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The Graduate School of Addiction and Forensic Science

The Graduate School of Addiction and Forensic Science, established on April 9, 2016, aims to achieve the first in our country in terms of its mission and vision. While holding eight different programs, graduates from almost every undergraduate program are given international education and training at the postgraduate level, as well as focusing on crime prevention and crime analysis, especially preventing violence against women and children and the prospect of guilt are the main issues to be addressed.

Within the Graduate School of Addiction and Forensic Science, Forensic Science Department; it has been targeted to meet the basic needs of Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Toxicology, Forensic Molecular Biology, Forensic Genetics, Incident Location and Criminalistics, Justice Informatics and Digital Evidence, Forensic Psychology and Behavior Evidence, Crime Prevention and Analysis programs and our country's justice services, addiction and crime prevention. It is also our aim to prevent victimization of the individual, family and society, to prove the crime and the criminality with modern technologies in such a way as to leave no room for doubt, to develop new technologies in these fields and to train practitioners and research forensic scientists equipped with advanced knowledge, understanding and obtaining skills to conduct scientific researches that will take our country out of dependency.

The graduates of the following degrees can apply to Forensic Science programs; Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences - Faculty of Science (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics) - Faculty of Pharmacy - Faculty of Engineering (Computer Engineering, Electrical - Electronics Engineering, Bio-engineering, Industrial Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, Molecular Biology and Genetics Departments) - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Basic and Preclinical Departments) - Faculty of Theology (Department of Basic Islamic Sciences) - Faculty of Education (Department of Educational Sciences) - Faculty of Nursing - Faculty of Health Sciences (Nursing Department, Occupational Health and Safety Department, Social Work Department) - Faculty of Architecture (City and Regional Planning Department) - Faculty of Sport Sciences (Department of Sports Management), Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology Departments).

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