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Vocational School of Health Services - Uskudar University Vocational School Board

Mesut KARAHAN, Ph.D,Professor


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Ömer Faruk KARASAKAL, Ph.D, Assistant Professor

Vice Director-Head of Medical Services and Techniques Department

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Feride KULALI ÖZDEK , Ph.D, Assistant Professor

Vice Director- Head of Electric and Energy Department

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Salih TUNCAY, Ph.D, Assistant Professor

Head of Food Processing Department

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Ebru ÖZKAN OKTAY Ph.D, Assistant Professor 

Laboratory Technology - Head of Chemistry and Chemical Processing Technology Department

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Damla YILMAZOĞLU Ph.D, Assistant Professor 

Head of Dental Services Department

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Tuğba KAMAN Ph.D, Assistant Professor 

Head of Plant and Animal Production Department

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Burcu DÜNDAR ERTEMİZ, Ph.D, Instructor

VHead of Computer Technology Department

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 Büşra KUL, Instructor

Head of Health Care Services

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Sultan Mehtap BÜYÜKER, Ph.D, Assistant Professor 

Head of Pharmacy Department

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Eyser KILIÇ BOZ, Instructor

Head of Electronics and Automation Department

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 Gönül KİL TETİK, Instructor

Head of Disability Care and Rehabilitation Department

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Ömer Faruk OKUYUCU, Instructor

Head of Property Protection and Security Department

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Melek ÇAYLAK, Instructor 

Head of Social Work and Consultancy Department

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Müge ÇOLAKOĞLU ÖZER, Instructor

Head of Child Care and Youth Services Department

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Bahriye ESELER, Instructor

Head of Management and Organization Department

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