Graduate School of Addiction and Forensic Sciences - Uskudar University Mission and Vision

The Graduate School of Addiction and Forensic Sciences, established on April 9, 2016, aims a first in our country in terms of vision and mission. As the Department of Forensic Sciences, with nine different specialties (Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Pharmacology and Toxicology, Forensic Biology, Forensic Genetics, Crime Scene Investigation, and Criminalistics, Forensic Crimes, Forensic Psychology, Crime Prevention, and Analysis), we offer international quality in addition to providing postgraduate education, and training, meeting the basic needs of our country in justice services, addiction, and crime prevention; To prevent the victimization of the individual, family, and society, to prove the crime and the guilty with modern technologies without any doubt, to develop new technologies in these fields and to make scientific researches that will make our country not dependent on foreign countries, via aiming to cultivate practitioners, educators and researchers, equipped with advanced knowledge, understanding, and skills. The Forensic Sciences Doctorate Program aims to prepare the participants for a successful education, and research career in different fields of forensic sciences, in national and international academic platforms, modeled on the integration of theory, research and practice in this field. The program offers an infrastructure that aims to gain theoretical and in-depth criminal investigations skills.

The Criminal Justice Master's Program, focuses on the control and prevention of crime and sees crime as a social problem, and aims to develop the capacity of its students to improve the conditions and functions of the current criminal justice system. Focuses on developing analytical thinking skills, ethical approach, and problem-solving abilities. Aims to encourage to figure out new solutions to prevent crime, which is the most important and difficult problem of our era.

Understanding biological threats in today's world are much more important than in the past. Uskudar University's Biosecurity Master's program aims to bridge the gap between science and politics.

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