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19 Oct 2022

Prof. Dr. Sevil Atasoy receives great interest from her readers…

Member of United Nations International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) and Vice President of Üsküdar University Prof. Sevil Atasoy who is one of the distinguished specialists of Türkiye with her studies and works on criminology and forensic medicine in her Professional life she has started by following the footsteps of her father. Prof. Atasoy is welcomed with intense interest in many provinces of Türkiye with her books that she shares especially her professional experiences and stories.With her last book titled ‘Cinayet Kokusu’ (Scent of Murder) published from Doğan Kitap publishing, Prof. Sevil Atasoy received great interest and now Prof. Atasoy is meeting with booklovers in the book fairs she attends.People of Gaziantep showed great interest to Atasoy who met with her readers in Gaziantep Şahinbey Congress and Art Center within the scope of Şahinbey Book Days on October 17, Monday.Prof. Sevil Atasoy was taken plenty photos with her readers by signing their books in the book fair.Book days continue!Prof. Sevil Atasoy will met with her readers in İstanbul Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center Bioexpo Life Sciences fair on October 20 Thursday and in Antalya Book Fair on October 23 Sunday.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

30 Sept 2022

New Book by Prof. Sevil Atasoy hits the shelves

“Cinayet Kokusu” written by Vice President of Üsküdar University Prof. Sevil Atasoy and published by Doğan Publishing in the genre of detective and thriller novel, met with its readers.Being a distinguishable name in the international arena with her studies in the field of forensic sciences, Pof. Sevil Atasoy met with her readers with her 10th book “Cinayet Kokusu”.About book:When going up to stairs, one of the police officers asked “What’s this smell?”. Their nose was accustomed to any smell; gasoline, burnt smell, weed smell, musty smell, smell of sweat of the arrestee sitting on the back seat of the patrol car… “You can forget every smell but not the smell of the dead.”. That was a sentence that retired officers repeat to fresh officers attended recently to the police force. While they were punching the door of the apartment few times by saying “Open, police!”, they were still trying to figure out what was the strong odour they are smelling.Why do women love watching detective movies? Does “Red Rooms” actually exist, where you can watch people getting tortured in exchange of money? How effective is DNA analysis to detect the criminals? Is it possible to solve a murder with a pinch of soil?Blood-curdling stories of serial killers find a life by the pen of Prof. Sevil Atasoy. Murders unsolved for years, murderers like they are out of the novels by Agatha Christie, manslayers who murder their victims with unspeakable methods, monsters who enjoy eating human flesh…Prof. Sevil Atasoy is after serial killers from China to Brazil, from the USA to Austria. While sharing shocking stories of each one with us, she also transfers the admirable development of forensic sciences. “Cinayet Kokusu” is a Prof. Sevil Atasoy book that you cannot get enough of reading.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

08 Apr 2022

Prof. Sevil Atasoy attended Yıldız Chemistry days

Vice President of Üsküdar University and Manager of Institute of Addiction and Forensic Sciences Prof. Sevil Atasoy met with students in Yıldız Chemistry days held by Yıldız Technical University in Tarihi Hamam.Prof. Sevil Atasoy made remarks on “the Importance of Chemistry in Forensic Sciences” and Prof. Atasoy was followed by students with great attention.Atasoy thanked to Yıldız Technical University and students for “being invited an event like this and for being awarded”.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

18 Mar 2022

Üsküdar Committee visited New President of Forensic Medicine Institution

By the decision of the President of the Republic published on the Official Gazette, Dr. Hızır Aslıyüksek who has been carrying out the duty of Vice President of Forensic Medicine Institution since 2011, was assigned to the duty of President.Aslıyürek hosted his visitors from Üsküdar University, today.Vice Rector of Üsküdar University, Manager of Institute of Addiction and Forensic Sciences, Prof. Sevil Atasoy, Secretary General Selçuk Uysaler, Vice Secretary General Ayşe Öztürk, Head of Department of Forensic Medicine Asst. Prof. Sait Cahit Alkış and Department of Forensic Sciences Asst. Prof. Nurettin Nezih Anolay visited Dr. Hızır Aslıyürek who has assigned recently to his new duty.Üsküdar University Committee conferred with Aslıyürek for a while and then wished success to the president Aslıyüksek on his new duty.Aslıyürek thanked Atasoy and those who visited him together on a visit for congratulations.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

12 Mar 2021

ZOOM license to 23 Thousand Üsküdar Students from Üsküdar University!

Üsküdar University, which has created a solid technological infrastructure with significant investments, has implemented the concept of "Phy-gital University" in order to offer its students distance and uninterrupted education opportunities during the pandemic process. With this step, students benefit from both physical and digital education of the university in the most effective way. While Üsküdar University students were able to get online education synchronously (live) by entering the virtual classroom application Perculus via the ALMS program with the distance education courses and applications carried out on many digital platforms, a cooperation now has been made with Zoom. Integration studies for synchronous (live) education by entering Zoom via ALMS and recording and re-watching the lessons are also continuing.Interactive Participation has Become EasierTaking another important step in order for its students to get more efficiency from online courses, the university, together with its academic staff, purchased a total of 23 thousand Zoom licenses for each of its students. After the tests of giving Master's courses via Zoom software on the STIX program, which offers students easier interactive participation, there is no limit of interaction and time. Therefore, classes will now be held using Zoom software via ALMS with the Zoom licenses obtained. In Zoom classes, all students will be able to keep their cameras open without the limit of people. You will be able to participate instantly with the microphone. Thus, it is aimed to increase the learning efficiency and to increase the interaction in the lessons that will be made more interactive.Students will be able to receive a much more qualified education...Academicians and students, who can also benefit from online meetings and conferences via ZOOM, can also share information, documents and homework 24/7 by communicating with each other through the STIX program ( developed by Üsküdar University Information Technologies Directorate. Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

28 Feb 2020

UN International Narcotics Control Board 2019 Report is announced at the press conference

The 2019 Report created by the United Nations (UN) International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) was shared with the world at the same time. Üsküdar University Vice President and Member of the United Nations Narcotics Control Board between 2005-2010 and 2017-2022, and previous Chairman Prof. Sevil Atasoy gave information about the data related to the fight against drugs in the Middle Eastern country as well as figures in Turkey.Prof. Sevil Atasoy said the production and trafficking of counterfeit captagon had a serious impact on the fight against drugs in the Middle East. She said, “A part of Captagon tablets to be delivered to Turkey and the Middle East markets were kidnapped to Lebanon via Syria.” Üsküdar University Founding President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan said that while drug-related 105 deaths occurred in 2011, this number increased 9 times in 2019 to 945. Stating that our country is successful in inpatient treatment, Prof. Tarhan noted that 70 percent of patients returned to the clinic after being discharged due to the inadequacy of the studies on rehabilitation and social integration.Üsküdar University Vice President and member of the United Nations Narcotics Control Committee between 2005-2010 and 2015-2022, the previous Chairman Prof. Sevil Atasoy shared the 2019 Report created by the United Nations (UN) International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) with the world at the same time at the press conference held in the Senate Hall of the Üsküdar University Main Campus.Hemp production is increasing in the world!Prof. Sevil Atasoy said that hemp production has increased gradually. She continued as “Morphine-rich hemp harvest has increased from 44 thousand hectares to 61 thousand hectares worldwide. Turkey has a significant share of this increase. Our country has increased 90% compared to the previous year and still holds the world's largest morphine-rich concentrated hemp capsule stock. The world meets 88% of the morphine need together with Australia and France.”New ways are added to drug deliveryProf. Sevil Atasoy said the following about drug transfer routes; “The main route of carrying morphine and heroin is from Syrian Arab Republic to the traditional Balkan Route and in recent years, Iraqi and paths through the side of the South Caucasus countries are added, though, Balkan Route is still in Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey and the Balkan countries over Western and Central Europe.”We are catching more heroin than EuropeAtasoy said, “Turkey is well known when it comes to prevent heroin smuggling. One of them is the Balkan Road mentioned in the report of the last UN Drug and Crime Office. Once again Turkey’s name comes up when it comes to catching the highest amount of heroin. Heroin caught in Turkey much more than heroin caught in all of Europe.”There is an increase in uncontrolled substance trafficking!Atasoy addressed the increase in synthetic opioid tramadol smuggling and causes and stated that “The fabrication and smuggling of counterfeit captagon seriously affects all the Middle Eastern countries. Some of these countries are not only target markets but also sources. Another problem of the region in which our country is located is the increase in the smuggling and use of synthetic opioid tramadol, which is not under international control. Conflict, poverty, lack of economic opportunity in some parts of the region contributes to the increase of “Captagon” and tramadol smuggling”Prof. Sevil Atasoy continued her statement as following: “The production and smuggling of the fake "captagon" seriously affects the fight against drugs in the Middle East. There are signs that there are illegal laboratories that produce captagons in order to hijack them both in the domestic market and in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, especially in the Lebanon and Syrian Arab Republic. This part of Captagon tablets were to be delivered to Turkey and the Middle East markets were kidnapped to Lebanon via Syria. It is claimed that Iran and Jordan are the source countries in amphetamine smuggling.”Prof. Sevil Atasoy gave reports on some critical information in addition to the data relating to the fight against drugs in the Middle East countries as part attributed to Turkey:Turkey performed in many regional and international level training and took part in the operation as in past years. For example, there were 19,500 narcotics personnel involved in new psychoactive substances, synthetic opioids and cannabis, and 11 tons of drugs were caught. 579 people were arrested in the operation based Central Asia-Center Channel where Turkey was an observer.When heroin is calculated as an equivalent; 39% of the global opiates Iran, Afghanistan, 26%, 14% was captured by Pakistan and Turkey 7%.Afghanistan is the source of cannabis resin (cannabis), which is a major problem in the regional markets. 90% of cannabis entered Iran via land and sea, 10% directly from Afghanistan. 55% of the marijuana is entered from Iran to countries in the Arab Peninsula, and 25% nestled in the South Caucasus and Turkey.Prof. Sevil Atasoy: “This year's report is focused on young people”Prof. Sevil Atasoy remarked that this year's report noted that it focuses on young people and examines the global outlook for drug control. She said, “It advises and states to address drug-related problems, fully adhering to international human rights standards and norms.”Prof. Sevil Atasoy said, “We point out that there are currently appropriate interventions to prevent drug use among young people in the section under the topic of preventing drug use and improving treatment services for young people. Among internationally controlled substances, Cannabis continues to play the most important role, both among adolescents and adults.” Prof. Sevil Atasoy explained that according to the report, it is very important to focus on the use of psychoactive substances among young people (15-24 age group). INCB emphasizes that the effects of psychoactive substances on young people are different and distinct from those on adults.The age of starting substance abuse raises concernIt is stated in the report that “Because of their psychological, social and emotional development, young people are particularly vulnerable to the long-term effects of these substances. The earlier the age of first use, the higher the probability of developing substance use disorders in adulthood, the age of starting substance abuse is the biggest concern. INCB points out that the protection of health during adolescence is better public health and benefits the economy and society more than expected. Substance abuse can negatively affect the development of young people. Deficiencies in their development during adolescence will lead to negativities that will not leave their lives for life and harmful consequences for their lives”.Cannabis and other substances follow alcohol and tobacco useThe INCB Report states that the use of alcohol and tobacco by children and adolescents is closely linked with the introduction of psychoactive substances. It is mostly followed by alcohol and tobacco use, cannabis and other controlled substances. In profile studies that follow children until adolescence, it shows that those who use alcohol, tobacco and cannabis in the 16-19 age group are more likely to use opioids and cocaine in adulthood.Afghanistan is the most opium-producing country in the worldThe report stated that almost all of the opioids found in Europe, Central Asia and Africa are originated in Afghanistan. It stated, “According to 2018 data, Afghanistan is the country where the most illegal poppy cultivation and opium production is produced. Afghanistan is also one of the largest sources of cannabis resin worldwide and continues to increase synthetic drug trafficking within its borders.”In the report, it was pointed out that many new lines started to show themselves in the Balkans, which is the main route of drug trafficking from Afghanistan to Europe, and some of these lines cover Syria and Iraq and South Caucasus countries.Cocaine use is increasing in EuropeAccording to the report, the amount and use of püre cocaine in Europe is increasing. Record seizure of cocaine in 2018 and 2019 in many European countries reveals an increase in cocaine smuggling. As a result, there is an increase in the amount of high purity cocaine throughout Europe. Cocaine is the most common illicit drug in South and Western Europe.Cannabis is the most caught drug in EuropeCannabis remains the most caught and used drug in Europe. In some European countries, fentanyl replaces heroin. Approximately 29 percent of the European adult population used drugs at least once in their lifetime. The drugs they use the most are cannabis. Cannabis use is five times higher than other drugs.Üsküdar University Founding President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan shared his opinions under the title “The point reached in drug use in young people and the precautions to be taken” and conveyed the latest developments.Methamphetamine causes schizophreniaProf. Tarhan mentioned the effects of substance use on individuals. He said, “Opioids are also known as very effective painkillers. Patients are forced to overwhelm these drugs and become addicted with excessive and uncontrolled use. This article caused a great crisis in the USA and became a topic discussed in health congresses. Methamphetamine, which is heavily used in Turkey, eliminates lack of attention. It allows children to be more concentrated while studying, but their excessive use also causes schizophrenia.”Tarhan: “70 percent of patients return to the clinic after discharge”Tarhan stated that while there were 105 drug-related deaths in 2011, this number increased 9 times in 2019 and reached 945. He said the following about their methods of drug addiction treatment, he said, “In Turkey, as well as inpatient detox process is quite successful. However, 70 percent of patients return to the clinic after completing the detox period and discharged, due to insufficient studies on rehabilitation and social integration.”We have created a treatment follow-up system in the AMATEM unit that we established in our science partner NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital. We perform usage measurements with advanced toxicological tests that we apply in our verification laboratories and offer 98 percent accuracy. Such a tester cannot deny and escape his/her use because he/she knows that he/she will be tried for probation if the person is found to have used it. We apply early diagnosis and treatment in risk groups. In studies related to the prevention of substance use, it is necessary to be very careful in the messages to be given. People who do not use it should also stay away from messages that will keep them in mind, and they should move forward with positive expressions instead of negative approaches.”Tarhan: “The parent only understands that his/her child is taking drugs 2 years later!”Tarhan stated that the parents could understand the drug use in their children only after 2 years. He continued as, “If the child is constantly lying, there are serious decreases in lesson performance, and because the auto control mechanism is weakened, he / she should be suspected and expert help should be taken if he / she is making extraordinary behaviors and mistakes in his daily life.”Similarity between Addiction and Coronavirus…Prof. Nevzat Tarhan stated that the effect of substance abuse on humans is the same as the Corona virus. He said, “As the immune system decreases in dependent individuals, they face the risk of losing their lives just like those affected by viruses.”Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

13 Feb 2020

Asst. Prof. Mustafa Sansar warns against provocative posts after earthquake!

Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor initiated an investigation on 60 people about the provocative social media posting after Turkey Elazig 6.8-magnitude earthquake. According to the information obtained from DHA's prosecution sources, the investigations initiated regarding the social media accounts determined by the Police Department of the Criminal Computing Crime carries out charges on 'creating anxiety, fear and panic among the people, the nation, the state and the state' insulting the government”.“IT CREATES DISTRUST IN THE STATE”Experts who stated that the crime elements in social media postings are criminal sanctions like in real life, and warned that the source of indiscriminate and provocative information should not be taken into consideration in the virtual world, which is followed by the police 24/7. Üsküdar Üniversitesi Asst. Prof. IT Expert Mustafa Sansar stated that many negative posts were made after the earthquake. He continued as following "Sometimes these are the stresses of that moment, sometimes they are provocative, knowingly and willingly, and shared by acting within a group. It should not be forgotten that the result of these posts is crime.Although the environment is virtual at the end of the day, there is a crime committed, a real crime. Administrative and judicial investigations related to this must be started immediately. The Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor has also done this. When a post is made from an unknown source, the public can create a provocative atmosphere and mistrust of the state, thinking that these may be real with the excitement of that moment. There are those who conducts this knowingly, willingly. The relevant cybercrime units are already able to detect them. Citizens should definitely filter every information and acknowledge the information of the state's resources.None should not believe or share information from an uncertain source. We have to be a little more cautious and discreet. Law enforcement units monitor the internet against crime 24/7. One can find the real person by doing technical studies on social media posts that perform such a provocative action. These should not be considered as not to be found, and should not be considered as having no criminal sanction."Source:

12 Nov 2019

Üsküdar academicians received great attention at TÜYAP

Üsküdar University academics came together with their readers at the 38th TÜYAP International Book Fair. The fair, where interviews and book signing programs took place, hosted thousands of book lovers this year as well. Üsküdar University Founding President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan gave a lecture titled “Emotional Void”. Prof. Sevil Atasoy’s lecture was “Rotten Apples and Innocent Prisoners”. Prof. Sinan Canan delivered a talk on “My Brain That Discovers”. Üsküdar University authors signed their books after the interviews.More than 800 publishers and non-governmental organizations from Turkey and abroad and hosted many authors attended the 38th International TÜYAP Book Fair, held between 02-10 November. Üsküdar University academics also participated in the fair; in which main theme was, “Fifty’s Generation in Our Literature”.Prof. Nevzat Tarhan received great enthusiasmÜsküdar University Founding President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan delivered a talk on “Emotional Void”.  The participants showed great interest to the interview.After the interview, Tarhan signed his books at the stand of TİMAŞ Publications. Readers showed great interest to Prof. Tarhan and took photographs with him.Prof. Sevil Atasoy signed her booksÜsküdar University Vice President Prof. Sevil Atasoy’s lecture on “Rotten Apples and Innocent Prisoners” attracted great interest.After the interview, Prof. Sevil Atasoy signed her books. There was a long queue to receive Prof. Atasoy’s signed books.Previously, Prof. Tess Gerritsen met with Prof. Sevil Atasoy at the TÜYAP International Book Fair. Prof. Atasoy, who visited Gerritsen during the interview, signed her books for Gerritsen.Prof. Tayfun Uzbay met with his readers Üsküdar University Advisor to President Prof. Tayfun Uzbay also signed his books for his readers and answered their questions. Prof. Uzbay met with his readers at Destek Publications and took photos with his readers.Prof. Deniz Ülke Arıboğan signed her booksOne of the other Üsküdar University academics who came together with their readers at the book fair was Üsküdar University Advisor to President Prof. Deniz Ülke Arıboğan.Prof. Arıboğan met with her readers at the İnkılap Bookstore stand. Prof. Arıboğan signed her books to her readers and took photos with them.Cemalnur Sargut came together with her readersÜsküdar University Advisor to President Cemalnur Sargut was at the Nefes Publications stand and came together with her readers. Sargut, who signed her books and answered her readers’ questions, also took photos with her readers. Sargut received great attention at the fair.Prof. Sultan Tarlacı met with his readersÜsküdar University Faculty of Medicine Faculty Member, NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Neurologist Prof. Sultan Tarlacı met with his readers at TÜYAP International Book Fair. He also took many photos with his readers.Prof. Sinan Canan had a talk with his readers Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Psychology Faculty Member Prof. Sinan Canan delivered a lecture on “My Brain That Discovers”. Afterwards, he signed his books and took photos with his readers.Uğur Canbolat chatted with his readersÜsküdar University NP Etiler Medical Center Deputy Administrative Director Author Uğur Canbolat also met with his readers at TÜYAP International Book Fair.Canbolat chatted with his readers and took photos with his readers.News: Meryem ÖzkanPhotograph: Zahid AslanÜsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

23 Oct 2019

Prof. Sevil Atasoy has a new TV show

Üsküdar University Vice President and Üsküdar University Fight Against Crime and Violence Application and Research Center (ŞİDAM) Director Prof. Sevil Atasoy has a new TV Show at TLC channel.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

08 Aug 2019

Head of Criminal Department of Uzbekistan Police Department visited Üsküdar University’s Institute of Forensic Sciences

Head of Uzbekistan Criminal Department of the Police Department Nail Galipshin and his delegation visited Üsküdar University Institute of Addiction and Forensic Sciences that is led by Prof. Sevil Atasoy.Üsküdar University continues to accept visitors to the Institute of Addiction and Forensic Sciences’ new building.Head of Criminal Department of Uzbekistan Police Department Nail Galipshin, Deputy Head of Criminal Department of Uzbekistan Police Department Aziz Salimov, Uzbekistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Specialist Bakir Urkinbayey and Ministry of Justice Olga Belozyora visited the Institute of Forensic Sciences.The delegation received information about the institute from Deputy Manager of Institute of Forensic Sciences Asst. Prof. Kaan Yılancıoğlu.The delegation also visited the Forensic Science laboratories and remarked that they liked the institute very much and that they would like to work together in the future.The visit was concluded after the photo shoot.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

05 Aug 2019

“Solve the crimes” with Forensic Science

Üsküdar University Forensic Science Complex offers future forensic scientists to practice and apply their knowledge in the field. Students are trained under the leadership of Prof. Sevil Atasoy in the complex which is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment that are complied with international standards. Various devices are found in the Complex such as, DNA analysis devices, devices equipped with the latest technology used for document review and signature as located in Turkey, so the comparison microscope is needed for ballistic weapons that science education.Üsküdar University’s Forensic Science Complex, which is the first fully equipped complex of its field in Turkey, trains forensic science experts of the future. Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Department of Forensic Sciences and Institute of Forensic Sciences graduate students have the opportunity to bring academic knowledge and practice together in the Forensic Sciences Complex.Forensic science education led by Prof. Sevil AtasoyUnder the leadership of Üsküdar University Vice Rector and Director of the Institute of Addiction and Forensic Sciences Prof. Sevil Atasoy, the students have the opportunity to practice in the fields of forensic sciences such as crime scene investigation, DNA analysis, ballistic investigation, soil analysis, forged signature in laboratories equipped with the latest technology in Turkey's first bachelor's degree in forensic science.Forensic Sciences undergraduate education started at Üsküdar University for the first timeProf. Sevil Atasoy stated that criminalists who graduated from forensic sciences are equipped with a wide range of knowledge and skills ranging from crime scene investigation, DNA analysis, ballistics to soil analysis, writing and signature to digital evidence. She continued “In this way, the gradutaes can serve in the best way in official or private institutions that examine evidence from domestic and abroad, and they can serve as experts. Graduates of the department can also complete the master's and doctoral programs offered by our university. Forensic Sciences undergraduate education has been provided for years in universities around the world. For the first time in our country, forensic sciences undergraduate courses are offered at international standards in classrooms and laboratories equipped at Üsküdar University. Prof. Sevil Atasoy indicated that work opportunities for the graduates of the Forensic Science undergraduate program are very wide. In addition to official institutions such as the Forensic Medicine Institution, graduates can work in private and public institutions that determine whether a purse or shoe from a water analysis is a real brand or a fake.Profession that is never outdatedProf. Sevil Atasoy remarked that Forensic Sciences is a profession that will never go out of fashion. She continued as, “As long as mankind exists, crime will always be there, and experts who will enlighten the crime and distinguish between the real criminal and the innocent will always be required. Even if robots do many things in the future, these robots will commit crimes at some point. In this case, are we going to punish the robot or the ones who made the software? Given this scenario, the courts will surely fall and then experts such as experts of forensic sciences, will step in.”Education from associate degree to doctorate… Prof. Sevil Atasoy stated that they offer applied education in the Forensic Sciences undergraduate program. She said, “In addition to theoretical knowledge in forensic sciences, the most important part is application training. We have prepared a very serious infrastructure. Such education does not exist even in the world. We are very assertive about this. We offer training in the Forensic Science Complex from associate degree to doctorate. For example, in addition to this current training in assisting autopsy, we also teach evidence collection and crime scene investigation. We have a separate building. We have very important laboratories in this building. Here we will have all kinds of devices to conduct analysis of DNA, two or three for a document review in Turkey, devices equipped with the latest technology used for signature analysis, ballistics that comparison microscopes are required for weapons science education and microscopes to compare insects.”Negotiations with the American Academy of Forensic Sciences are ongoingIn terms of accreditation Prof. Sevil Atasoy said that she had meetings with the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, which is the only institution that accredited forensic science education in the world. She continued as, “In addition to this, we are working with Los Angeles Police Criminal and Sheriff Criminal for our students who will be passing to fourth grade in order for our students to gain experience with them.”Experts should be trained to get rid of dependence on foreign statesProf. Sevil Atasoy said that the training of experts of forensic science is an important factor in getting rid of external dependence in the field of forensic science. She continued with the following remarks, “The professionals who will work in the forensic sciences will not be satisfied with the transfer of information and technology from developed countries and technologies, need to be trained accordingly as the technological developments are closely monitored by the illegal forces, the boundaries have been abolished, the criminals do not recognize the borders, and the illegal forces are closely monitored.”Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

07 Mar 2019

Prof. Sevil Atasoy announced World Drug Report 2018 at Üsküdar University

Turkey has 100% success rate at stopping drug trafficking  The 2018 Report formed by the United Nations (UN) International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) was shared with the world simultaneously. Üsküdar University Vice President, Member of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs of periods 2005-2010 and 2017-2022 and Former President Prof. Sevil Atasoy, announced the data on the fight against the drugs in the Middle East as well as the figures in Turkey. Üsküdar University Vice President, Member of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs of periods 2005-2010 and 2017-2022 and Former President Prof. Sevil Atasoy, announced the data on the fight against the drugs in the Middle East as well as the figures in Turkey at a press conference held at Üsküdar University Main Campus, Senate Hall.Prof. Sevil Atasoy provided information about International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) and she continued as; “There are three international United Nations Agreements to protect the health and well-being of citizens of the world by controlling drug production, manufacturing, distribution, use and trade, as well as the access to narcotic and psychotropic substances aside from medical and scientific use. All member countries agree with these agreements except couple of island states on the Ocean. No other regulation of the UN has received such universal acceptance. The UN's independent body, the International Drug Control Board (INCB), oversees compliance with contracts. According to the Convention, the Board, which is composed of 13 experts selected by the Economic and Social Council for a period of five years, has to publish annexes annually with a report written by the competent bodies of the Governments only.”Prof. Sevil Atasoy stated that the 2018 INCB Report primarily focused on the risks and benefits of Cannabis for medical use, and also assessed legal developments related to Cannabis's non-medical use. Prof. Atasoy indicated: “There is also a special attachment to the report entitled ‘Access to Drugs Subject to International Supervision’.  In addition, on March 5, 2019, the 2018 Precursors Report will be presented to press members around the world. Series of reports referring to regional developments, also call for financial and technical support to help Afghanistan cope with the challenges it faces in fighting against the drugs.”“The Afghanistan problem must be solved first in order to prevent the use of heroin and morphine in the world” Prof. Sevil Atasoy stated that Afghanistan has gained earnings over opium, far above its legal export revenues this year. Prof. Atasoy warned that “If the issue in Afghanistan is not resolved, it is not possible to prevent heroin and morphine addiction in the world.”There is 100% success rate at catchingProf. Sevil Atasoy explained that there is a serious success rate due to various measures taken such as having trained personnel in Turkey.  Prof. Atasoy remarked that there is at least 100% success rate at capturing and she continued as:“We notice that Turkey is still used as a transit path from Afghanistan to deliver the drugs to European countries and that the importance of the classical Balkan road continues this year as well. So there is not really a decline. Although there are various roads such as north road or south road; Balkan road is still the cheapest, easiest and fastest one. Therefore, Turkey is on this route. The important thing is that we have caught almost twice as many heroin compared to last year. So there is a tremendous increase in capturing. Similarly, we have caught almost 10 times more of anhydrides compared to previous years. There is a 100% success rate in Turkey when 2017 and 2018 Reports are compared in terms of fighting against the drugs. The measure of this success is not about the number of dealers caught by the Supervisory Board. We need to think micro such as kilograms, liters and tons. The crucial part is security guards’ fight with the supply.”We are at the top notch when it comes to capturing  Prof. Atasoy stated that the rate of catching the drugs passing through our country is at the highest level in the world. Prof. Atasoy continued, “It is not possible to catch 100% of them. Turkey's police and gendarmerie always show a performance that is appreciated. However, this does not affect the increase in heroin addiction, its prevention and price in Europe.”Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

26 Feb 2019

PlumX and Altmetrics applications used for the first time by Üsküdar University

Üsküdar University is the first university in Turkey to apply PlumX and Altmetrics, which determine how much interaction has been achieved and how many people have access to academic articles published in the Internet, especially in social media. It is aimed for academic studies to reach everyone. Assoc. Prof. Türker Tekin Ergüzel stated that all the articles in the magazines published by Üsküdar University have been included in the PlumX and Altmetrics system for about three months.Üsküdar University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Department Head of Software Engineering and Department of Computer Engineering Faculty Member Assoc. Prof. Türker Tekin Ergüzel explained that Üsküdar University is the only university in Turkey to use PlumX and Altmetrics system.How often do academic articles reach the society?Assoc. Prof. Türker Tekin Ergüzel provided further information that PlumX and Altmetrics are appreciation indicators of the academic articles published online and are prepared by taking into consideration the interaction criteria such as the rate of mention in the news or the number of social media sharing. Ergüzel pointed out that the system enables meaningful analysis of academic data and analysis by comparison.Üsküdar University broke new groundAssoc. Prof. Türker Tekin Ergüzel said that all the articles in the journals published by Üsküdar University were included in these two systems with the works of PlumX and Altmetrics for the last three months. He gave the following information about the system:“These two metrics can be considered as two different companies. We benefit from the both of them. Both of them can be found in This is how it works; for example, an academic content is televised. We only share this publication in academic media, but it is also shared in social media in order to produce social impact. We share the simplified format of this publication with a summary text in data should reach the society and peopleWe believe that it is crucial for scientific studies to influence society. We generated because we are concerned about whether an academic study influences an individual and how people can benefit from these scientific articles. We provide the full article in English. These web contents enable the following; an individual can go to and reach to any academic article. The summary can also be read. When this summary is shared through Twitter and Facebook, it indicates that the related posts reach to so many people. There is also a pie chart graph that signifies the outcome of this post. What is it good for? It is used to measure how many people have reached to our academic work. These web metrics will be considered a standard.”Information should not only be on the shelfAssoc. Prof. Türker Tekin Ergüzel stated that the application should become widespread and he continued “This is only used by Üsküdar University. It has just started to become a standard in is a new channel. There is no other example. There is also no other example of this on social media. Both of these platforms are equally precious”.Assoc. Prof. Türker Tekin Ergüzel asserted that academic articles and studies are meaningful to society. He continued:“It is not enough if science is only reachable in the scientific and academic platforms. It is also important that academic studies influence people and society. Why should we look at such results only with an academic perspective? The closure of the distance between the society and scientists or science, will generate a vision to the individual. This is a method and people learn by method. They learn the method and gain experience in analyzing such a scientific view.”Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

02 Jan 2019

Üsküdar University pioneers the firsts in Turkey

Üsküdar University Health Culture and Sports Directorate held an event titled “Are you where you want to be?” organized by Science Office and Bioengineering student club. The speaker of the event was Vice Dean of Üsküdar University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Dr. Faculty Member Kaan Yılancıoğlu.Yılancıoğlu provided important information to the students about what the Forensic Sciences is, what exactly it works for and what position it will be working after graduation in the event that took place at Üsküdar University Main Campus.“There is almost everything in Forensic Science”First of all, Yılancıoğlu explained that forensic science is a science that deals with crime science, known as criminology, as a crime and as a scientific subject. Yılancıoğlu continued, “Especially Forensic Sciences is not an individual field. When we discuss forensic science, you can't talk about a field that you can easily explain. It contains many areas such as physical sciences, sciences, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, geography, politics, crime prevention. There's almost everything in Forensic Science.”“Üsküdar University pioneers the firsts in Turkey!”Yılancıoğlu said, “The judge receives help from the expert when he/she needs technical information on subjects he/she does not know. All of these experts have certain characteristics. In this case, the forensic medicine institution is applied. One of them is our university. ‘Institute of Forensic Sciences’. This is a first in Turkey and no other institution have this program. This department is founded by Prof. Sevil Atasoy. We are the first institution to found such department and our students are getting a good education in this field.”After that, Yılancıoğlu explained what forensic scientists are good for and continued, “Forensic sciences is effective in the decision-making process of the judge. At this point they gain value and they serve the society in a way like a lawyer. A forensic scientist in general terms has a background in a crime scene investigation, a genetic examination, a forensic physics, a forensic chemistry examination, a document review, a digital evidence review.”The event was concluded after taking pictures with Yılancıoğlu and the students.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

18 Dec 2018

Prof. Sevil Atasoy is among the 23 famous female forensic scientists in the world

Üsküdar University Vice President, Department Head of Forensic Sciences Prof. Sevil Atasoy is selected among 23 famous female forensic scientists in the world. Prof. Atasoy is the only Turkish female forensic scientists and is on the 14th ranking according to CRIMES LAB’s list. Prof. Sevil Atasoy, who has achieved tremendous success due to her works in crime prevention and other related issues, is in the world ranking in Forensic Sciences.Prof. Sevil Atasoy is on the 14th ranking according to CRIMES LAB’s list titled “Our List of 23 Famous Female Forensic Scientists”.Prof. Sevil Atasoy, who is the only Turk in the list, has been recorded as the forensic scientist that represents Turkey in the world.  The following information was provided about Prof. Atasoy as below.Prof. Sevil AtasoyProf. Sevil Atasoy has a BA in Science in Chemistry, Masters in Science in Biochemistry, Doctored in Philosophy and Ph.D. in Biochemistry. She is an international leader in the field of Forensic Science, substance abuse and addiction. Sevil is the director of the Innocence Project in Turkey, the Vice Rector at the Uskudar University in Istanbul and the Dean of Social Science and Crime Prevention Centre. She is a member of the Inter-ministerial Commission for Drug Prevention and has a television show on a Turkey network about criminalists as they use physical evidence to solve crimes.For detailed information:Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

10 Dec 2018

Prof. Sevil Atasoy attended “International Drug Conference”

Üsküdar University Vice President and UN International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) Member Prof. Sevil Atasoy attended the conference titled “Drug Enforcement in Turkey and the World” organized by Turkish Police Academy Directorate of Crime Investigations and Criminology Research Center (SAMER).Prof. Sevil Atasoy conducted the opening speech of the conference.Various topics from political sciences to psychiatry, media to civil society organizations were discussed at the International Drug Conference held in Antalya Belek Tourism Center with the participation of Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu.Different disciplines, national and international organizations were brought together at the conference to provide an in-depth analysis of the phenomenon and recommendations for an effective fight against drugs.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

21 Sept 2018

Üsküdar University was in Interpol

Üsküdar University attended the 8. European Academy of Forensic Science Conference at the helm of Prof. Sevil Atasoy. Dr Faculty Member Kaan Yılancıoğlu’s presentation attracted great attention in the conference where forensic sciences, ballistic training, cross-examination of the fear of crime application in Turkey was discussed. Session moderator Prof. Eric Baccino assured a collaboration proposal between Montpellier University and Üsküdar University.  A group of eight people from Üsküdar University Institute of Addiction and Forensic Sciences, Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences and Autopsy Assistantship, as well as graduate students, attended the 8. European Academy of Forensic Science Conference. Üsküdar University participated in the event that took place in Lyon France between August 27 - 31, 2018 by conducting presentations.  Dr Faculty Member Kaan Yılancıoğlu’s presentation attracted great attention  The congress is organized once in every three years by ENFSI – European Network of Forensic Science Institutes. About two thousand delegates attended the conference that was held in Turkey in 2003.Dr Faculty Member Kaan Yılancıoğlu’s presentation about the experimental findings related to robotic drawing with DNA analysis attracted great attention in the conference where forensic sciences, ballistic training, cross-examination of the fear of crime application in Turkey. Session moderator Prof. Eric Baccino assured a collaboration proposal between Montpellier University and Üsküdar University.The committee was greeted by the Interpol members The committee visited Interpol headquarters in Lyon after the conference at the helm of Prof. Sevil Atasoy. The committee was welcomed by the Turkish Police Chiefs in Interpol and Jose de Gracia, the Deputy Director of the Interpol Criminal Organizations Unit and received a briefing.The committee visited the Command and Coordination Center as well as Money and Valuable Document Investigations, Combating Drug Crimes, DNA Analyzes and Facial Recognition Departments within this context.The work and internship opportunities of Üsküdar University faculty members and students in Interpol Center in Lyon and in Cybercrime Unit established in Singapore were also discussed.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

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