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Bioengineering (English) - About

What is Bioengineering?

Bioengineering is a new field that uses engineering principles, methods and basic sciences such as mathematics, physics and chemistry in order to solve the problems in biology and medicine. In the second half of the twentieth century, with the discovery of the semiconductor electronics and the improvements in the computer science bioengineering build a bridge between technology and life sciences, leading to the development of diagnosis and treatment methods based on scientific objective rather than subjective interpretation of physicians.

We aim to educate our students as entrepreneurial individuals who are self-confident, distant from imitation, think multidimensionally and independently, have social responsibilities and ethical values required by their profession, have productive goals, adhere to teamwork and lifelong learning.

Program Content of Bioengineering

The goal of bioengineering is to provide education on basic medical sciences, technologies used in biology and engineering sciences. In addition, our goal is to educate students to develop new technologies inspired by biological systems and processes and to have ability bridging between medical sciences and engineering sciences. With Turkey's leading elite and successful teaching staff, the purpose of the bioengineering program is to graduate students with consciousness of national and spiritual identity.

The period of this study is 4 years plus a one-year foreign language preparatory class. The language of instruction is English.


Job Opportunities for Bioengineering Graduates

Graduates may be involved in production, research and development activities in various industries such as pharmaceutical industry, medical devices, genetics, biotechnology, energy, agricultural processes, environmental rehabilitation, as well as the academic field.

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