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Vocational School of Health Services - Uskudar University Message from Director

Dear precious students of Uskudar University Vocational School of Health Services,

Welcome to Uskudar University for your associate degree which will be the first university step of your education life. University is an environment where beneficial people, who can stand on their own feet in the future, develop necessary knowledge and skills and raise the education level of their country.

Our vocational school of health services provide education in 37 programs which consist of Emergency and Disaster Management, Oral and Dental Health, Operating Room Services, Anesthesia, Biomedical Device Technology, Environmental Health, Child Development, Child Protection and Care Services, Dental Prosthesis Technology, Dialysis, Pharmacy Services, Electro neurophysiology, Disabled Care and Rehabilitation, Patient Care at Home, Physiotherapy, Food Technology, First and Emergency Aid, Occupational Health and Safety, Laboratory Technology, Nuclear Technology and Radiation Safety, Audiometry, Opticianry, Orthopedic Prosthesis and Orthotic, Autopsy Assistant, Pathology Laboratory, Perfusion Techniques, Radiotherapy, Health Information Systems Technician, Healthcare Management, Social Security, Social Services, Medical Documentation Secretarial, Medical Imaging Techniques, Medical Laboratory Techniques, Medical Promotion and Marketing, Medical and Aromatic Plants and Elderly Care.

First of all, our university has laboratories equipped in these fields which provide theoretical and practical training for 4 semesters after high school while cooperating with the industry and healthcare sector and trains qualified healthcare professionals who are needed with a modern and increasing population. Rather than a long education life, it would be an appropriate option to choose vocational school of health services for students who would like to acquire a profession and begin to work when they graduate in a short time like 2 years.

Additionally, As Uskudar University, we are pleased to offer alternative ways to our students so as to improve themselves. Another situation that our SHMYO (vocational school of health services) students can take advantage of doing a double major during the two-year education period. It was published on the 9th of June,2017 by the council of higher education (YÖK) by mentioning “TRANSITION BETWEEN THE PROGRAMS OF UNDERGRADUATE AND BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN THE HIGH EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS, CREDIT TRANSFER REGULATION AMENDMENT OF THE REGULATION ON THE PRINCIPLES BETWEEN THE INSTITUTIONS AND DOUBLE MAJOR, MINOR”. According to this regulation, our students studying in associate degree programs will have the opportunity to have a diploma in two programs by having an opportunity to do Double Major.

Besides, evening education is available in our university which gives an opportunity to our students working during day to study in the evening.

Our students who graduate from SHMYO (vocational school of health services) are not only employed in their sectors but also, if they succeed in the Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS) held by ÖSYM (student selection and placement center), thanks to our Associate and Undergraduate curriculum adaptation, they experience the convenience in their vertical transitions to the appropriate departments in Uskudar University Faculty of Science.

While our world embraces several developing technologies, our university always aims the principle of ”Better and Forward”  as in all fields, especially in healthcare field. In this respect, I would like you to know that our eligible Academic staff in our school and experienced and cheerful administrative staff will always stand by you.

From the moment you become our student under the roof of our Vocational School of Health Services, both during your two-year education and training and after the graduation, you will have love, tolerance and interest of our school management. The fact that our university has medical teams who are expert in their field and modern hospital and medical center is an essential factor in terms of the quality of the education and training that our vocational school of healthcare students will receive.

Lastly, I hope to gather under the same roof of Uskudar University after your graduation and wish you health and happiness in your life.

Prof. Mesut KARAHAN

Üsküdar University Vocational School of Health Services Director

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