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Biosecurity Master's Degree - About

What is the Department of Biosecurity Graduate Program?

The interdisciplinary Biosecurity program is a model of research and training, which focuses on critical issues in health, science, and security intersections. Courses include the scientific foundations of biosecurity, the technologies used in this field and possibilities for future use, practices to prevent and illuminate bioterrorist attacks, national and international regulations, as well as providing information and skills to assess the risks posed by bio attacks on public health and safety, creating strategies that will prepare large masses against biological attacks and deal with stress and fear.  

What are the terms of admission to the Department of Biosecurity Graduate Program?

The criteria applied during the admission of students to the graduate program with thesis are stated in the relevant articles of Uskudar University's Graduate Education-Teaching and Examination Regulation.

a)To apply for the program, as a graduation condition: to have obtained a bachelor's degree from any of the fields of Science, Social or Health Sciences. Applications made from other areas are accepted by the proposal of the Board of Directors of the Graduate School and the decision of the University Senate.  

b)In the applications for master's with a thesis, the last five years, to have received the lowest ALES score accepted by the Senate for the related program, provided that it is not less than 55 points from ALES, or its equivalent GRE and GMAT test score determined by the Interuniversity Board,

c)Foreign students or students residing abroad;

  1. Having a bachelor's degree or master's degree from a university that has been accepted equivalence by the Higher Education Council,                                                                                      
  2. In the last two years, they must have received GRE or GMAT scores for ALES points or succeeded as a result of the science exam proposed by the head of the graduate-school department and created by the board of directors of the graduate-school.

What are the courses learned in the Department of Biosecurity Graduate Program?  

Students accepted into the program can be given scientific preparatory courses at the undergraduate and/or graduate level if necessary, depending on the undergraduate areas. Apart from scientific preparation, students are required to take courses in a manner that corresponds to at least 60 ECTS credits during the 2 consecutive semesters of the course. Then 2 semesters are divided into 60 ECTS worth of thesis. The duration of the master's program with thesis is four semesters for each semester, regardless of whether they are registered or not, starting from the semester in which the courses related to the program they are enrolled in, excluding the time spent in scientific preparation, and the program is completed in six semesters at most. In non-thesis programs, it is at least two semesters, at most three semesters. The language of learning is Turkish.

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