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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences - Uskudar University, Bachelor's, Degree Programs Faculty Board

Prof. Dr. Osman ÇEREZCİ – Dean

Prof. Dr. Sevil ATASOY – Head of Forensic Science

Prof. Dr. Şaban Selim ŞEKER - Head of Electrical - Electronics Engineering (English)

Prof.Dr. Mehmet SAVSAR – Head of Industrial Engineering (English)

Prof. Dr. Tunç ÇATAL –  Head of Molecular Biology and Genetics (English)

Prof.Dr. Burhan PEKTAŞ - Head of Computer Engineering (English)

Prof. Dr. Belkıs ATASEVER ARSLAN - Head of Molecular Biology and Genetics (Turkish)

Prof. Dr. Türker Tekin ERGÜZEL - Head of Software Engineering (English)

Assist. Prof. Mehmet Mert OYMAK – Head of Chemical Engineering (English)

Assist. Prof. Tuğba BAL  - Head of Bioengineering (English)

Prof. Dr. Elif ERHAN – Member

Prof. Dr. Muhsin KONUK – Member

Prof. Dr. Sevim IŞIK – Member

Assoc. Prof. Emel SERDAROĞLU KAŞIKÇI – Member

Assoc. Prof. Pınar Öz – Member

Assist. Prof. Gülnihal MURATOĞLU - Member

Lokman ÇELİK – Faculty Secretary/ Reporter            

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