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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences - Uskudar University, Bachelor's, Degree Programs SWOT Analysis and Improvement



  • Diversity and competence in the number of academic programs and disciplines.
  • Transparent and easily accessible faculty management.
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics Turkish and English departments are accredited by FEDEK.
  • Have increased in recent years, the number of scientific publications published in journals indexed and Turkey SCI index is above the average.
  • The faculty is easily accessible in the central campus.
  • All departments have compulsory or optional preparatory classes,
  • Ensuring the diversity of foreign faculty members and students in the faculty since most of our departments are teaching in English.
  • Excess number of international institutions with Erasmus agreements and active activities.
  • Classrooms and laboratories of our faculty equipped with the latest technology teaching tools.
  • The ability of our faculty students to make projects by receiving support from serious support channels such as TUBITAK.


  • Although some of the graduates are taught English, their foreign language levels are not as advanced as they are intended.
  • Inadequate level of international projects and cooperation.
  • Number of students per instructor is higher than international norms.
  • Deficiencies and inadequacies of students from secondary education.
  • Insufficient use of EU projects.
  • Student homogeneity of basic information infrastructure.


  • Our university and faculty becomes one of the prestigious universities of Istanbul thanks to the quality of education and spatial location and increase its prestige.
  • Increasing importance of the sectors such as health, chemistry, genetics and informatics, and the potential of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences to develop research and development that are prone to economic and social value creation with these sectors.
  • The diversity of disciplines within the faculty provide opportunities for interdisciplinary research and development activities.
  • Demand for applications such as accreditation, training measurement and total quality management for universities.
  • Ongoing cooperation with international institutions within the scope of Erasmus+.
  • The fact that the industries in which our students will increase their professional knowledge and experience will be located more in Istanbul.
  • Uskudar University is the center of attention for students from Middle East and Africa.
  • Easy access to information thanks to developing technology.


  • Especially the number of foundation universities to create competition for attracting qualified academicians.
  • Challenges for recruiting qualified administrative staff and career planning.
  • Decrease in quality of secondary education and decline of analytical / critical thinking skills of incoming students.
  • Increasing number of universities attracting high quality students at undergraduate and graduate level.


  • Increasing the number of faculty members by improving the course load of faculty members in order to improve the quality of education and training.
  • Making plans for increasing the competencies and research performances of faculty members.
  • Research, correspondence, archives, etc. integration of IT services and improvement of administrative services.
  • Improvement of course schedules.
  • Planning for physical improvements in laboratories and classrooms.
  • Improvements in course evaluation and satisfaction.

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