Director Dr. Murat Ulusoy and GETIPMER Scientific Advisory Board Member Psychologist Nalan Eyin’s speech on “Sexual Mind, Expanded Sexual Response and Hypnosis’ Why and How Necessary?”. For detailed information:Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

19 Nov 2018

Harvard and Yale’s “Positive Psychology” class is taught at Üsküdar University

Positive Psychology, known as “Science of Happiness” aims to advance personal skills such as empathy, emotional intelligence, dealing with problems. Positive Psychology class that is being taught in Yale and Harvard Universities has been a mandatory class at Üsküdar University since 2012. Positive Psychology, known as “Science of Happiness” aims to advance personal skills such as empathy, emotional intelligence, dealing with problems.Positive Psychology class that is being taught in Yale and Harvard Universities has been a mandatory class at Üsküdar University since 2012.Üsküdar University President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan emphasized that academic tools, professional knowledge, and experience are essential in life success, but human relations and empathy make a great difference.Prof. Nevzat Tarhan stated that as a university they target to train “good human being” and continued, “We provide Project Culture, Communication Skills and Positive Psychology courses to our students as mandatory classes. Harvard University's most preferred course is positive psychology.They announced it as a groundbreaking course on their website. Positive Psychology is also included in the curriculum at Yale University. We as Üsküdar University have been conducting the positive psychology course since 2012.We do not only give importance to academic success. we aim to teach social success, the science of happiness and human values through this way. Harvard and Yale Universities have just started this course.”Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

31 Oct 2018

The Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mr. Binali Yıldırım received an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Üsküdar University

The Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mr. Binali Yıldırım pointed out that the people and institutions are motivated to make reference to the areas they have identified and continued “Üsküdar University is eager to apply a multi-disciplinary approach in diagnosis to treatment within this context to also be performed in neurology, psychiatry, psychology.”Üsküdar University, which is the first thematic University in the field of Behavioral Sciences and Health, held its 2018 - 2019 Academic Year Opening Ceremony with the participation by the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly Mr. Binali Yıldırım. An Honorary Doctorate Degree is presented to the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly Mr. Binali Yıldırım and was gowned by Üsküdar University President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan during the ceremony.  The Speaker of the Grand National Assembly Mr. Binali Yıldırım, the Governor of Istanbul Vasip Şahin, Advisor to the President of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Prof. Erman Tunçer, District Governor of Üsküdar Murat Sefa Demiryürek, District Governor of Kadıköy Dr. Mustafa Özarslan, Head of Provincial Public Health Services Dr. Abdullah Emre Güner, Üsküdar District Health Director Dr. Yusuf Taşçı, Üsküdar University Member of the Board of Overseers Mustafa Ataş, Credit Institution Provincial Director Cemil Bağlama attended the 2018 - 2019 Academic Year Opening Ceremony at Üsküdar University Main Campus Nermin Tarhan Conference Hall.Prof. Tarhan: “We chose neuroscience as our R&D focus” Üsküdar University President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan delivered the opening speech of the ceremony. Prof. Tarhan gave the first lecture on “Changing World and Youth”. During his speech, Prof. Tarhan stated in University’s 7th Academic Year Opening that Üsküdar University has 14 thousand graduates, 5 faculties, 1 vocational school of health sciences and institutes and currently has around 19 thousand students. Prof. Tarhan shared that they are trying to do their best as a foundation University and pointed out that the universities have 4 important functions. He continued, “We want to provide a profession, inform society, make R&D and ensure that information is transformed into products. We give importance to these four principles altogether. We, as a University, chose neuroscience as our R&D focus.”The neuroscience of intention is being researched Prof. Tarhan, who stated that the neurobiology of intention in the world is currently being researched, continued his speech as “The decision-making area of man is also the region of intentions. Whatever you intend to do is what your brain imagines as well. For example, when you think of eating, that part of the brain works as if you are eating. It is a known fact that the intended behaviour is the main behaviour in people's behaviour. This has led us to Positive Psychology and the neurobiology of morals. The brain's mirror neurons work when the person intends. Therefore, an intended behaviour is now a scientific category. This is not only an area of interest for teachers of literature and philologists, but also for the psychology branch. Harvard University currently provides Positive Psychology classes. Prof. Tarhan emphasized that Üsküdar University has made the Positive Psychology class mandatory since 2012. Prof. Tarhan continued his speech “We teach humanitarian values in this class. Positive psychology theory is as if taken from the Mawlana. It is systematized and transformed into a methodology as the scientific reasons are explained but unfortunately, they did not give a reference to Mawlana. This is our shortcoming.”Giving up on critical thinking has stopped the progression of thoughtProf. Nevzat Tarhan addressed the reasons why the Ottoman Empire missed the industrial revolution and said “theology, mathematics, astronomy, and philosophy classes were removed from the madrasas in the 18th century. Ibn Sina, Ibn Rush, Farabi who was considered the second Aristotle, were removed from the syllabus. While Europe initiated the thought school in the Middle Ages, a protective approach was maintained in the madrasas as the thought-based approach was eliminated in the education system. This has stopped the improvement of thought.”Critical thinking should be instructed Prof. Tarhan addressed the importance of teaching critical thinking and continued, “It is crucial to provide religious education and positive sciences together. This is to ensure the advancement of thought. It is vital in this aspect to generate a generation that is capable to criticize and query.”Value-based education is importantProf. Tarhan said that the issue of artificial intelligence is a significant topic that is spoken around the world, and now there is a civilization crisis in both the West and the East. There is an evolving youth out there. Value-based education is important. It is also important to be able to teach charity, forgiveness, being a good person. This is how we can win over the new generation youth.”We should respond to the youth’s psychological needs Prof. Nevzat Tarhan expressed that there are 3 fragile points of today’s youth and continued, “The younger generation has a high expectation of justice. They hate the peremptory approach and have high expectations of freedom. If we do not respond to these expectations and psychological needs of the youth, it will be very difficult to communicate with them. Sultan Abdülhamid was a very good leader and sovereign. He did a great deal of work until a strong military structure was formed, but in doing so, he played into the other’s hands. A dialogue was not made between the youth. Therefore, the youth he trained, turned against him. For this reason, we need to be able to re-establish an emotional connection with youth.Prof. Deniz Ülke Arıboğan read the Honorary Doctorate Degree justification The Honorary Doctorate Degree Ceremony started after the Dean of Üsküdar University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Advisor to the President Prof. Deniz Ülke Arıboğan read the Honorary Doctorate Degree justification. It was stated in the justification that “Üsküdar University Senate cordially and unanimously decided to grant Mr. Binali Yıldırım the title of “Honorary Doctorate Degree” due to his significant contributions to the Turkish politics, our democracy and the Turkish public with his unifying personality and moral standing through obtaining a concept of social responsibility and conducting infrastructure studies.”Honorary Doctorate Degree presented to the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly Mr. Binali Yıldırım Honorary Doctorate Degree was presented to the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly Mr. Binali Yıldırım and Üsküdar University President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan gowned Mr. Yıldırım. Mr. Yıldırım delivered a speech in the ceremony in which Üsküdar University’s The Feeler was also presented.Mr. Binali Yıldırım: “These young people are becoming a hope for our future”Mr. Binali Yıldırım stated that there have been more than 19 thousand graduates at Üsküdar University with 4 faculties, 5 institutes and 1 vocational school and which has the roots back to 1999, the founding of NP Group. Mr. Yıldırım said, “These young people are becoming a hope for our future due to the formation education they receive. Because Üsküdar University is a University that brings together good, beautiful and true social sciences with positive sciences seeking realities. Our friends have told me that Üsküdar University is Turkey's first behavioural and health thematic University.”  Üsküdar University tries to apply a multidisciplinary approach starting from treatment to diagnosis in TurkeyMr. Yıldırım shared that it is not possible to be good at every field in the current age and he continued as, “I can do any kind of job” era is now history:“People and institutions are now moving towards making reference to the areas they identify themselves with. Üsküdar University is eager to apply a multi-disciplinary approach in diagnosis to treatment within this context to also be performed in neurology, psychiatry, psychology. Therefore, I can also say that this is a University that has differs itself from other universities. It is a fact that it is trying to actualize the health sciences from the classical field to a computer-based education system. I can say that this qualification of the university addresses our young people who are interested in psychology and behavioural health sciences. The word university combines universe and city, which the gateway to reach universal from local. It is tried to reach a new synthesis with different beliefs, thoughts and interpretations by using the accumulation of humanity as a whole. At this point, it is very important not to be ideological and dogmatic. It is obvious that there is a need for universities in order to produce knowledge systematically, teach academic thought and obtain the power of analysis. We need universities in order to mature democracy through seeing differences as a richness and developing a culture of communication and consultation. In this sense, universities that produce knowledge and value in the fields such as health, engineering and social sciences contribute greatly to humanity.”Mr. Yıldırım thanked President Tarhan  The Speaker of the Grand National Assembly Mr. Binali Yıldırım said “I have seen and witnessed today that Üsküdar University, which expresses its principles as open to criticism, libertarian, pluralist and participant, offers you tremendous opportunities. I would like to thank once again everyone who has contributed starting with Prof. Nevzat Tarhan who put forward the idea of a university.”He appreciated the social responsibility projects Mr. Yıldırım also stated that he learned that Üsküdar University is not only engaged in academic education but also social responsibility projects. He said, “I appreciate the fact that you are extending your hand to our young children who need to be sheltered with the help of civil society organizations such as Hold My Hand, Happy Family Happy Life Organizations. This is the way to integrate with society and move from theory to practice. I also congratulate you on being actively involved in solving social problems.”These are your golden years, make the best of it Mr. Yıldırım advised, “Dear youngsters, without a doubt, you are our security and power in regards to protect Turkey's future and look to the future with hope. You absolutely need to learn a language while at the university. Learn to write, speak and every aspect of a language. These are your golden years. If you do not learn a language at these years, it becomes harder afterwards. When I was 45 years old. I left my family with children back home and went abroad for two years to learn a language. I also did a master’s degree. This is what we need. Whatever your occupation may be, you have to learn a language to open up to the rest of the world and know what is happening globally. Learn at least one language, whichever that will be.”Mr. Yıldırım: “Never give up on learning”Mr. Yıldırım, the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly said that there is no age limit in learning and continued as, “As soon as you give up on learning, you start to age. It does not matter if you are 60 years old or 20 years old, learning keeps people young. Therefore, we will read and learn more. Learning smooths ruffled feathers of people. It completely eliminates the combative identity. Learning brings everything to the point in which mutual understanding is accomplished.Prof. Sevil Atasoy presented the gowns Academic Upgrade Gowning was also actualized in the ceremony. New faculty members, associate professorships and professors were given their new gowns in the ceremony.Üsküdar University Vice President Prof. Sevil Atasoy presented the gowns who became Dr. Faculty Members.Merve Çebi from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Psychology (English), Zeynep Bahadır Ağce from the Department of Occupational Therapy in the Faculty of Health Sciences, Çetin Sayaca from the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Faculty of Health Sciences, Sultan Mehtap Büyüker from the Pharmacy Services Program of the Vocational School of Health Services, Ebru Özkan Oktay from the Vocational School of Health Services Technology Program, Feride Kulalı from the Vocational School of Health Services Nuclear Technology and Radiation Safety Program, Miraç Kamışlıoğlu, Özge Kılıçoğlu, Tuğba Kaman from Medical and Aromatic Plants of Vocational School of Health Services wore their gowns.Prof. Mehmet Zelka presented the associate professorship gowns Üsküdar University Vice President Prof. Mehmet Zelka presented the gowns to the associate professors. Feride Zeynep Güder from Faculty of Communication - Department of Media and Communication, Özgül Dağlı and Dinçer Atlı from Department of Advertising Design and Communication, Çiğdem Yazıcı from Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Department of Philosophy, Işıl Göğcegöz Gül from Department of Psychology, Türker Tekin Ergüzel from Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences - Department of Software Engineering, Cemal Onur Noyan from Faculty of Health Sciences - Department of Occupational Therapy, Mesut Karahan from Biomedical Device Technology Program, Tuğba Altıntaş from Department of Health Management, Hüseyin Ozan Tekin from Radiotherapy Program received their new gowns.Prof. Nevzat Tarhan presented the professorship gowns Prof. Nevzat Tarhan presented the new gowns to the academicians who received the title of professor. Tunç Çatal from Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences - Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (English), Nedret Hızel from Faculty of Health Sciences - Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Defne Kaya from Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Arif Şanlı from Department of Audiology, Abdullah Karatay and İsmet Galip Yolcuoğlu from Department of Social Services, Niyazi Beki from Institute for Sufi Studies received their new gowns.The ceremony was live streamed from ÜU TV and a family photo was taken at the end of the event.Mr. Binali Yıldırım stayed afterwards and had his lunch at Üsküdar University together with the Üsküdar University President, Vice Presidents and Advisors.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

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