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Vocational School of Health Services - Uskudar University SWOT Analysis and Improvement

With the SWOT analysis of the Vocational School of Health Services, opportunities and threats were identified with their strengths and weaknesses. These;


1) The Vocational School of Health Services is a school that provides a wide range of education with 37 programs in total, in addition to medical programs.

2) Laboratory and application possibilities are very wide

3) Having an understanding of education that combines technology with life

4) Having a strong and sufficient academic staff even in specific areas

5) Being a college of a university with domestic and international collaborations

6) There are application and research centers established to conduct research in different disciplines,

7) Healthcare Vocational School students to apply to the field in NP Brain Hospital

8) Being a city university, easy access to the campus for students

9) The number of secondary education programs is high


1) The fact that the brand value in the field of Behavioral Sciences and Health is not sufficiently highlighted for other faculties and departments.

2) Limited campus and social areas

3) Failure to meet the job placement demands of graduates within the University and NP ISTANBUL Brain Hospital

4) Insufficient laboratory capacities due to increasing student quota


1) Continuous increase in the interest and need for the academic departments of our university

2) Compared to other healthcare vocational schools, the variety of programs is high

3) Due to the high number of secondary education programs, students have the opportunity to work and continue their education.

4) Students can obtain the second diploma chance with double major programs.

5) Prevention of the student's loss in vertical transfer due to the fact that associate degree programs are integrated into undergraduate programs.


1) Increasing quotas of competing foundation universities

2) Having a large number of students by distance education in some departments of other foundations and public universities

3) economic difficulties arising from the conjuncture that Turkey experienced

4) Turkey's employment problems

5) Rapid increase in the number of competing universities and vocational schools


1) Increasing the number of faculty members by improving the course load of faculty members in order to increase the quality of education.

2) Making plans to increase the competencies and research performances of academic staff

3) Increasing laboratory capacities

4) Increasing laboratory, model, model, consumables

5) Providing students to use the application areas effectively by separating them into groups when necessary

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