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Public Relations and Publicity - Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision of Public Relations and Publicity

Mission: Under the communication framework, it is aimed to educate the students who have the knowledge to determine the importance of the relations with the public, to define the work they do on the field, to educate the individuals who are highly sensitive to the environment, and to be aware of the theoretical background of the activities they carry out. The Public Relations and Publicity Department has also undertaken the task of raising qualified academicians in the field. With its strong academic staff, with the support it receives from the sector, it does not only educate professionals in the sector, but also has the task of contributing to the academic field.

Vision: The field of public relations is training individuals who develop new projects and social responsibility activities with innovations introduced by digital technologies and who can generate creative solutions to problems. The department keeps track of innovations as it organizes its curricula, as well as other academic and scientific activities, and directs its own course according to the course of the world. Especially, it pays heed to use the possibilities of technology at the highest capacity and to ensure the students trained are young people with wide vision and adaptation to technological developments. Over the next few years, the Public Relations and Publicity Department will become the center of attraction not only at the national level but also internationally.

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