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Vocational School of Health Services - Uskudar University Institutional

About Us

Our school started education in 2012-2013 academic year with the acceptance of our university on the second floor of the building of Üsküdar University Altunizade North Campus in October 2012.

It moved to the South Campus of Üsküdar University during the 2013-2014 academic year.

In 2014-2015 academic year, it moved to Üsküdar University Bazaar Campus.

The goal of our school in education; To train modern people and people-oriented, technology-conscious students and to provide education, training and education at European Union and world standards within the framework of Thematic University.

The number of programs of our school has reached fifty-nine (59) as of 2019-2020 academic year.

      Department                                                                                         Program

Computer Technologies                                            Health Information Systems Technician NÖ

Herbal and Animal Production                                Medicinal and Aromatic Plants NÖ

Child Care and Youth Services                                 Child Development NÖ-İÖ

                                                                                      Child Protection and Care Services NÖ

Dentistry Services                                                      Oral and Dental Health NÖ-İÖ

                                                                                      Dental Prosthetic Technology NÖ-İÖ

Pharmacy                                                                    Pharmacy Services NÖ-İÖ

Electricity and Energy                                               Nuclear Technology and Radiation Safety NÖ

Electronics and Automation                                    Biomedical Device Technology NÖ-İÖ

Disabled Care and Rehabilitation                           Disabled Care and Rehabilitation NÖ

Food Processing                                                        Food Technology NÖ-İÖ

Chemistry and Chemical Processing                     Laboratory Technology NÖ-İÖ


Property Protection and Security                            Emergency and Disaster Management NÖ

                                                                                       Occupational Health and Safety NÖ-İÖ

                                                                                       Social Security NÖ

Health Care Services                                                   Home Patient Care NÖ

                                                                                       Elderly Care NÖ

Social Services and Consultancy                               Social Services NÖ-İÖ

Medical Services and Techniques                             Operating Room Services NÖ-İÖ

                                                                                         Anesthesia NÖ-İÖ 

                                                                                         Dialysis NÖ-İÖ

                                                                                         Environmental Health NÖ-İÖ

                                                                                         Electroneurophysiology NÖ-İÖ

                                                                                         Physiotherapy NÖ-İÖ

                                                                                         First and Emergency Aid NÖ-İÖ

                                                                                         Audiometry NÖ-İÖ

                                                                                         Opticianry NÖ-İÖ

                                                                                         Orthopedic Prosthesis and Orthosis NÖ

                                                                                         Autopsy Assistant NÖ

                                                                                         Pathology Technician NÖ

                                                                                         Perfusion Techniques NÖ-İÖ

                                                                                         Radiotherapy NÖ-İÖ

                                                                                         Medical Documentation and Secretariat    


                                                                                         Medical Imaging Techniques NÖ-İÖ  

                                                                                         Medical Laboratory Techniques NÖ

                                                                                         Medical Promotion and Marketing NÖ-İÖ

Management and Organization                                 Health Institutions Management NÖ-İÖ


Number of Graduates



School Board of Directors

School Board

Commissions Quality Commission

Education Commission

Success Measurement and Evaluation Commission

Bologna Commission

Graduation Commission

Web Commission

Erasmus Coordinator


 Our programs accept students with all YKS score types. Our language of instruction is Turkish. Optional Foreign Language Preparation is available. There are double major and minor programs in our school. Our university has the ERASMUS University Statement.

The activities of our school are as follows:

Educational activities at the associate's level

Research and development activities

Social contribution


Research & Development

 R&D activities in our school are carried out through articles, papers, projects, copyright works, theses. Turkey's first thematic university to be because of the university's R & D and PARGE  see. Https:// focus despite the coverage of health and society, science and engineering fields has begun planning for its improvement efforts.


Rectorate, units affiliated to rectorate, faculties, academic and administrative staff, student representatives, committees and commissions are our internal stakeholders; Graduates, public and private professional organizations, non-governmental organizations, media, employers and other university members are our external stakeholders.

With our Internal and External Stakeholders, joint activities or activity supports, assessment-evaluation or face-to-face exchange methods are implemented in determining the mission and goals of the Faculty, putting it into practice, checking the sufficiency of the applications and improving them. (See Stakeholders File)

Internal Evaluation Process and Material Evidence


As a result of the joint work of the 7 commissions in our club, the quality of the faculty's mission, goals and strategies are monitored through quality and internal evaluation processes. The minutes and decisions of the commission meetings held at regular intervals and the central surveys prepared by the Measurement and Evaluation Commission (Student Satisfaction Measurement and Evaluation about the Education and Training Content and Method) constitute the material evidence of our control mechanism. In addition, Student Satisfaction Measurement and Evaluation Surveys are carried out on Education-Teaching Content and Method based on Departments. The questionnaires are planned to be applied at least 2 times a year (Fall and Spring). (See Measurement-Evaluation File)

Lecturer University Evaluation Surveys and stakeholder collaboration corresponds to other material evidence of our control mechanism for the internal evaluation process. (See Stakeholder File)


All information about our school, practices, activities etc. can be viewed on our regularly updated website. For this purpose, there is a Web Commission in our School. Accessibility of students and other stakeholders Besides our website, Student Information System (, Student Mail System, Stix ( / login) application is provided by central services ( consisting of Laws and Regulations.


Our school; In meetings held by the internal organizations consisting of the School Administration, School Board, Departments and Program Headships and Commissions, by evaluating the views of the stakeholders, determining the areas of improvement and making the improvement plans, implementing the planned practices and following the necessary practices by taking the necessary precautions. operates an improvement process.

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