Biosecurity Master's Degree - Academic Staff

Prof. 3 Assoc. Prof. 2 Asst. Prof. 3 Total 8

Haydar SUR, MD Professor of Public Health

Faculty of Medicine - Dean / Head of Public Health Department / FHS - Head of Health Management Department


İ. Tayfun UZBAY, Ph.D Professor of Pharmacology

Advisor to President / Faculty of Medicine / Head of Internal Medicine Department - Head of Medical Pharmacology Department / NPFUAM Director


Kaan YILANCIOĞLU, Ph.D Associate Professor

Director of TRGENMER / Biological Sciences and Bioengineering


Rüştü UÇAN, Ph.D Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

FHS / Occupational Health and Safety - Head of Department / ÜSGÜMER Director


Tuğba ÜNSAL SAPAN, Ph.D Assistant Professor

FENS / Forensic Science / Computer Forensics Crimes

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