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Visual Communication Design - Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision of Visual Communication Design Department

Mission: The Department of Visual Communication Design with its comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum, has adopted the mission to educate students being creative and sensitive who master in design disciplines, captured the importance of the means of designing communication, have knowledge and experience about basic application practices, do critical thinking, assimilated professional ethics values and oriented towards their specialization.

Vision: Vision of the department is to educate students who have the ability to reflect scientific, productive, innovative, original and universal, developing technology in communication arts and design fields and help them design in unique ways. The department, using digital communication technologies at the highest level in education and training, is going to be well reputed internationally with its qualified graduates and academic staff within the next few years. The professionals graduating from the department are expected to put forth important studies in the relevant sectors and in the related academic fields on visual communication design and so forth.

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