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Public Relations and Publicity - Program Learning Outcomes

1- Be able to interpret the theories, concepts, methods and ideas that form the basis of the field of public relations.

2- Knows that public relations is a management function, evaluates it within the framework of organizational communication models and operation.

3- Knows the importance and role of public relations and publicity within the framework of integrated marketing communication.

4- Use the necessary data for content production and dissemination with scientific methods, know how to research, plan, practice, measure and evaluate.

5- Produces solutions for communication problems encountered in the field of public relations, knows the crisis management processes.

6- Has knowledge about perception and reputation management of institutions and organizations.

7- Follows the developing technology related to the publicity of institutions and organizations and reflect it in the field of Public Relations.

8- Knows the ways to reach information in the field, uses the relevant tools, knows how to make periodic reports about the activities.

9- Express himself/herself correctly in written and oral in his/her field, and can use effective presentation techniques efficiently.

10- Recognizes controlled/uncontrolled media choices, plans and uses media contents accordingly.

11- Has knowledge on international communication, international public relations, public diplomacy and lobbying activities , law and regulations.

12- Has knowledge about occupational health and safety while conducting internal and external communication studies of institutions and organizations

13- Organizes the events of institutions and organizations.

14- Identifies the basic dynamics of the field and transforms the current changes into a strategic plan.

15- Develops a critical perspective on sectoral practices in the field, takes responsibility individually or as a group member.

16- Follows the global practices used in the field of Public Relations, has the ability to communicate with colleagues.

17- Observes the awareness of social responsibility and public interest by determining the socio-economic dynamics of the society in which it is located

18- Produces projects in the field of public relations, observes professional ethical values.

19- Has the ability to communicate effectively in at least one foreign language, verbally and in writing (European Language Portfolio B1 General Level).

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