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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences - Uskudar University, Bachelor's, Degree Programs Research and Development


1. Research Strategy and Objectives

The research strategies and objectives of our faculty are in line with the University's 2019-2023 Strategic Plan.

 Research Strategy of the Faculty:

  • Increasing R & D resources and effectiveness
  • Strengthening the culture of science, research, creativity and innovation
  • Supporting the work and research process of the faculty and students with high motivation
  • Contributing to technology and universal science by researching national priorities, producing new information
  • Giving importance and priority to research and development and integrated education
  • Increasing interdisciplinary research and development activities with the advantage of the increasing number of departments in the faculty
  • Producing scientific knowledge, disseminate and make available to the public
  • Encouraging all ways and stakeholders to turn scientific knowledge into technology and contribute to the national economy

Research Objectives of the Faculty:

  • Making science, creativity and innovation visible
  • Strengthening R & D infrastructure and diversifying resources
  • Development of structures and processes that provide and promote R & D conditions and opportunities
  • Converting R & D outputs to products with economic added value through patent initiatives
  • Encouraging program curricula within the framework of our R & D focus in curriculum curricula
  • Ensuring the visibility of R & D activities both at the university and among external stakeholders
  • Ensuring internal and external stakeholder sharing during the development of R & D outputs

2. Research Resources

  • In line with the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan of our University, our R & D, PARGE, laboratory, Application and Research Centers provide physical infrastructure and financial resources for research and development activities.

3. Monitoring and Improving Research Performance

  • The research activities of our faculty are monitored through the Activity Tracking System (FTS). The determination, implementation, control and measures to be taken of the policies and targets for performance improvement are under planning. 2017-2018 research performance of our faculty is kept as activity table and also monitored through FTS system.

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