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Public Relations and Publicity - Program Instructional Objectives

Üsküdar University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Public Relations and Publicity; 

PÖA 1. Understanding and applying the requirements of communication science and public relations,

PÖA 2. Have the scientific knowledge and equipment to perform the profession of public relations,

PÖA 3. Following the developments in the world and looking around critically,

PÖA 4. Keeping up with the latest technological developments, knowing the dynamics affecting the sector well and being aware of their own abilities,

PÖA 5. Sensitive to the environment, respectful to social values and human rights, acting with a sense of social responsibility,

PÖA 6. Able to manage problems, have crisis solving skills,

PÖA 7. Having the ability to express himself orally and in writing with correct and strategic decisions when necessary,

PÖA 8. It aims to educate graduates who are multidisciplinary, constantly renewing themselves, have professional ethical values, and have adopted the principle of understanding social needs.

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