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Türker Tekin ERGÜZEL Türker Tekin ERGÜZEL, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Sofware Engineering
FENS / Computer Engineering / PARGE Deputy Coordinator / Director of YAZAMER / IHS - Director
Asst. Prof. Dr. Turker Tekin Ergüzel was born in 1978. He graduated from Marmara University, department of Computer and Control Education. He studied “Web Based Application of Data Structures” as his master thesis. He got his both bachelor and master [ More. » ]
Türker Tekin ERGÜZEL / (0216) 400 22 22 - internal : 2407
Serhat ÖZEKES Serhat ÖZEKES, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Computer Engineering
FENS - Vice Dean / Computer Engineering
Dr. Serhat Özekes was born in Washington D.C., USA on 1978. He received B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Marmara University, Computer and Control Education Department in years 2000, 2002 and 2006, respectively. He has published more than 25 pap [ More. » ]
Serhat ÖZEKES / (0216) 400 22 22 - internal : 2406
Asst. Prof. Dr. Tuğçe Ballı Altuğlu was born in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in 1984. She has received Bsc. degree from Eastern Mediterranean University, Department of Computer Engineering in 2005. She received Msc. and Ph.D. degrees from Univ [ More. » ]
Tuğçe BALLI ALTUĞLU / (0216) 400 2222 - internal : 2441
Ihab Abdalla Ibrahim Mohamed ELAFF Ihab Abdalla Ibrahim Mohamed ELAFF, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Dr. Ihab ELAFF obtained his Ph.D. on 2009 from The University of Salford in the United Kingdom and both the M.Sc. (2001) and the B.Sc. (1997) from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) in Egypt. Research interest [ More. » ]
Ihab Abdalla Ibrahim Mohamed ELAFF / (0216) 400 2222
Kristin Surpuhi BENLİ Kristin Surpuhi BENLİ , Ph.D CV
Dr. Benli received her B.Sc. (ranked 2nd, high honor degree), M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Engineering from Işık University. From 2005-2013, while she was doing her M.Sc. and Ph.D., she also worked as a teaching assistant at Işık University i [ More. » ]
Kristin Surpuhi BENLİ / (0216) 400 2222
Ümit TAŞ Ümit TAŞ, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Electronics and Computer Education
VSHS / Biomedical Device Technology
He was born in 1958 in Zonguldak and graduated from İstanbul Technical University Electronics and Communication Department in 1982. After working various companies in the field of Medical and Computer Equipments, he founded his own company to work i [ More. » ]
Ümit TAŞ / (0216) 400 22 22 - internal : 2418
Ahmet Çağatay TALAY Ahmet Çağatay TALAY , Ph.D CV
Software Engineering
A.Cagatay Talay received his B.Sc. degree in Computer Science&Engineering from Yildiz Technical University, İstanbul, Turkey, in 2001. A.Cagatay Talay received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Engineering from the Dept. of Computer Enginee [ More. » ]
Ahmet Çağatay TALAY / (0216) 400 2222
Murat OĞUZ Murat OĞUZ, Ph.D  
[ More. » ]
Murat OĞUZ / (0216) 400 2222
Salih Temel İŞİTEN Salih Temel İŞİTEN, (Part time) CV
FENS / Computer Engineering
He was born in 1955 in Adana and received B.S and M.S. degrees in Chemical Engineering from the Science Faculty of Ankara University in 1978.  After performing in various management positions ranging from R&D to Supply Chain both in OYAK Hol [ More. » ]
Salih Temel İŞİTEN / (0216) 400 22 22 - internal : 2430
İbrahim YILMAZ İbrahim YILMAZ , CV
İbrahim Yılmaz, born in 1989, was graduated from Warsaw University's Computer Science Engineering Department honor degree. He got language course in North Texas University in the United States and worked at Turkcell as software engineer for a year. Y [ More. » ]
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