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Vocational School of Health Services - Uskudar University Administrative System

1. Structure of Management and Administrative Units

Health Services Vocational School Directorate is structured according to the Academic Organization Regulation at Universities, which regulates the relations of the sub-units related to the academic organization, operation, duties, powers and responsibilities of the university units stipulated in the Higher Education Law No. 2547 with the upper units. The organs of the school are the school principal, the school board and the school board. According to this;

School Director

Article 20-

  a) Appointment: The director of the school is appointed by the rector for three years. The expired manager can be appointed again. The headmaster of the school chooses up to two people among the monthly lecturers working in the school as assistant school principal to assist him in his studies. Vocational school assistants are appointed by the school principal for a maximum of three years. When the headmaster of the school is out of office, one of his assistants acts as the attorney. If the mandate lasts more than six months, a new head of college is appointed.

b) Duties, powers and responsibilities:

1. To chair the higher education boards, to implement the decisions of the higher education boards and to ensure regular working among the higher education units,

2. To report to the rector about the general condition and functioning of the school at the end of each academic year and when requested,

3. To inform the rector's office, along with the justification of the allowance and staffing needs of the school, and to submit the proposal regarding the school budget to the rector's office after receiving the opinion of the school board,

4. To continue the duty of general surveillance and supervision on the higher education units and staff at all levels

5. To perform other duties assigned to him by laws and regulations.

The headmaster of the college, in the rational use and development of the teaching capacity of the college and its affiliated units, by taking security precautions when necessary, in providing the necessary social services to the students, in the regular execution of the educational, scientific research and publication activities, in the supervision and supervision of all activities, follow-up and is primarily responsible to the rector for controlling and obtaining results.

School Board

Article 20-

a) Establishment and Its Functioning: The School Board consists of the vice-directors and the heads of the department or department that make up the school, under the chairmanship of the school director.

b) Duties: The College Board is an academic body and performs the following duties:

1. To determine the educational, scientific research and publication activities of the college and its principles, plans, programs and educational calendar,

2. To elect members to the school administrative board,

3. To perform other duties assigned by laws and regulations.

School Board of Directors

Article 20-

a) Establishment and Functioning: The Board of Directors of the School consists of three faculty members elected by the school board for three years, among the vice-directors and six candidates to be appointed to the director, under the chairmanship of the school director.

b) Duties: The administrative board of the school is an auxiliary body for the director of the school in administrative activities and performs the following duties:

1. To assist the school principal in the implementation of the principles determined by the decisions of the school board,

2. To ensure the implementation of the academic calendar of the school with its education, training, plans and programs,

3. To prepare the investment, program and budget of the college,

4. To take decisions in all the jobs that the principal will bring about the management of the school,

5. To decide on the acceptance, course adaptations and deductions of the students and the procedures regarding the education and training and examinations,

6. To perform other duties assigned by laws and regulations.

2. Management of Resources

Our college has a system compatible with the management system of our University in order to ensure that it uses human resources, financial resources, and all of its movable and immovable resources effectively and efficiently.

3. Information Management System

The information management system of our school is accessible. School activities are made visible and accessible on our website. Information and documents regarding the internal and external evaluation process are collected in the information system, and the security and privacy management of the data is carried out by the Information Technologies Directorate.

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4. Quality of the Services Supplied from Outside the Institution

The procurement process of external services is planned and implemented by the relevant commissions. Based on the criteria determined by our university regarding the procurement process, the quality assurance and continuity of the services are provided through internal opinions about the services and feedbacks received from the relevant units.

5. Informing the Public

Information about our college is shared with the public through our website and media organizations. See

6. Effectiveness and Accountability of Management

The efficiency of management and administrative staff is measured through the Employee Satisfaction Survey conducted at regular intervals at our university. (See Employee Satisfaction Survey File)

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