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Graduate School of Addiction and Forensic Sciences - Uskudar University SWOT Analysis and Improvement


Our university is a medium-sized thematic university in the field of Behavioral Sciences and health. With 10 master's and 1 doctorate programs in our graduate-school, the disciplines of Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Pharmacology and Toxicology, Forensic Biology, Forensic Genetics, Forensic Nursing / Midwifery, Crime Scene and Criminalistics, Digital Forensics, Forensic Psychology, Crime Prevention and Analysis and Criminal Justice It teaches in a strong interaction and cooperation between.

The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) - Our university, the first university chosen by TWAS as a center of excellence in Turkey, is an organization established by UNESCO to enable developing countries to advance in science. For this purpose, it determines the institutions and organizations with advanced infrastructure, chosen by them, as "centers of excellence", and chooses the young and bright minds of developing countries, and provides their education in centers of excellence.

The classrooms of our graduate-school are equipped with high quality teaching tools (computers, projectors and smart boards), and our faculty members are well-versed in these technologies and use them effectively.

- According to the results of the Self-Assessment, the student and academic-administrative staff satisfaction results are at an average level of out of 4.


- Insufficient level of international projects and collaborations,

- Insufficient number of academic studies produced from undergraduate theses,

- Insufficient number of studies that have the potential to produce value-added products.


-The variety of programs in our graduate-school and the increase in the number of student applications,

-Thanks to the educational quality and spatial location of our university and graduate-school, it has become one of the prestigious universities of Istanbul and its prestige is increasing,

-To ensure the effective use of the academic and technical manpower trained in national resources with the applications of international students at the graduate level and the graduate programs in English to be opened.


-The increase in the number and quota of other foundation universities,

-The reluctance of the trained manpower regarding the academic development process and continuity,

-Turkey's economic problems,

- Not being pro-active in the accreditation process and not starting the process with the right timing.


-Contributing to the publication production processes of the students in all graduate programs within the Graduate School,

-Providing project and article writing trainings-Increasing the number of lecturers by improving the course load of lecturers in order to increase the quality of education-teaching,

-Controlling the planning and practices to increase the competencies and research performances of teaching staff,

-Ensuring more participation of foreign students in the process.

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