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Visual Communication Design - Program Instructional Objectives

Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication Visual Communication Design aims to raise professionals:

(PIO1) Who have fundamental knowledge and scientific perspective on communication, visual design principles, design rules, esthetics and visual culture,

(PIO2) Who have fundamental subfield dynamics such as photography, computer, web design, desktop publishing, graphics, multi-medium design, publishing design, cyber culture, animation, typography, video and sociology,

(PIO3) Who have skills to create a composition by using current communication Technologies,

(PIO4) Who are a visual communicatio9n designer that develop themselves constantly in accordance with social, culture, scientific and professional ethical values and are open to change,

(PIO5) Who adopts as a principle to pay regard to social responsibility and social benefit in their professional practices,

(PIO6) Who can have view themselves and the world with a critical perspective,

(PIO7) Who can show their vocational competence and skill in every field of the visual communication design,

(PIO8) Who have an interdisciplinary perspective,

(PIO9) Who are competent visual communication designers can put emphasis on research and development.

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