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Forensic Science (Turkish) - About

Program Overview

Forensic Science is the application of scientific principles and methods to assist criminal and civil investigations and litigations. The Forensic Science undergraduate major is an interdisciplinary collaboration among academic units relevant to forensic science.

The forensic science program at Uskudar University aims to provide high quality instruction to undergraduate students through our forensic science undergraduate major. The program will provide a basic foundation in the scientific and laboratory problem-solving skills necessary fo success in a modern forensic laboratory. The program combines scientific and laboratory training with exposure to forensic science disciplines, including forensic science practice, law enforcement, and ethics.

The program is supported  by the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences through its Departments of Bioengineering, Molecular Biology and Genetics and Computer Engineering  since it provides the academic home for the program, houses the state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities affiliated with the program.

Our faculty consists of experts in their respective fields You will graduate from Uskudar’s program as a trained scientist, thus ensuring you the maximum flexibility in career tracks from crime scene investigation to laboratory analysis. Our graduates will possess comprehensive knowledge, skills and abilities making them attractive candidates for jobs in public and private sector positions.

Vision Statement

The Forensic Science Program at Uskudar University will be the nation’s finest in the integration of teaching, research and service.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Forensic Science Program at Uskudar University is to provide our students with a rich educational experience through a hands-on, practical approach to forensic science education that will enable those students to reach the highest levels of intellectual achievement and personal growth.  The Program will provide open, welcoming, creative and adaptable teaching and research environments for its students. The Program outcomes will have a positive impact on the global forensic science and law enforcement communities, and on society as a whole.

Overarching Goals

Be an international leader in forensic science education.

Produce graduates that become future leaders in forensic science.

Enhance academic excellence through a balanced emphasis on teaching, research and service.

Enhance the public’s awareness of science through forensic science education.

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