Graduate School of Addiction and Forensic Sciences - Uskudar University Quality Assurance System

Our Quality Policy

To adopt knowledge, innovation and human values in our understanding of continuous quality improvement,

To develop technology-intensive, high-quality education, training, research and application programs,

To provide innovation and research-oriented added value and participation in regional and national development within the framework of our R&D focuses,

To use the human power and physical resources of the institution effectively and efficiently,

To ensure the implementation of the principles that will carry and reflect the institutional values within the framework of the university's mission and vision,

Recognizing and managing existing and potential risks and taking necessary precautions

To work for the continuation of education and training activities at European Union and world standards in Turkey,

To ensure the satisfaction of all our stakeholders, especially our students, and to keep them at the highest level,

To support education, scientific research and development and social responsibility studies by making quality a corporate culture with the understanding of Total Quality Management,

Developing strategies for internationalization

  -Our Values

Respecting all human values,

Adhering to universal law, national laws, universal and scientific values,

Open to change and innovation,

Environmentally sensitive,

Focused on educating students to a high standard,

Approaching regional development with a pioneering, exemplary universal perspective that provides added value and participation,

Does not discriminate in terms of religion, language, race, nationality, gender, color, thought,

Adopting the democratic values of critique, libertarianism, pluralism and participation,

Protecting the basic values of the society, prioritizing the social benefit and sensitive to social problems,

Having the principles of equality, reliability and rationality, where scientific and criticality is at the forefront, ethical values take the first place,

Seeking, collecting, transmitting, preserving information, following a method that reaches perfection in researching, producing, sharing and disseminating,

Prioritizing transparency and accountability in its activities and activities,

Giving great importance to international relations and striving to be the address of the science center in Turkey for Turkish citizens living abroad,

Supporting the accession process to the European Union, without losing the basic values, in order for Turkey to reach the level of contemporary civilizations,

It is a university that ensures and continuously improves the job satisfaction of its scientific and administrative staff.

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