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Software Engineering (English) - Mission and Vision

The Mission

Being a promising field of engineering, Software Engineering aims to teach the courses based on designing, developing, creating, processing and sustainability of applications. Both software and hardware based production development process management is one of valuable major charges of the department. The fundamental academic mision of the department is establishing an engineering structure surrounded by basic sciences and principal engineering sciences in order to educate highly adaptive, up to date and well-equipped engineers. Improving problem detection and solving skills and encouraging to collaborate with interdisciplinary fields is the main scope of the social mision of the department. Graduates of Software Engineering widely work for designing computing systems and software, mobile application development processes,  web based and embedded system manufacturing plants. Recent trends underline the promising fields for our students as healthcare engineering Applications for healthcare institutions, and artificial intelligence solutions to the industrial companies.

The Vision

Graduates of Software Engineering Department will be recognized as innovative pioneers in their fields contributing to the development of engineering applications. Our pioneers will lead to their peers with their productive, responsive and collaborative abilities and engineering qualifications in order to add value to the world they are living in. The department will be teaching students with passion to flourish their knowledge and expertise to adapt contemporary fields of study focusing on health informatics.

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